Citizens Journal is moving on up!

By Staff

We are packing up the bits and bytes and moving to a new, roomier, and faster web host.  Run by volunteers, Citizens Journal has been providing an alternative voice in our area for nearly seven years.   It’s a true labor of love for freedom of speech.  We have attempted to offer, and have invited, others with differing points of view to submit to us. And we have published people’s work who may not agree with our editorial bent.  

Readership has increased substantially. Lately we’ve been experiencing a few technical glitches in our ancient system, which is like dog years- pretty old in the tech world. A website hung together with chewing gum and baling wire can only run so long.  Now it’s upward and onward to another much more powerful hosted server and with that we hope to provide a quicker response time that will be a better experience for our growing number of readers. Regular readers may have also noticed the recent upgrade in our mobile version. We also need to make considerable software and network changes, but that’s where you might come in. 

Chewing gum is cheap but upgrading will cost us.  If you would like to keep Citizens Journal around to give a platform for those who are silenced by the corporate overlords, please, consider donating. The link to keep us publishing is DONATE. We are also looking for volunteers in nearly all areas- reporting, editing proofreading, marketing, circulation and even have a paid position in ad and donation sales.

The site may be offline just for a while tomorrow afternoon.  But we will be back, hopefully sans the chewing gum by Thursday or Friday evening.

Thank you for your support of Citizens Journalism through the years.  See you on the flip side!

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