Citizens of Murrieta – 3, Obama – 0 !

Column (received from an activist- too much opinion here to be called news)

By Jeff Schwilk

Murrieta, CA, July 7, 2014

About 300 American Patriots, mostly local residents, came out today to protest Obama’s alien dumping at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station – on a MONDAY!  Only 5 La Raza counter-protesters were there this morning.

The plane of 140 illegal alien “families” landed today at San Diego airport at around 10am, as scheduled, and they were immediately taken to Chula Vista Border Patrol Station for processing.  Our protest then ended around 12:30 once it was confirmed that no illegal aliens would be brought up to Murrieta today.

At least 40 more cases of scabies were found on the aliens and they will be quarantined for at least several days before being released into the public.  There have been an estimated 100 cases of scabies out of 420 total aliens on the first 3 flights into San Diego in the past week.

Next protest will be Thursday at 10am, at the same time the plane is scheduled to land in San Diego.  C’mon out and be a part of history!  Let’s make it 4 for 4.


American Patriots at the secondary protest location at Madison and Fig.


National Media still covering the showdown in Murrieta.

National Media still covering the showdown in Murrieta (Above and below).





A group of about 30 Brown Berets and other La Raza radicals showed up in mid-afternoon, after most pro-American protesters had left.

Jeff Schwilk is a Border & Immigration Security Analyst, living in Oceanside – San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition


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