2016 ballot recommendations

These are just our recommendations, below.  See others HEREElections


President- Donald Trump (yeah, we know, but consider the alternative- even worse)

U.S. Senate- Arghhhh!

U.S. House of Representatives:


CD25- None

CD26- Rafael Dagnesses

CD30- Mark Reed

State Senate:

SD19- Colin Walch

SD27- Steve Fazio

SD37- Edward Fuller

State Assembly:

AD38- No recco

AD44-  Kerry Nelson

AD45- no recco

County Measure AA (sales tax)- No

County Measure F- Sustain VC- Yes

County Measure C- SOAR 2050- No

Ventura County Supervisor District 3: Kelly Long



Camarillo- Pleasant Valey School Distyrict- Israel Rodrigues

Moorpark Mayor- Jancie Parvin

Moorpark Council Member – Terri A. Doria

Moorpark Measure E- SOAR2050- No

Oxnard Council- Aaron Starr

Oxnard Measure D, $142 million school bond- No

Oxnard Measure K- SOAR2030- Yes- but only to stop Measure L

Oxnard Measure L-SOAR2050-  No

Oxnard Measure M-Wastewater Rate rollback-  Yes- but only to force a revision to capital plan, since City will not negotiate

Port Hueneme Council: Steve Gama, Will Berg

Santa Paula Measure T- +1% sales tax- No

Thousand Oaks Council- Rob McCoy, Al Adam (moderate)

Conejo Unified School District: Sandee Everett, Julie Freedman

Simi Valley Council- Keith Mashburn, Ken Sandberg

Simi Valley $229 million school bond- X- No

Simi Valley Unified School District Measure Y- term limits- – Yes

Ventura Council- David Grau

Ventura Measure O (tax)- No

Ventura Measure Q- Term Limits-  Yes

Ventura Measure R- Parcel Tax-No


State ballot measures, constitute an incredible grab bag of far higher taxes, constitutional amendments, more constraints on citizens, loosening of criminal penalties and sentencing, stiffening death penalties and other statist and unconstitutional  nonsense. Our general default position on propositions is NO, unless you can convince us and we are mostly unconvinced this year.

No on ALL, except:

54- Yes- Bills cannot be passed unless made public for at least 72 hrs.

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