celebrates 4th anniversary!

By George Miller

Hard to believe that we’ve already been in operation four years since starting publication of Citizens Journal- Ventura County, AKA, AKA CJ, on June 21, 2013. So, we celebrated that on our Summer solstice anniversary at La Dolce Vita (an advertiser), in historic Heritage Square in Oxnard. CJ was founded to provide what we believe was a needed alternative to existing news and commentary media in Ventura County. celebrates 4th anniversary at La Dolce Vita, Oxnard on 6-21-17. Photo: Dan Pinedo/ (Foreground table, clockwise from Left): CJ CFO Noel Young, Writer Tim Pompey, Columnist Phil Erwin, Santa Paula Reporter/Feature Writer Sheryl Hamlin and CJ Events Coordinator Monica Young.

When you add up all of our staff, writers, key donors, advertisers, sources, advisers, etc.- almost all volunteers- it’s well over a hundred people, many out of town. Twenty six of them stopped by, to eat, drink, reminisce, etc. Many of you readers know of, or have been, in contact with them over the years. Founding Editor Michael Hernandez celebrates 4th anniversary at La Dolce Vita, Oxnard on 6-21-17. Photo: Dan Pinedo/

Somehow, when we are in the heat of running a widely dispersed virtual organization like CJ, we cannot fully appreciate the sheer size, quality and power of the collective human resources available to us to make it all go. Seeing even the portion of them who were there on Wednesday drove it home, though.

Our founding Editor Michael Hernandez (he still writes news, editorials and columns for us) arrived late from a seminar he was teaching in Los Angeles. Our current Editor for over three years, published fiction author, businesswoman and activist Debra Tash, was there, along with your humble Publisher George Miller. Our behind the scenes CFO Noel Young, came out for the festivities, which he, by the way, organized. Editor. Photo: George Miller/

Also, delightfully, there was David Stewart, who was our IT, art direction, book reviewing and generally valuable guy at the beginning. He set up and ran our technical infrastructure and stayed with us nearly three years, before he had to retire for health reasons. Susan Kline, who was there during the early times, came to bond with us.

We had our reporters for Somis, Moorpark, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks there (Debra Tash (Moorpark, Somis, sometimes Simi), Sheryl Hamlin (Santa Paula & features/columns), Kevin Harris (Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Simi), George Miller (Oxnard, et al). Missing were our Camarillo and Port Hueneme folks (Manuela Walter and Tom Dunn).

We had some of our super columnists and feature writers in attendance, such as well-known local freelancer, creative writer/poet Tim Pompey, Phil Erwin, L.A. activist Michael Greer, LA/Simi activist Bruce Boyer and Oxnard “Watchdog” accountant Larry Stein (also a local activist).

Wine & special events reporter and creative writer Raven West was on the scene. Hospital administrator Monica Young runs our events section.

Dan Pinedo (our West County photographer/videographer) and assistant Barbara Pinedo, local Oxnard activists, were here. The photos herein are Dan’s.

Oxnard Councilman and CJ supporter Bert Perello showed up, along with local dignitaries Gerard Kupuscik (VC Watershed District),  Ed Castillo (Knights of Columbus and much more), Pat Brown (Oxnard Watchdog and Camarillo CAF Air Museum) and Jackie Tedeschii, Southbank Neighborhood Council Chair. Stronghold Institute Chair and columnist Paul White took some time off from a must-attend event to make a brief cameo appearance. 

(Foreground L:-R)- Oxnard Councilman Bert Perello, Ventura Watershed Exec Gerard Kupuscik, CJ Publisher George Miller; (standing L-R): Oxnard Watchdog Larry Stein & Civic activist Ed Castillo laugh about Oxnard politics at CJ 4th anniversary bash at La Dolce Vita, Oxnard on 6-21-17. Photo: Dan Pinedo/

Jerry Nordskog, formerly of Nordskog Industries, Nordskog Boats and Powerboat Magazine Publisher, and still very much a Christian books publisher/activist as well as a staunch supporter of CJ, was there with wife Gail, who does that, too.

Missing, but honorable mention to sometime area CJ writers Steve Nash, Mike Smith, Armando Vazquez, Dan Cormode, Jim Sullivan, Steve Frank and many out-of-town writers.

Last but certainly not least (unless you’re measuring height) was Carol Miller, who sometimes feels like a Citizens Journal widow, due to my long hours. Carol retired on Friday from the Oxnard School District- Harrington Elementary. She’s still very active with Oxnard Friends of the Library and CERT, though and runs a hiking group.

By the way, is always looking for good people to report, write, research, edit, sell, procure, post, proofread (Lord knows we need that), tech administer, account, promote, market, enlist (subscribers), donate and advertise! p[email protected]

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Why donate to is a Ventura County news and commentary publication, established in 2013, dedicated to reporting news vital to the community, including local governments, school boards, business, civics, politics, events and other issues important to Ventura County. We also put state, national and international events into perspective in how they affect us here. News is as objective […]

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George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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Dotty Pringle

Thank you always, for your professional reporting and believing and supporting our First Amendment too!

Congratulations to all of you on a fine job!


Great picture of Debra … tres chic …


Glad to have the CitizensJournal team out there providing quality news and everday citizen perspectives to the community! Keep up the great work!

Steven Nash

Congratulations to CJ, the most infuriating periodical in my news feed, lol!

Robert Duncan

Thanks much George: What a wonderfully talented group of people. Makes me homesick. 🙂

Robert Duncan