CitizensJournal.US Co-Founder Takes on the LA Times: Trump’s Truth (Part II)



By Michael Hernandez

Donald J. Trump was elected 45th President because in the United States, “truth is as vital a part of the civic, social and intellectual culture as justice and liberty” and truth always “prevails.”

The L.A. Times accuses President Trump of the very conduct engaged in by the mainstream media:  “lies” and of “disseminating fake news”  and calls him “the gullible tool of liars as he is the liar in chief.”  Can you imagine the L.A. Times making those assertions against former President Barack Obama?

The L.A. Times goes on to call President Trump “dangerous” and “the mark for every crazy blogger, political quack, racial theorist” and a “stranger to the concept of verification, the insistence on evidence and the standards of proof that apply in a courtroom or a medical lab—and that ought to prevail in the White House.”  Yet, where is the L.A. Times or the mainstream media when truth prevails and they do not report it?

The L.A. Times editorializes that “Trump’s ascent marks the first time that the culture of alternative reality has made its home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”  Yet, the L.A. Times invents their own alterative reality and ignores the truth.

The L.A. Times accuses President Trump of either being “the Machiavellian negotiator who lies to manipulate simpler minds, or one of those simpler minds himself.”  Yet, it is this newspaper that chooses to show its bias and never reports on the actions of the Trump administration.

The L.A. Times states that “Trump will bring his embrace of alternative facts on the nation’s behalf into talks with China, North Korea or any number of powers with interests counter to ours and that constitute an existential threat” and then goes on to state “Trump now becomes the embodiment of the populist notion that verifiable truth is merely a concept…that popular leaders can provide some equally valid substitute.  We have seen people like that before, and we have a name for them—demagogues.” 

So it appears that “We The People” are no longer “deplorables” but have become “demagogues”  that embrace lies and untruths.  It appears that the majority of the nations would be classified as such.

The L.A. Times concludes that “our civilization is defined by the disciplines—science, law, journalism—that have developed systematic methods to arrive at truth…Good citizens test assumptions, question leaders, argue details, research claims…Be wary of those who disparage the investigators, the readers, the writers, the listeners, the speakers, and the thinkers…to defend freedom, demand fact.”

As we approach Easter Sunday–the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus–I would like to point the editorial board of the L.A. Times who hide behind fact to “The Case For Christ:  A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus” by Lee Strobel (a former award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and bestselling author with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri) and maybe, they might discover the source of the truth they seek?


CitizensJournal.US Co-Founder Takes on the LA Times: Our Honest President (Part I)


(Editor’s Note:  This is the second editorial in a series of editorials that is a rebuttal to the six editorials published April 2-7 by the Los Angeles Times editorial board.  Tomorrow’s editorial:   “Trump’s Vision.”

To read the LA Times editorials in question:

(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Hernandez is dedicating himself to advance the 13 spheres; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while building local school-community partnerships.)


Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected].

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