Grand Re-Opening


Publisher’s Note

Regular readers know we’ve been through some trials lately. A Facebook promotion we were doing generated some prodigious volume, which tripped some kind of hidden “circuit-breaker” of our web provider, who shut us down without notice.   They didn’t tell us what the threshold is, didn’t warn us, didn’t tell us what to monitor. After turning it back on, they shut it down again in two days – for exactly what, we don’t know. So our Webmaster, David, bailed out and took us to a new, improved place.  The new software environment is different and requires some technical adaptation. Looks like we lost a couple of days’ postings and some settings/formatting, which explains the current appearance of the site, which will improve daily. We figured it was best to get back on line, even if not perfect. We thank David for his Herculean efforts!

The good news: So, it looks like we’ll now be able to handle higher reader volume and faster speeds next year and have also upgraded some of our systems.

We welcome your suggestions, critiques and the occasional good word. We are also looking for additional city reporters, someone to handle our events section, along with commissioned ad and fundraising people.  Please ask friends and associates to register with us to get bulletins.

– George

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