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John Jay

I am going to keep trying to paste an image of the 100 TRILLION
DOLLAR banknote from Zimbabwe that I mentioned.



I tried to send photos of TRILLION dollar bank notes from Zimbabwe
but they did not go thru. In 2008, inflation in Zimbabwe was 8 thousand
percent!!! They printed the following bank notes in TRILLION dollar
denominations: 5, 10, to, 50, and 100 TRILLION!!! I asked this
questioon: COULD IT HAPPEN IN THE USA??? Pray hard that it
never happens, because nothing, nothing, nothing would guarantee
a revolution with absolute certainty. TOO BAD I CANNOT SEND
THE CURRENCY PHOTOS!!! I have one of two copies of all those
bank notes, which I got from a local coing store about 10 years

JOHN JAY, Voice of Truth

The most useful thing we could have and should have done,
to the Taliban in Afghanistan, would have been to spray all
of their opium crops with AGENT ORANGE. That was and
is one of their main sources of income. It would also have
given the jerks a HOST of health problems, like our
military personnel received in Vietnam.


Here are just a few examples to illustrate how stupidity is spreading around
the nation faster than Covid 19.
         1. Thousands of passengers waiting for 2 to 5 days at LAX to get on
a “Sardine Can (airplane)”, while they could be at the train station getting
on a train, with NO lines and NO waiting time. Yes trains are slower (DUH),
but trains can take you any place in the USA an airplane can.
         2. People living in K NOWN burn areas, like the people in Northern
California, where the danger of big fires is well known to everyone.
         3. People NOT getting their Covid 19 shots, the wondering how they
got the disease later on. 
         4. People using lousy English. Example: Using “WOKE” instead of
“awake” or “enlighten”. 
         5. People getting onto airlines that have slightly more space than
sardines. This is why there is so much unruly behavior and fights on many
air lines. Alcohol has NOTHING to do with it. It is the fact that people have
NO room to move. 
I could go on and on, ad nauseam, but I will cut is short to save space and
meet the requirements of the opinion editors.
John Jay
“Voice of Truth”
2440 W. Hemlock St.
Oxnard, CA 93035
222 words

Mark Savalla

Go back to school, read some history and if you have time from your communist manifesto, read the US Constitution.

John Jay

I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person!!!

Cathy Carlson

From: Cathy Carlson <[email protected]>
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent: Fri, May 21, 2021 2:57 pm
Subject: Questions about qualifications for replacement candidate for CVUSD Thousand Oaks school board area 2

TO: Monica Terrones, Elections Office Ventura County
RE: Vacant school trustee office, June 2021

The reporter for the Acorn, Dawn Megli, wrote today that a replacement for Jenny Fitzgerald must come from Area 2. However, you told me that since Fitzgerald was elected prior to area districting that the the replacement could come from anywhere in the school district. Could you get more info on this? Not sure who has the final word on eligibility in this situation.

Also, I would like to know if the reporter was correct in saying that in the event that the present board decides to call for candidates for an appointment, that the decision can be challenged if 1% of the voters in Area 2 could call for an election instead, by submitting signatures to the county. Or would it be 1% of the entire voter numbers in all Conejo Valley Unified School District?

So, what are the numbers for 1% of Area 2, and what is 1% of all voters in the CVUSD area? And when is the deadline to submit the paperwork for having an election? And what are other deadlines for candidates for a November special election?

Thanks for your help.

Cathy Carlson

Dotty Pringle

Bullies and Censorship on Nextdoor….Hurt Local Charities!….

The alternative world of Nextdoor. It’s Mission: Where neighbors support local businesses and get updates from public agencies…..not so much anymore tho.

Where else can people make up stories about who they are, claim false credentials and ruin other neighbors, then vote locally to remove residents from their own community all based on libel, false names and a personal agenda that is all for their own benefit? You can have it all in the Oxnard Beach Areas. The libel suits will be coming because of the irresponsible words/actions and the destruction of some of our neighbors and our Small Businesses’ great reputations. Three or four shouldn’t be allowed to falsify and just out of hatred, for the purpose of ruining people or their businesses or local charity theatre events. What could be positive and used to help in these hard times is being abused by some. This is NOT what Nextdoor was created for per their funding companies.

Nextdoor Website is meant to bring neighbors and community together and to help each other, but what is practiced in the Beach Areas is something very dastardly. We have rogue Leads/Reviewers who now use this to ostracize innocent people from their own communities. Some are actually judge and jury, all based on false misinformation being placed by certain website Leads to destroy local small businesses/fundraiser volunteers and prevent them from holding community charities. It continues to happen here thru certain neighbors who have dubbed themselves the psychological judge (not credible) of Oxnard Neighborhood Residents. Taking advantage of those whom they dislike or a business that some want to see fail. We have a local real estate (Lead) company joining in on ruining businesses and people too by posting misinformation about our area residents and deals they are not privy to. Look at Oxnard’s new taxes too!

Corporate Nextdoor has rules/guidelines yet a few local L/R do not respect and have formed their own coups. Rumors and evidence is circulating of bribery and favors now, connections to local elections and deeds from Leads campaigning for them, sending private messages. You are punished for not voting for their choice.

We have all experienced some form of disrespect on this website but the racists remarks that are left up in posts or the false claims of someone doing something illegal can take on its own energy when some have a personal vendetta. This is how Nextdoor is being used and especially since elections, some have just taken it upon themselves to DELETE any info they personally do not agree with.

Yes, Leads and Reviewers will tell you they cannot but here are all their EXTRAS, sent to me by Nextdoor Corporate….
•They can vote to REMOVE posts at local level.
•They can adjust neighborhood boundaries.
•They are to contact you prior to removing posts to work things out.
•They are to be fair and unbiased.
•They are to use their real names.
•They are NOT BACKROUND checked so can say they have creditials but no proof.
•Criminals have been located on Nextdoor.

What has occurred is that this website is being used as revenge on some small businesses and those that have helped them. We did an community art fundraiser to help Elite Theatre and Fisherman’s Wharf small businesses and now a few leads have decided that this was a commercial event, with absolutely no evidence of this. My question to the public is why? Why can some petty people commit to destroy our beach area via Nextdoor website? It is not contributing to any neighborhood goodness and is very divisive. The egoes are getting incredible!

It’s the local level that has its issues and now it’s time to purge those negative Leads/Reviewers out of this “helpful website” if they are just there to destroy your area and your neighbors. Things are not improving.

Please don’t take my word for it, just share your experiences too. We need to turn this around to make it fair and equitable for all residents in Oxnard Beach Areas and beyond. Something can be done. Please write to (Reporter/CJ) and Nextdoor Corporate too, about your experiences in the Beach Areas or other Lead/Reviewer complaints.

This behavior now bleeds over into public meetings or events where one Lead in particular lives to yell at events and call people names, that is not necessary or is it neighborly (the PCYC Auction). Maybe Psych Evals should be done on Leads/Reviewers. Some are extremely aggressive and scary in public, and this behavior shows up on Nextdoor too.

Dotty Pringle
CI Harbor Research
Oxnard Local Artists

John Jay

Dotty: Well said. I have noticed rotten behavior on Nexdoor also.
Your observation that the local dirtbags (criminals) read Nextdoor
is right on the mark. That is why I am EXTREMELY careful about
what I say.

Michael Sommer Sullivan

John Jay you have been a paranoid hypocrite since I knew you from the vcreporter. Give up the act. You are the criminal who judges people when you don’t even know them

Stewart B. Epstein

To The Editor:

Perhaps my personal “favorite” of today’s growing number of radical-right-wing conservative-Republican “greatest hits” of operating out of what Paul Krugman calls “bad faith” and what Jane Mayer calls using “stealth tactics”is how they try to deceive, mislead, and fool the public into believing that they want to “save” and “reform” Social Security when, in reailty, many of them want to cut/reduce the benefits and, eventually, to abolish it entirely. Just one example of this is a former Speaker of the House who often said that he wanted to “save” and “reform” Social Security, yet right at his own website you would discover that he tried on several occasions to have the benefits cut/reduced. So, their way of “saving” and “reforming” Social Security is to totally abolish it. That is slick. You have to be a step ahead of these people.

Stewart B. Epstein

P.S. By way of background, I am a retired college professor of Sociology, Social Work, and Psychology who taught at West Virginia University, Slippery Rock University, and Keuka College.

Gloria Chinea

RE: Item 38 @ Board of Supervisors Meeting, Support for the Contract Renewal for EMS Services – Gold Coast Ambulance Services And AMR’

Hello and Good Morning, 

RE:  Item 38 @ Board of Supervisors Meeting

My name is Gloria Massey Chinea and I live in the City of Oxnard. I am in support of the contract renewal for EMS services. The local private ambulance companies like AMR and Gold Coast have done not only a good but a great job providing for our community in a safe and efficient manner. As a retired healthcare provider, from a major health care health care system as well as an ex-owner and administrator of a Residential Care Facility in Oxnard I can personally attest their caring behaviors and services to our community.  In a personal situation in the past I have personally experienced great services rendered with my personal condition.  I expect and hope that you allow this to continue rather than supporting a government takeover of ambulance services.  We must remain with trusted businesses in our area that have served our community well for many years.  I have experienced their services in three levels, Professionally, Caregiver and personally. So someone that can speak about their service is me since I have had the pleasure of receiving the services in multifaceted ways. I urge you to listen to your constituents. 
Looking forward to hearing from you and supporting these private entities to continue their services in our community. 

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Gloria Massey Chinea


I find Citizens Journal to be undermining free speech at every turn. It routinely publishes anything that suits its right-wing bias no matter how outrageous and offensive but ignores genuine and articulate commentary that challenges the bubble. I find myself thinking this publication is nothing more than a conspiracy theory echochamber. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jamie

Couldn’t agree more. Citizens Journal make a mockery of their constant complaints about free speech. Fascist are like that.


That’s nonsense. Citizens Journal is providing real news in this regional desert of fake news. You would never even get to see the other side of what MSM presents otherwise.


Ok so Citizens Journal should be applauded for presenting an alternative to what… reality? I’m all for diverse opinions, so long as they are based on facts not fantasy. Citizens Journal is just an echochamber for not just partisan view points but blatant lies.

Mark Savalla

Did you acquire your thoughts from the Communist manifesto?


So helpful of you to prove my point.

Mark Savalla

If i can find your position in the Communist Manifesto and the the 45 goals of the communist party I can assume that is where you get your postion.

Mark Savalla

Show me the person that is causing you to read this paper.

Michael Sullivan

Brian, why don’t you just enjoy your life?

Brian Reilly

Brian Reilly:
So, what is the ultimate endgame of the Elite and their mask mandates and lockdowns across America? Why are our Constitutional, God given rights being violated?  Why are our churches prohibited from opening for worship?  Has the global invisible enemy called COVID become the global catalyst for our global enslavement? Are we being conditioned to willingly become slaves in a Technocratic system of slavery? Are the riots across America being perpetrated by the Elite to destroy real estate values so that city blocks across America can be purchased by the Elite at bargain basement prices?  How does the Federal Reserve play into this scheme?  Why is this plan such a well-guarded secret?  Are the Elite afraid of our safety valve against tyranny? (Yes, it’s called the Second Amendment!) Why is it that we don’t know who the global Elite are, while they know everything about us?  Is there a plan to destroy all small businesses and transfer their retail sales to big box and mega stores, like Amazon?  Is there a tracking marker placed in the COVID vaccine? Do you really know?   Is there a cashless society on the horizon that can shut off your ability to make financial transactions if the Elite find that you’re not conforming to their dictates, as in China with their credit scoring system? The endgame of the Elite is a slavery system of “We the People” of the United States of America and the entire world.  This will be a system run by force!  Many of these questions are answered in the video entitled, “Planet Lockdown” by Catherine Austin Fitts.  Our survival and our livelihoods are on the precipice.  Take some time to learn about the invisible enemy that we face.  (1.) Our battle starts by refusing to wear the mask!


BruceBoyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

Yes, refuse to comply. Most businesses will ‘waive you in as they dont want confrontation. The County website refers to the CDC guidelines which allow Medical, mental health and religious exemptions”, YOU are not required to ‘show proof” to a store clerk or anyone else. I nicely explain to them that I have an exemption, as the County web site as to ‘mask policy” clearly lays out. I regret that their HR staff did not provide them with complete training as to the’ exemptions”. I sometimes need to explain that the HIPPA law says that they cannot require ‘proof” as to exemption, and this is also on the County’s web site I also may need to explain that under the ADA they do not have ‘the right to refuse service” due to a ‘medical disability ergo my not able to wear a mask. If need be, open a package as by law you cannot not pay for the item, they must serve you, take your money, if they refuse then they must affirm that it is ;free: have them do so on your cell phone video, you must make sure they cannot allege that you refused to pay. I had one clerk ‘Daryl” that refused to take my money for the ice tea I opened in the 7-11,he called the PD, as did I , they arrived, told him either he takes my money or says its ‘free” . The angry fool told me that it was ‘free” and to leave. I did 🙂 The PD later talked to the owner, that was the last time he called the cops about anyone not wearing a mask!

Dan Prout

As of yesterday, December 27, the Congress has passed and the President has signed a new Covid Relief Bill which totals $2.3 trillion. Of this humongous amount, $900 billion, 39%, is going to American citizens. The national population is estimated to be 331 million. Children number 76 million, 23% of the population. The $900 billion equally divided among 331 million amounts to $2,719 per person. Six of 100 Senators and 53 of 412 Representatives voted against the 5,600 page bill.

For perspective on the magnitude difference between a million and a billion, consider that a million seconds is about 12 days. A billion seconds is 32 years. A trillion seconds is 320 centuries. In order for us to pay off this $2.3 trillion, it will mean paying $230 per second for the next 3200 years, not including interest charges. This amount is in addition to the $2 trillion CARES Act of March. 

Happy New Year.

Dan Prout
Nevada City, CA

Phil Molina

Does Oxnard start communistic CENSORSHIP

Voting public:

Did you give your Oxnard City the right to block your emails from getting to me, your elected City Treasurer? Or from you sending appropriate emails to any city employee? Do you like being censored from communicating with your appointed and elected officials?

Oxnard City, (apparently with the approval of the Mayor and Council?), has instituted censorship in what city elected and appointed staff can receive or at least from whom emails can be received (see picture below). Note that other “best wishes emails” were likewise “blocked” when sent to city staff.

Being your elected elected official I am obligated to read emails that you, a member of the public, send to me with the expectation of my receiving it. No one has the right to censor what the public wants to send their elected official. If the email is threatening, crude or disgusting there are proper methods of dealing with the authors.

Do you want your emails to elected officials and professional staff to be censored? I don’t.


Where is the picture?

Brian Reilly

Brian Reilly:
President Trump posted the link below (1.) on his twitter account Sunday, December 20, 2020. This brief video reveals the Communist enemy that currently is attempting to overthrow the United States of America, from within. The year of 2020 has been an all-out information and computer assault on our nation by the Chinese Communist Party. It’s happening with the assistance of a complicit media, greedy politicians, a corrupt judicial system and a public education system that extols the virtues of Socialism and Communism. We are on the verge of losing our God given liberties as recognized in our U.S. Constitution.  It’s time to fight for our freedoms and the freedom of our posterity.  It’s also time to demand answers from out Arizona leaders as to where they stand in this battle.  Are they involved in treasonous business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party? Are they knowingly turning away from their oaths to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic?  Are they comfortable with their treasonous ways against the American public?  Or, will their guilt cause them to defend America from this Chinese Communist enemy? The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated America to such a degree that we now stand on the precipice of destruction.  We must hold all parties that are complicit in this takeover accountable for their treasonous activities.  We must let President Trump know that we support him in any and all methods that he may choose to save America. We must let President Trump know that we have his back and unconditionally support him.  Let him know that we’re praying for him and are taking to the streets in peaceful protests for him.  We know that there are traitorous people consorting with the enemy and we will not let them conquer America. Never!       


I guess this letter helps explain why VCReporter is so f—ed up. MEDIC!

Happy Realist

America is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.

When the citizens fail to participate in a REPUBLIC, it gets reduced to a democracy.

Then, when the citizens do participate, a dictatorship becomes more likely.


That’s insane nonsense. Too much Koolade for you buddy.

Lawrence Stein

Special City Council Meeting on Oxnard Measure E

A number of years ago via a public record request I was inspecting documents related to payments to the District Attorney’s Office related to the gang injection. Ed Sotelo was the city manager, James Cameron was the CFO, and Dale Belcher was City Treasurer. Most of the transaction reflected payments to the attorney, representing the city, fast tracking criminal charges. Those transaction has sufficient backup showing the hours work and the cases being adjudicated. There were several transactions reflecting payments to the District Attorney’s Office for $10,000 each. There was no back up, there was no explanation. Fast forward to this year. The city has a City Manager and City CFO reviewing transactions with no oversight from an elected official. The city manager now wants to increase revenue via Measure E, hoping to raise $32,000,000 a year with no direct oversight from an elected official.

Measure E will have no oversight. Vote No on Measure E. The way Measure E is written. The city manager will be able to spend the money anyway he wants. Measure O had language indicating, but not mandating there would be an increase in Code Compliance. There was no increase in Code Compliance.
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Vote No on Measure E.

Respectfully submitted,

Lawrence Paul Stein

Joe C

For more information, log on to

C E Voigtsberger

There seems to be some confusion about how the present statue of Serra got where it is. It has been a long time and I didn’t think it would become controversial at the time so didn’t make special not of it but my recollection differs from some versions I have seen.

It is my recollection that the original concrete statue was in poor condition. The master woodworkers association volunteered to make the wooden mold used to cast the present bronze statue. I remember articles in the Star about them and the long hours they spent taking careful measurements in order to preserve the likeness that Kangas, the original sculptor, had crafted.

After the mold was built, I don’t know how the bronze got paid for. It is my recollection that it was by public subscription, but I could be wrong on that.

I wonder if the Star has kept archives from those articles of probably 40 years ago or perhaps more?


What an opportunity for your political agenda.

Can you ellaborate on the action that should be taken?

Twila Hughes

Restoration Life Christian Church May 17, 2020
Lawndale, CA

Dear Leaders.

What would Jesus do? What did early Christians do? They met underground or in people’s home in direct defiance of the government. Chinese Christians do the same thing.
Stop hiding and realize most of this is exaggerated but goes along with the socialists/leftists here wanting to get rid of Christians and churches. So, they are taking this opportunity to do so.
And to control us all.
If churches do NOT stand up, we will soon be stamped out. The data has been greatly exaggerated and the powers that be are listening to technocrats, like Barbara Ferrer, a social worker, paid $500,000 advising the LA County Board of Supervisors, who knows nothing about disease like this nor the effects on the economy and human beings, and is undoubtedly against Christians. The people making all of these orders are being paid high salaries. So they are not feeling any pain, when many of your congregants are feeling a lot of pain– so need some spiritual communion.
Do you know the greatest punishment meted out in prisons is isolation in the hole. People are social beings so we need others. And people need the social and spiritual guidance.
I’ve been doing a lot of research on all of this.

And don’t let one church in Butte County stop you, who met, and one person was tested positive for the virus. You can be tested positive if had a flu shot. My Dr. said don’t get tested.
Can start with drive-in meeting as some were going to just before we got shut down. Then gradually go to multiple services with a certain minimum number in them for some distancing. Although doubt that will make much difference.
Paul got put in prison for preaching the gospel, which was against the government’s rules, and eventually gave his life. Are we willing to give of ourselves to meet with our God?
Enclosed is a chart to show just what the actual data is on the COVID virus. In proportion, the numbers are not what are being announced. Look at the percentages.
If left alone, there’s such a thing as herd immunity which builds up antibodies in the herd of people, like the flu vaccine does. It’s God’s way of mitigating the disease. But no, the government has to swoop in and control us masses and isolate all– when only a small number are getting the actual virus, and that mostly in nursing homes. Some doctors are reporting they are told by county agencies and even the AMA to state deaths on death certificates, by corona virus, instead of by natural causes. The hospitals are empty, doctors out of work. People are suffering greatly through this– not only financially, but with depression and other health risks.
So stand up for God and the church and do what’s right by Him, not what’s right by the governments run by so-called atheists. If all churches in California opened upon May 31 at same time, they’d have a hard time trying to stop that many- and it would be a loud message.
God Bless
Twila Hughes

Nicholas Weeks

Help for small businesses, from your bank, during this economic pandemic event:


Why is this Ross Wolschlager allowed to be released in Ventura County and on top of everything, the judge will not allow his address to be released! This is an outrage! What about Megan’s Law? This judge needs to be fired!