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Lawrence Stein
Lawrence Stein
1 month ago

Special City Council Meeting on Oxnard Measure E

A number of years ago via a public record request I was inspecting documents related to payments to the District Attorney’s Office related to the gang injection. Ed Sotelo was the city manager, James Cameron was the CFO, and Dale Belcher was City Treasurer. Most of the transaction reflected payments to the attorney, representing the city, fast tracking criminal charges. Those transaction has sufficient backup showing the hours work and the cases being adjudicated. There were several transactions reflecting payments to the District Attorney’s Office for $10,000 each. There was no back up, there was no explanation. Fast forward to this year. The city has a City Manager and City CFO reviewing transactions with no oversight from an elected official. The city manager now wants to increase revenue via Measure E, hoping to raise $32,000,000 a year with no direct oversight from an elected official.

Measure E will have no oversight. Vote No on Measure E. The way Measure E is written. The city manager will be able to spend the money anyway he wants. Measure O had language indicating, but not mandating there would be an increase in Code Compliance. There was no increase in Code Compliance.
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Vote No on Measure E.

Respectfully submitted,

Lawrence Paul Stein

Joe C
Joe C
2 months ago

For more information, log on to

C E Voigtsberger
C E Voigtsberger
3 months ago

There seems to be some confusion about how the present statue of Serra got where it is. It has been a long time and I didn’t think it would become controversial at the time so didn’t make special not of it but my recollection differs from some versions I have seen.

It is my recollection that the original concrete statue was in poor condition. The master woodworkers association volunteered to make the wooden mold used to cast the present bronze statue. I remember articles in the Star about them and the long hours they spent taking careful measurements in order to preserve the likeness that Kangas, the original sculptor, had crafted.

After the mold was built, I don’t know how the bronze got paid for. It is my recollection that it was by public subscription, but I could be wrong on that.

I wonder if the Star has kept archives from those articles of probably 40 years ago or perhaps more?

3 months ago

What an opportunity for your political agenda.

Can you ellaborate on the action that should be taken?

Twila Hughes
Twila Hughes
5 months ago

Restoration Life Christian Church May 17, 2020
Lawndale, CA

Dear Leaders.

What would Jesus do? What did early Christians do? They met underground or in people’s home in direct defiance of the government. Chinese Christians do the same thing.
Stop hiding and realize most of this is exaggerated but goes along with the socialists/leftists here wanting to get rid of Christians and churches. So, they are taking this opportunity to do so.
And to control us all.
If churches do NOT stand up, we will soon be stamped out. The data has been greatly exaggerated and the powers that be are listening to technocrats, like Barbara Ferrer, a social worker, paid $500,000 advising the LA County Board of Supervisors, who knows nothing about disease like this nor the effects on the economy and human beings, and is undoubtedly against Christians. The people making all of these orders are being paid high salaries. So they are not feeling any pain, when many of your congregants are feeling a lot of pain– so need some spiritual communion.
Do you know the greatest punishment meted out in prisons is isolation in the hole. People are social beings so we need others. And people need the social and spiritual guidance.
I’ve been doing a lot of research on all of this.

And don’t let one church in Butte County stop you, who met, and one person was tested positive for the virus. You can be tested positive if had a flu shot. My Dr. said don’t get tested.
Can start with drive-in meeting as some were going to just before we got shut down. Then gradually go to multiple services with a certain minimum number in them for some distancing. Although doubt that will make much difference.
Paul got put in prison for preaching the gospel, which was against the government’s rules, and eventually gave his life. Are we willing to give of ourselves to meet with our God?
Enclosed is a chart to show just what the actual data is on the COVID virus. In proportion, the numbers are not what are being announced. Look at the percentages.
If left alone, there’s such a thing as herd immunity which builds up antibodies in the herd of people, like the flu vaccine does. It’s God’s way of mitigating the disease. But no, the government has to swoop in and control us masses and isolate all– when only a small number are getting the actual virus, and that mostly in nursing homes. Some doctors are reporting they are told by county agencies and even the AMA to state deaths on death certificates, by corona virus, instead of by natural causes. The hospitals are empty, doctors out of work. People are suffering greatly through this– not only financially, but with depression and other health risks.
So stand up for God and the church and do what’s right by Him, not what’s right by the governments run by so-called atheists. If all churches in California opened upon May 31 at same time, they’d have a hard time trying to stop that many- and it would be a loud message.
God Bless
Twila Hughes

Nicholas Weeks
Nicholas Weeks
6 months ago

Help for small businesses, from your bank, during this economic pandemic event:

7 months ago

Why is this Ross Wolschlager allowed to be released in Ventura County and on top of everything, the judge will not allow his address to be released! This is an outrage! What about Megan’s Law? This judge needs to be fired!