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128 Responses to Letters to the Editor (Archived 2013-2016)

  1. Richard Senate June 23, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    The way things are going the only way to save California if for it to become a two party state. Now it is controlled top to bottom by the Democratic Party and their coalition of special interest groups. The Republican Party must be re-invigorated and expanded. That means we need more elected officials from the GOP–It will not be easy! They Democrats are entrenched and have powerful media/Hollywood behind them. But we must try! We must do all we can to “Make California Great Again”. How?
    Write letters to the editor, Support Republican Party members, If there is no one you like–run Yourself! Turn out as many as you can to Vote GOP. For too long the Republicans have become a token opposition only.

  2. Everett Batey January 12, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Maybe you can help us find a way to wake up Oxnard Waste Management. Again blown off by the supervisor over failure to collect trash. Not sure if anyone reachable in city leadership can be impressed to repair their failures. Last night we called, manager promised to come back today and collect. Didn’t happen. They get my money, don’t perform. Any thoughts beside lawyers?

    This not the first time. Costs a lot to get a truck and take to the dump.

    Thank you if you can offer an idea.

    Ev Batey

    • Everett January 13, 2017 at 2:56 pm

      ​Attaboy: Bryan MacDonald, OxnardCC , email was replied same day, provided cell​, told a supervisor to get it done​. Oxnard City phones ​were ​killed by their Telco vendor. ​Repairs slow. ​

  3. Steven Nash December 15, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Well, now . . . journalistic integrity ain’t what it used to be. Several of my opinions submitted to CJ have not been digitally printed. They were not overly slanderous or inflammatory. They merely expressed views that were not consistent with the narrative put out by editors of CJ.

    And it seems that I have been blocked from commenting on Moving Oxnard Forward’s Facebook page. I simply wanted to know who is financing Mr. Starr’s litigation efforts against the City of Oxnard. Shouldn’t a multi-time candidate for elected office be open and transparent about his financial supporters? Is this how we engage in robust civic dialogue? By deleting and blocking people we don’t agree with?

    The great investigative reporters of CJ should be asking these questions and getting the answers out to the public. For my part, I will continue to bring Mr. Starr’s questionable commitment to transparency out into the light of public comment every chance I get.

    So publish this or don’t, this comment has been posted to Facebook and, personally, if my professional integrity was at stake, I would be cautious when picking and choosing between divergent viewpoints.

  4. Lawrence Paul Stein December 12, 2016 at 10:18 am

    The City o Oxnard is seeking Injunctive Relief from Measure M in Court Room 20, Tuesday at 1:30, but still is not letting this member of the public to inspect all checking and money market account statements for the Month of October 2016. Where is the open and transparent that the city council says we have? I am seeking documentation supporting wire transfers of over $8,000,000 in a 3 week period and city still refuses to make the documentation available. It appears that the city has at least 3 payroll accounts when earlier it was stated they have only 1. At a fiscal policy task for meeting it was stated that the city has less than 10 checking accounts. I have statements from over 12 accounts and statements from other checking accounts are to be made available to me later this week. Does the Finance Department or City Manager really know how many checking and money market accounts the city controls? If so, why are they delaying me from seeing all the statements? If not, why not?

    I have serious concerns regarding the audit of the balance sheet if the city does not know how many checking accounts they have. There are serious internal control issues if the Finance Department and the City Manager’s Office does not know how many checking, payroll and money market accounts it actually has.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Lawrence Paul Stein

  5. Larry Stein November 28, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Oxnard Mundane Issues

    People asked what I do when I can’t sleep due to the troubling times the city is going through. I do research, I look at mundane issues, results from public record requests.

    Here are some of things I have found as a result of my recent public record request. The research is based on the attached file, a list of financial disbursements in a 3 week period. The spread sheet has a filter on the last tab to limit the results to 3 weeks. Feel free to change the filter for more information.

    I want to thank Christine Macias in city Finance for pulling the requested documents Wednesday

    1) The report shows over $16,000,000 was disbursed in a 3 week period (see the Checks by Date Tab)
    2) Over $8,000,000 was disbursed in EFT transactions from which no documentation was provided (See the 1st tab). For example eft # 3008502 (over $190,000) went to NAPA Auto Parts, a vendor I specifically referred to several times in my emails
    3) Over $8,000 went to Utility Billing refunds coming from a ‘trust account’
    4) $15,000 was spent suing Mr. Starr (check # 333308)
    5) $72,000 was transferred to the Oxnard Housing Authority (check # 333299) for its Multi Service Center
    6) $53,000 (Check #333163) was given to WKE no backup available
    7) $138,000 (check 333349) was given to Plaza Cinema for carpet replacement. I do not recall that item going before city council
    8) Over $43,000 (check #333019) went to Kaneko landscaping for landscape assessment districts with no documentation of what work was actually performed, just a percentage of completion of contract
    9) $49,000 (check 333034) was given to Safety Striping Service which had very detailed description of the work that was performed
    10) Over $500,000 (checks 333362 & 333746) went to AECOM for design worked for the waste water facility
    11) Acclamation Insurance was paid over $350,000 mostly through EFT transfers from which no documentation was provided
    12) $25,159 (Check 333531) went to Redflex, an Arizona company. I do not recall this item going to city council. The city council directed staff several years ago no to do business with Arizona companies due to Arizona position on immigration.

    Please bear in mind that this was only 3 weeks of transactions

    Larry Stein

  6. Tom Dunn November 25, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Holiday Season

    I hope all had a great Thanksgiving day with family and friends and the upcoming holiday season will be wonderful for all. It is great that we have chosen Port Hueneme as the best place to live. We have great weather, great beaches, great neighbors and a great opportunity to make things better. It will take energy, new ideas and hard work to accomplish all that needs to be done. “Hello Port Hueneme” hopes to acknowledge all the good things going on here and provide a platform so everyone knows what is going on and how they can help the “friendly city by the sea” flourish.

    We will have a new member on the city council, a new city manager, welcome Rod Butler, and new department heads and a new year to look forward to. To succeed these people will need all of us to provide input and be active in helping guide them in the upward and positive direction necessary to maintain our wonderful life in Port Hueneme. Happy Holiday Season to All.

    Tom Dunn

  7. Tom Dunn November 3, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Subject: Ventura County Star Guilty of Election Fraud

    The VC Star publisher and editor have attempted to influence the Port Hueneme city council election by publishing two articles from current council member Jon Sharkey endorsing Ellis Green and Sylvia Schnoop, after an investigative Star’s article found Sharkey and council member Sylvia Schnoop had published false claims about candidates qualifications for city council, Will Berg and Steven Gama. Not just once, but two times the Star let a guilty Sharkey recommend his accomplices, Schnoop and twice defeated Green, for city council. How can a newspaper that is suppose to present a fair view of candidates running for election let a sitting PH council member found guilty of trying to influence an election repeatedly endorse other candidates. Not only should Sharkey and Schnoop immediately resign, but the Star should print an apology to the readers and citizens of Port Hueneme for being totally irresponsible and guilty of trying to alter the voting of the citizens of Port Hueneme.

    Tom Dunn, Port Hueneme

  8. Bob Scudder November 3, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Subject: 3rd District Ventura County Supervisor Candidates

    It seems our 3rd District Ventura County Supervisor candidate race is becoming ‘the battle of the mailings.’ And yard signs are popping up all over. Even the Ventura County Star has weighed in. But you the voter must decide. Does a candidate’s resume reflect leadership in a broad spectrum in both business and government sectors? How about dedicated community involvement over time? And leadership verses bureaucratic followership? In my view the decision is easy: Kelly Long. The future of Ventura County depends on your vote!

    Bob Scudder

  9. Laura Hernandez November 2, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    To the Editor:

    Kelly Long Has Wide Appeal to All Voters
    I am voting for Kelly Long to serve as Supervisor for Ventura County’s Third
    District. The position of Supervisor is non-partisan. Kelly’s campaign has been
    about serving all people, not party politics. She has self-managed a grassroots
    campaign while up against a large and entrenched political machine. Only just
    recently, an outside PAC contributed to her campaign which enabled her to
    compete. Party politics and campaign funding has unfortunately, taken over this
    race, but Kelly is no puppet. She is smart, strong, honest and will make decisions
    that are in the best interest of Ventura County residents.
    As a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with six U.S. patents, Kelly Long is the
    only candidate with hands-on experience in technical problem solving and
    complex decision making. Having served as a Trustee for the Pleasant Valley
    School District, Kelly is the only candidate who has served on a local governing
    board and presided over public meetings. She has received the endorsement of
    local business leaders and the farming community who have confidence in her
    ability to find solutions to County issues related to water, transportation, public
    safety, health care, human services, and county administration. This experience
    makes Kelly Long the best choice to serve as our Supervisor for the Third District.
    Kelly Long has managed her campaign with openness, impartiality and fiscal
    accountability. Kelly has exceptional personal and professional qualities and has
    been transparent with her accomplishments and even minor mistakes. Her
    success in business, education, community volunteerism and family is exemplary.
    Kelly will bring the necessary leadership and experience to resolve issues
    important to the quality of life for all Ventura County communities. Kelly Long is
    the best choice for Ventura County Supervisor.
    Laura D. Hernandez

  10. Arnold Sisk November 1, 2016 at 10:14 am

    As a Veteran I Strongly Support Brian Caforio for Congress

    As a veteran, I am familiar with some of the issues that affect me and my fellow men and women returning from service. I also know the kind of candidate it takes to tackle these issues and make sure that the voices of veterans are heard and effectively acted on in Washington.

    Bryan Caforio is the right person for the 25th district because he will fight for veterans and make sure our interests are addressed in Congress. Bryan understands the importance of the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill. He wants to provide immediate access to the physical, mental, and emotional care that returning veterans need; and he wants to provide the necessary assistance to help transfer the skills that men and women gain in service into a successful career after discharge. He is adamant about ending veteran homelessness. Most importantly these are not just talking points for him; they are actions which he is committed to aggressively pursue by legislation.

    Too often veterans are discharged and forgotten about, they are swept under the rug and pushed into the shadows; Bryan would ensure that veterans are protected after they are discharged the same way we protected the nation during our service.

    I know the impact that it has on a veteran when he or she has to wait seven, eight, or even nine months for an appointment at the VA or when he or she is unable to make it to an appointment because of lack of transportation. Some of these veterans are dealing with serious physical, mental, or emotional health problems and are not able to receive immediate access to the crucial care that they need. This is simply unacceptable, and Bryan will work to implement increased shuttle services to provide transportation to the VA, as well as push for legislation that gives each veteran a point of contact to assist (i.e., a mentor) in navigating the VA system.

    In the service, I gained valuable and transferable skills that I have been able to apply to my career as an engineer. Our men and women in service are returning from combat with vital skills that they can use to have successful careers after discharge. Bryan will work to help train veterans on how to transfer their skills into careers in high-demand occupations.

    Not only is job training an important aspect of ensuring that veterans are receiving the protection they deserve, it is important that veterans have access to education, that is why the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill is crucial in providing educational benefits to the men and women who are returning from service. Bryan is committed to protect the G.I. Bill because he understands the need to provide proper access to education to all veterans.

    It is important to provide adequate funding for the Veterans Administration so that veterans can get the quality support that they deserve and need. Bryan Caforio believes in the critical importance of this funding, and does not believe that the VA should be cut back in order to reduce Federal spending. There is an abundance of congressional voting records which show that his opponent wants to cut VA spending in order to reduce Federal spending. His opponent says he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with veterans, and at the same time the Congressman votes to cut the VA budget and to cut other veteran benefits.

    Bryan Caforio is a clear example that you do not need to be a veteran to fight for veteran’s issues and I support Bryan Caforio for the 25th District because I know he will fight for me and my fellow service men and women.

    Thank you,
    Arnold Sisk
    -A graduate of the United States Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland),
    -A Vietnam Veteran who served as a nuclear engineer in the U.S. Navy submarine service,
    -A 28 year resident of Santa Clarita

  11. Tom Dunn October 29, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Tom Dunn
    October 29, 2016
    Copy of a letter I sent to The Star:

    From: Tom Dunn
    To: John Moore
    Sent: Sat, Oct 29, 2016 10:10 am
    Subject: Endorsement

    How naïve do you think the citizens of Port Hueneme are? You do a very good investigative report on Sharkey and Schnoop lying about city council candidates and attempting to influence a very important election that could gravely effect the lives of the citizens of Port Hueneme. This is the most egregious ethical election violation there is. If Sharkey and Schnoop are able to do this, then you should imagine what lies they have presented at city council meetings and to the Star via their cover up pal Ann Kallas.

    In the past two weeks since the article there has not been one mention in print, pro or con, as to what the citizens of Port Hueneme reaction has been. Most of the feedback I have seen is total disgust that these two sitting council members would do such gutter level action. So in wake of an investigative article finding the two lying to influence an election and not allowing your readers any response you then put Sharkey’s recommendations for Schnoop and Green for city council on your e-edition. Two members of city council responsible for the major problems Port Hueneme faces. I would not be surprised to see it in print soon

    Again, this is another example of inconceivable decisions you have personally been responsible for that have deprived your Port Hueneme readers of the truth and fairness. I know many people in the past year say that they know they are not getting truthful coverage on Port Hueneme. Your journalistic and morale compass has gone haywire.

    Tom Dunn


  12. Fran Austen October 19, 2016 at 12:49 pm






    Published on Jun 10, 2016
    In these audio tapes from the 1980’s, we hear Hillary Clinton bragging and laughing about getting a pedophile off a child rape charge. Keep this in mind when going to the polls in November 2016 to vote for the new president. Go to 2:09 to hear her biggest cackle.









    ROMANS 1: 18, 22-32
    PSALM 9:17
    PROVERBS 29:2
    IS 5:20
    EZ 33:6
    HOS 4:6








  13. Barry Gabrielson October 16, 2016 at 10:54 pm

    Ventura County Ordinance 4355, approved 23 December 2006 violates the State Constitution and previous Court decisions.

    How many residence in Oak View and Newbury Park (Unincorporated Area of Ventura) received a letter from General Law County of Ventura, that you, as an adjacent property owner are responsible to pay for repair of Ventura County public right of ways property, owned and controlled by the County?
    The Board of Supervisors approved an Illegal Ordinance 4355, 23 December 2006, Illegally transferring their own duties, responsibilities and liabilities of repairing signed dedicated properties (public right ways) to the adjacent property owner. Based on dedication of property in 1961, that they signed, they are responsible to maintain the public right of ways. Current Streets and Highways Codes 941a and 1806 (1955 and 1957) require them to maintain the public right of ways in housing tracts, also by Ordinance 2041 (ownership of parkway), SHC 22060-2 requires the Board to maintain the Parkway Trees, also by Miller and Star on California Property laws. 5 Laws case prohibit them from transferring liability. They own this property based on County property map dimensions, we own 6″ before their controlled public sidewalk. 1911 Improvement Act, SHC 5600-5630 was written for a business in a town, not housing tracts, not creating till 1945, in California. They have no legal authority, let, they are billing us illegally and placing a lien on property taxes illegally, they are not judges. Your area is next. This is an abuse of power. Please join me in court.

    Barry Gabrielson

    Newbury Park

  14. Steven Nash October 11, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Could CJ investigate #latinosdeoxnard ? They are endorsing a platform comprised of Armando Sepulveda for mayor, David Albanese for city council, Bryan Patino for city clerk and Jonathon Royas for city treasurer.

    Maybe I’m being too sensitive but if there were a group calling themselves #anglosofoxnard and endorsing an all-white slate eyebrows might be raised.

    • Citizen Reporter October 16, 2016 at 7:33 pm

      Yes, “Anglos for Oxnard” would be considered “racist” by the politically correct :-).

      We have met nearly all of their candidates and see no “Reconquista” plots or anything like that. They are all “Latinos” yes, but so are 3/4 of Oxnard residents. I have spoken to Armando Sepulveda and Jonathan Royas extensively and even interviewed Armando, which you can see on or Youtube. I see two fine All-American candidates who want the best for our community. This does not constitute an endorsement.

      The idea of running as a team is very interesting.

  15. Bernard Luskin, Ed.D. October 10, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    October 6, 2016

    As Chancellor of the Ventura County Community College District and on behalf of the VCCCD Board of Trustees, we recommend and urge passage of “Proposition 55,” the California Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare Initiative.

    During the recent recession, the state cut more than $56 billion from education, healthcare, and other critical services. Public schools statewide experienced unprecedented funding reductions and apportionment deferrals. California public schools rank 42 out of the 50 states in per-pupil spending and they are among the most crowded in the nation. Many California school children come from low-income families that lack access to the health care services needed to keep these children in school and learning.

    While the passage of Proposition 30 in 2012 provided an increased investment in California’s K-14 school spending by allocating funds directly to K-12 and community college districts through the Education Protection Account, the revenue from Proposition 30 will decline after 2016 and will disappear completely after 2018. Proposition 55 would extend Proposition 30’s temporary income tax rates for the top 2% of earners through 2028.

    Unless Californians extend Proposition 30’s temporary tax increases, our public schools and community colleges will suffer significant budget cuts in the years ahead. The elimination of funds from the Education Protection Account would represent an estimated cut to California’s community colleges of about $210 million annually.

    The Ventura County Community College District joins K-14 school districts and community college districts around the state, and the Community College League of California in support of Proposition 55. We urge the legislature to work with the public education community to identify stable, long-term, adequate funding solutions for public schools and community colleges.

    The District strongly recommends the passage of Proposition 55.
    Bernie Luskin

    Bernard Luskin, Ed.D.
    Ventura County Community College District
    [email protected]

  16. Ernesttaw October 1, 2016 at 10:52 pm

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    Fluoridation will still only take place if water authority has become asked to do so by way of a strategic health authority, after consultation at local level indicates sufficient support for it. ,home water filtration water softener

  17. Fran Austin September 27, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Re: “A Vote for Hillary” letter ( on page 9)

    After a thirty-some year CAREER of criminal activity, from racketeering to murder, it is perplexing to find the name of Hillary Clinton on the ballot.

    For those of you foolish enough to choose to believe “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” because Benghazi is SO far away and has no impact on YOUR charmed life, THINK again – OR JUST PLAIN THINK. For the sake of your own freedom and safety, put away your willful ignorance, blinders and ear plugs, complacency, ignorance, and apathy.

    You see, some mothers’ sons were there murdered, as well as other mothers’ sons whose lives were taken here and in service, including my precious student, Brian Wolverton, killed in Afghanistan, fighting for the freedom BHO and cohort, HRC have taken from them and YOU.

    Hillary’s criminal career began decades ago, especially during her years in AR. She and Bill engaged in many forms of criminal enterprise, here in the former America. In AR, they allowed prisoners to draw each others’ blood tainted with Aids, Hepatitis, exporting it through the Red Cross to National Heathcare countries. My friend’s dad in Canada died after receiving that blood; the country of Scotland sued them when their hemophiliacs died upon receipt of same.

    Yet they refused to stop, since, “what difference does it make” who dies at their hand? Kelly Duda made a movie called Factor 8 about their crimes, and was stalked and threatened. Many have written about her crimes, including Suzi Parker: ( Blood Money – more, citations/references provided upon request.(

    There were also reports that this tainted blood leaked into our blood supply. While I can’t substantiate it, my mom in PA received a blood transfusion at that time, and subsequently died of Hep C. No “co-ink-i-dink” methinks. Check out recent outbreaks of Hep C.:
    ( Arkansas was the origin of the Bayer/Baxter HIV/Hep C infected blood …)

    As to an “enthusiastic vote for HRC”, re “national healthcare”, I had a baby in London; she was left in the hallway crying, with little proper care. My friend, a Brit, returned from a trip home several years ago and reported they were having babies in the bathrooms there.

    And, remember, the “papers” Hitler used to identify just whom to exterminate were their healthcare papers.
    Hillary also ORDERED the murders, by gassing, of pregnant women, children, in Waco, TX, when Janet Reno tried to beg off. Remember, HRC owns that she’s the POWER behind Billy from the getgo.

    As to her love/hate arch-enemy relationship with the occupier of the WH, they are conjoined by Arab, Soros money, worshipful master Alinsky’s dedication to Lucifer and “No honor among thieves”.

    Enthusiastic vote? Really?? Seriously?? Rather, instead, waste of a vital privilege – a dreadful and DEADLY choice.

    Fran Austin
    Westlake Village

  18. Jim HJensley September 19, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Hueneme is at a significant turning point. The setting mayor resigned because of health issues, so it’s four councilpersons instead of five. Much depends on Monday September 19, 2016 council meeting, starting at 6:30 pm. The meeting is video recorded

    Public forum is at the beginning of the meeting. You have three minutes for your presentation for items NOT ON THE AGENDA.

    Agendized items allows public input during the specific agenda item.

    · Jot down 2, 3 or 4 major talking points, practice at home; have friends or family listen, if you have a camera with video, record a couple of practice runs.

    o You may submit written notes and documentation. If you do; please have 8 copies to turn in. You may make extra copies for attendees and press

    · Attend Monday night’s 6:30 council meeting. PORT HUENEME CITY HALL: 250 NORTH VENTURA ROAD

    · Pick up public comment forms at table at the entry door

    · Fill out the form: If you want to speak during the public forum check Agenda Item #5.

    · Agendized items have a public comment time during the discussion.

    · Submit your speakers request to the City Clerk.

    · When called on, step up to the podium, make sure you are close enough to the mike to be heard and recorded. You will be video recorded and archived for public record on the Port Hueneme Website.

    · Please introduce yourself to the Council in a polite manner e.g. Mayor and councilpersons:

    · State your name and city you live in [address optional]

    · It helps to state your topic at the beginning.

    · Relax and give your presentation, let us know your recommendations; as you close, use a short and pleasant call for action or help.

    Any questions contact councilman [email protected] c. 805-366-5116

    Hope to see you at Monday night’s City Council meeting
    Jim Hensley
    Councilman City of Port Hueneme
    PO Box 333 Port Hueneme CA 93033-0333
    [email protected]

  19. Phillip Molina September 3, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    (Editor’s note: this refers to Oxnard)

    Good people,

    Other California cities attorneys have said that GC 36814 requires the elected city clerk to be present in closed council meetings to take notes and record any votes he/she deems were taken because the language is clear and does NOT provide for any exception. While these city clerk notes are not available to the public, they can be used in legal proceedings. We can understand that position. The Elected City Clerk took notes of the main subject, the general comments and the vote is one was taken, whether by consent or actual vote and did not take a word for word account of the discussions.

    Q. Why doesn’t Oxnard’s elected city clerk attend and take minutes of the closed sessions in Oxanrd?

    Phillip Molina

    36812.5. A city may defend any person elected to the city council or to the office of city clerk or city treasurer in any election contest instituted for any of the causes set forth in subdivisions (a), (d), or (e) of Section 16100 of the Elections Code.
    (Amended by Stats. 1994, Ch. 923, Sec. 75. Effective January 1, 1995.)

    36813. The council may establish rules for the conduct of its proceedings. It may punish a member or other person for disorderly behavior at a meeting.
    (Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)

    36814. The council shall cause the clerk to keep a correct record of its proceedings. At the request of a member, the city clerk shall enter the ayes and noes in the journal.
    (Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)

    36815. Any reference to “councilman” or “councilmen” shall also mean and include “councilwoman” or “councilwomen.” A female member of a city council may designate herself “councilwoman.” Any member of a city council may designate himself or herself “councilmember.”
    (Amended by Stats. 1986, Ch. 982, Sec. 13.)

  20. Jim Hensley August 31, 2016 at 7:44 am

    This shows the decline of the City of Port Hueneme Reserves

    2011-12 $19.3mil
    2012-13 $18.3mil
    2013-14 $15.3mil
    2014-15 $9.3mil
    2015-16 $7.7mil
    2016-17 $5.6mil

    It becomes apparent the Old Guard City Councilpersons: from 2011 to and including 2014 were Jon Sharkey, Doug Breeze, Sylvia Munoz-Schnopp, Ellis Green and Norm Griffaw were negligent in leading the city and controlling the City Manager Cynthia Haas spending sprees.

    Councilpersons Tom Figg and Jim Hensley were sworn in the last city council meeting of December 2014. Leading up to this the Councilpersons in conjunction with their City Manager Haas passed significant raises for the top managers and as well as the setting city councilpersons.

    They were banking on the come of the passing of a Measure “M” and believed the measure would pass and they’d have the funding to cover these increases.

    To stop this financial hemorrhaging of tax and spend city council, the council must change. Doug Breeze has declined to run, leaving Sylvia Munoz-Schnopp attempting to regain her seat. I urge everyone to save the financial decline and rebuild the City of Port Hueneme

    Jim Hensley
    Councilman City of Port Hueneme
    PO Box 333 Port Hueneme CA 93033-0333
    [email protected]

  21. Phil Molina August 14, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    Molina for Oxnard Treasurer receives endorsement from Dr.. ex-Mayor Manny Lopez and Irma Lopez

    This morning I received a phone call from Irma Lopez, wife of Dr. and ex Mayor Manny Lopez. Irma told me that she and ex-Mayor Manny Lopez want to endorse me for the next Oxnard City Treasurer. Dr. Lopez, who is recovering from surgery, said he wanted to let me know of his decision as soon as he heard I was running for election.

    Dr., ex-Mayor Lopez thorugh Irma told me they wanted to let people know that I am competent, capable and qualified to do the job of Oxnard City Treasurer.

    I wish to say thank both Dr. and Mrs. Lopez for their trust and endorsement.

    Phillip Molina

  22. Richard Nick July 31, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    In Response to the Star’s guest columnist to vote no on SOAR Jared Barton tries to make a valid argument based on home prices and lack of housing. His argument makes a certain amount of sense on first view but it soon comes up lacking when you dive into the heart of the matter. His discussion of facts from the Quarterly Journal of Economics is a weak attempt to support the desire of developers to receive approval to convert agriculture land into homes. He says to alleviate the worry of water conservation and increased traffic (pollution as well as inconvenience) just charge people more. Scarcity based pricing does not conserve water if you add more people to use more water as the new developments will naturally lead to that is just inane reasoning. He talks about how the artificial rise of prices of homes, hurts the poorest members of our community. Does not Mr. Barton recognize that the majority of the poorest of our community depends on the agriculture for their income, hence if you build on the agriculture with homes what avenue do all of these workers turn to for work. His reasoning is cute on first glimpse but so ridiculous once you dissect it that I had to think is this the smartest guest columnist that the Star could get to add to the discourse. I encourage everyone to vote yes on SOAR

  23. Richard Nick July 28, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Lengthy Council Term Debate
    Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:11:57 -0700

    While reading the article by Amanda Covarrubias in today’s Star newspaper, I found myself completely appalled with Port Hueneme’s Council member Sharkey’s comment that not much more progress can be made and he is ready to exit. I say do not wait two years, step down immediately and allow someone who cares about this city and it’s resident to work to move us forward. I have watched Sharkey air council disagreement and dirty laundry in the paper time and time again. Oftentimes it has appeared that he is the only voice that has had the ear of the individual whose job is to cover Port Hueneme for the Star. There are individuals who care deeply on how our city is run and want to make our community safe and prosperous. I want to again stress if he can see no avenue for progress then please resign your seat immediately to allow those who are ready to bring a fresh perspective to our fair city and move us in the right direction. I care about Port Hueneme and I clearly see plenty of opportunities where we as a city can make progress

    Richard Nick
    Port Hueneme

  24. Jeff Donabedian June 22, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Hello All,
    I was on-duty yesterday so I was unable to attend the (Oxnard) Fiscal Policy Task Force meeting. I am really looking forward to watching the video though, sounds like a lot of great questions/concerns/findings came from that meeting.
    One of the items that I caught was this $60M “due from other funds” (slide 4 of CAFR presentation) and why weren’t those in the past financial statements.
    I’m hoping that I’ll be able to shed a little light on about $53M of that $60M.
    $53M of those funds are from Affordable Housing loans gifted from the City. Now, we’ve always known these were out there, but there is no legal recourse for the City to force someone to repay these loans back….in other words, the person with the loan could default on payment, and there is nothing we could do about it.
    So, before we got the new “tax preparer” (CFO), we never recorded those funds as being “due” because we would have never relied on that revenue to actually turn into something due to there being no legal recourse for us to ensure the revenue. Hope that makes sense.
    Now, the new “tax preparer” (CFO) and auditors want it recorded as revenue “due,” but in the detailed financial statements, it’s labeled as a “non-current” item, which means that it’s not coming this current year, or ever for that matter. Remember, when it comes to governmental financial statements, all any of the “watchdogs” care about is if we’re going to be able to pay our current bills based on current revenue….they don’t necessarily care about payments or revenue from the next year or beyond.
    I’m not claiming any opinion on whether or not the City should’ve loaned these dollars out, or to who they went too, just pointing out the differences in accounting from the past tax preparer to the new one regarding this item.
    Either way, we are not guaranteed to receive a single penny from any of these loans because there is nothing in the contracts that allows the City to go after people not paying their debt owed. Typically, if it’s not a guaranteed revenue, then it isn’t recorded as such. It is similar to the ROPS from redevelopment. We hope to get something from it, but until the “check” is cut, we don’t know what it will be. So it best to not record it as revenue until after you receive it.
    Anyhow, hope this may clear the air a little bit on this particular item and will help you all see that the new CFO and consultants didn’t “find” anything new, they are just redefining and changing how we used to do things, which will change the financial reports. If they actually restated the previous year to the same standards they did for 2015, you’d see all of these items being there from 2014.
    Thanks all, stay safe.
    Jeff Donabedian

  25. Julie Miller June 21, 2016 at 6:59 am

    On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, Julie Miller wrote:
    Hello Oxnard Councilmen

    I have not been able to attend the presentations due to my work hours. I work in LA and rely on the train to get me to and from Oxnard. I also am planning a wedding so am saving my leave for the wedding and the honeymoon.

    I was hoping for budget roadmap and I feel what I read was a billboard. While the budget is a living document, the approval of the current numbers while the council is up against a deadline is not the message to send to residents.

    I cannot support a budget that increases the budget for the PACC. i cannot find minutes from recent meetings on the City Meeting Archive. I do see agendas where cuts to fees are asked by many renters. I see agendas where finances are mentioned but no notes on the actual finances. Again, no road map. What are they hiding?

    I am also shocked on page 70 that the PACC is asking for an ABC license. That is crazy when the City Council just denied a small businessman the ability to sell wine and beer under strict rules. The PACC would hold meetings or events, serve people drinks and unlike hotels, not be able to offer a room to sleep off the buzz. They will turn all the drinkers out into the residential neighborhood that surrounds the PACC. The City cannot deny small businesses and then get their own license! Would be beyond hypocritical. I have not seen much success made by the PACC to warrant more money given the financial stress the city is facing. Council last year mentioned the drain that the PACC is to the budget and yet again the City is giving it more money.

    You made a comment about water being as important as public safety. I agree, I work in the drinking water industry. My fiancé is a police officer. We have that discussion for fun.The difference is that the utilities can charge more for their product, public safety cannot. If I want a lower water bill, I use less water. If I have low water bill, i can conserve and still get the product. I have no way of ensuring I get a quick response to my 911 call. I know the price of imported water has gone up the last few years. Oxnard hasn’t passed the price increase along to the residents for years. I can’t find the cost of the water coming from the Purification Facility. Do the customers that receive the water pay full price for the water? Do they trade the water as the mayor alluded to in a comment? Is the cost of farm water the same as the water treated at the facility? If there is a difference, who pays the extra amount? Is the cost of any debt on the facility passed along to the customers or is that cost passed onto the residents? The golf course is said to get water from the facility, and the budget says the golf course is being paid $600,000 from the budget partly for utilities…so the golf course gets free water, residents don’t. Then the City wants to raise the rates more. Are any of the deficits in the Water Dept are from the Purification facility? If the residents are paying an unfair amount for purified water we don’t get, it is a problem. I didn’t see a road map in water presentation either.

    The Animal Shelter was a hot topic at the Police presentation. Sadly the solution was to spend $25,000 for a study to see if Oxnard can have it’s own shelter. Not sure why a study will help. The budget has no room for building or staffing a shelter. How is the City going to pay for kennel staff, kennels for all types of animals, customer service staff and medical staff? The fees are high because too many animals end up in the shelter from Oxnard. i volunteer at the Shelter and have a basic knowledge of how things work. The City is charged for the amount of animals that are turned in or picked up and enter the shelter. Want to pay less, have fewer animals in the system. Much like water rates going up and the City didn’t pass the increases on as they occurred, the cost of housing animals went up and the County didn’t collect the true cost of housing animals. They had to adjust that.

    The same day the Council was discussing Shelter fees, a non-profit rescue was in Oxnard with a free spay and neuter program. 14 appointments were no shows. Did the City use Next Door or social media to help promote the program? Nope. Lost opportunity and a costly one. Unaltered animals have litters and some tend to run away more. When someone finds an animal in Oxnard, or one is turned in to the shelter, a volunteer group called Oxnard Missing Pets posts the animals on Facebook. That group has had success in getting animals back home. No cost to the City. Has the City worked with this group to cross post any of their posts to keep animals out of the shelter or to get them back home quickly once in the shelter? Cats from the shelter are available for adoption at PetSmart Oxnard, city doesn’t promote that on social media. Rescue partners pull animals from VCAS, to keep it no kill. Oxnard doesn’t work with any groups to help educate residents. VCAS had a free microchip and low cost shot event recently, Oxnard didn’t promote it. Microchips would keep animals out of the shelter, costing the city less. There are so many missed opportunities by the City regarding the Shelter. Has the City told residents that they Shelter has a Pet Pantry every Sunday and low income residents can get free food and/or cat litter? This type of work can keep an animal in a home. The shelter is also starting a retention program. The goal would be to help residents keep animals and not turn them in. The Shelter was also working on creating a list of rentals that accept animals to help renters not have to turn in animals due to moving. The $25,000 would be better used in finding ways to keep animals out of the shelter system in the first place. Perhaps instead of raising the budget for PACC, money can be found for the Police Dept to cover the increase in fees. Give the Police an opportunity to get results in this area. Make the PACC get results before they get more money. Perhaps a committee can be formed to help the City with this. i would be more than happy to help. i got my dog from the shelter. He was there for almost 9 months. He was an Oxnard dog turned in because he wasn’t house broken. HIs notes said he lived in the backyard and was afraid of the hose. He hasn’t had an accident in my house in the year I have had him. He doesn’t like the hose, so I don’t squirt him. He does love a bath though. One of my cats is also a former Oxnard kitten. The kitten was turned in at one week old by a resident that found the litter. The shelter has foster parents volunteer that hand feed the kittens and raise them until they can be adopted. $25,000 consultant contract isn’t a road map here either.

    Lastly, I know public safety take a large percent of the budget. The job they do needs more employees and more equipment which all cost money. An unsafe city will cause revenue to go down. Cuts made last year and not put back this year will cause response times to go higher. The questioning you had regarding the true number of officers out due to injury or sickness shows how dangerously low the staffing really is. My fiancé was injured arresting a drunk driver. He missed a week of work. That meant his department had to cover his beat for the time he was out. Luckily his department has staffing levels that can cover illnesses or injuries. Oxnard staffing levels cannot cover for injuries or departing officers and still provide the service level residents need. The cuts the Unions are having to take will also cause officers to leave the City. Hard to risk your life for a city that pays so low. How will your family have a safety net if the worst happens if pay is low? How can the City recruit the best officers when neighboring cities offer a better package? If the City cannot offer more pay, offer more staff so backup isn’t too far away. That is important to police officers. The City Council is putting the City at risk by not cutting the budget pie in a way that can start to return cut jobs to public safety.

    Want to see how the cuts in public safety play out? look at Modesto. They have crime issues that they are struggling to get a hold of, made worse by cuts made under the leadership of Greg Nyhoff.

    Want to see a real road map that helps make budget decisions easier? Look at the Police PowerPoint used in Modesto with their new city manager and police chief. it has huge amounts of information on each slide.

    I will try to hit some of this information in my 2 or 3 minutes of public comments on the budget.

    Thanks for reading.

    Julie Miller

  26. Oxnard Firefighters Association June 21, 2016 at 6:55 am

    To: City Council Members
    From: Oxnard Firefighters, IAFF Local 1684
    Subject: Questions regarding 2015 CAFR

    A. Have Council members & City management explicitly been indemnified against any personal financial, civil or criminal liability, if the impending State Controller’s Office audit of City Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports since 2004-2005 – including 2014-2015’s CAFR – are rejected for (a) noncompliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for government financial reporting, (b) concealing significant material errors in City finances and/or (c) discovering potentially criminal activities by City elected officials or management?

    B. Have Renne Sloan, Management Partners, other City consultants and it’s outside auditors Eadie Payne explicitly been indemnified against personal financial, civil or criminal liability, if the impending SCO audit of Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, 2004-2005 through 2014-2015, are rejected for (a) not complying with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for government financial reporting, (b) concealing significant material errors in City finances and/or (c) exposing potentially criminal activities by City elected officials or management?

    C. How can Council members accept the City’s proposed 2014-2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report that City outside auditors Eadie Payne will not endorse with an unqualified/unmodified opinion as being in compliance with GAAP or without material errors for lacking sufficient information about the City’s resources and responsibilities for its principal Governmental Activities and major Business-Type Activities funds?

    D. How can outside auditors Eadie Payne offer unmodified opinions as to the General Fund, Housing Authority Fund and Aggregate Remaining Trust ‘information’ when they offer no better than qualified or unmodified opinions on ALL other funds?
    (For an explanation of the different types of auditor opinions, please see)

    E. With an army of attorneys, consultants and auditors, the City the has only offered 2014-2015’s CAFR ONE YEAR AFTER THAT FISCAL YEAR’S END and has no answers to these questions below asked ONE YEAR AGO how much confidence should Council members have in the impending 2016-2017 proposed budget and how long should Council expect to wait for 2015-2016’s CAFR?

    1. If Management Partners are correct that Oxnard’s audited financial reports are wrong, when will the City restate its financial results for years affected?

    2. Has the City yet informed its bondholders, underwriters, Standard & Poor’s and U.S. & State governments, under its duty of due diligence, that the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and federal single audits are wrong?

    3. Has the City begun suing its former outside auditors for negligence or fraud for mistakenly certifying Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and federal single audits (a) the best representation of its overall financial condition and resources, (b) as meeting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and (c) as containing all information required to understand Oxnard’s overall financial condition and resources that the City Manager says are wrongfully reported?

    4. Has the City begun legal action against former City Managers and Finance Directors for failing to meet their fiduciary obligations for those years?

    5. How does the City reconcile its claims of impending ‘insolvency’ with the public statements by its Bond Counsel, in response to Council questions, in October 2014, that the City’s overall financial condition was strong?

    6. When will the City document its Management Partners-provided assertion that Oxnard’s financial practices were ‘inconsistent with state law’ and had neglected to follow proper financial & operational management practices?

    7. When will Council members who approved some or all of Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and federal single audits alleged to be wrong take responsibility for failing to meet their fiduciary obligation to City residents?

  27. Phil Molina June 10, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    Mayor, Council members, friends:
    I support the actions of the City Of Oxnard Mayor, Council and staff who decided to go to court against the prior city attorney, city treasuer, and others for their personal actions to benefit themselves, instead of the public who they worked for, by taking the illegal supplemental post retirement income.​

    Mrs. ​Dale V. Belcher​ failed to say:
    1. Dale ​ told me she​ ​had been an officer in the California Municipal Treasurers Association
    2. Dale was the elected Oxnard City Treasurer;
    3. Dale was the appointed Oxnard City Treasurer;
    4. Dale had fiduciary responsibilities as both the elected and appointed Treasurer;
    5. ​Dale forgot about Title 12 of the Penal Code of California and should thank her friend the DA for keeping her out of jail for 2-4 years:
    ( in part)
    (a) Each officer of this state, or of any county, city, town, or district of this state, and every other person charged with the receipt, safekeeping, transfer, or disbursement of public moneys, who either:
    1. Without authority of law, appropriates the same, or any portion thereof, to his or her own use, or to the use of another; or,
    2. Loans the same or any portion thereof; makes any profit out of, or uses the same for any purpose not authorized by law; or,
    Is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, and is disqualified from holding any office in this state.
    (b) As used in this section, “public moneys” includes the proceeds derived from the sale of bonds or other evidence or indebtedness authorized by the legislative body of any city, county, district, or public agency.

    Phillip Molina

  28. Phil Molina June 3, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Oxnard Council seeks to extend City Manager Nyhoff’s contract and increase vacation by a month a year

    Friends, Council members and Mayor:

    I hope you guys are giving the hard working staff of Oxnard the same increases you are providing to Greg Nyhoff on Tuesday’s agenda,

    … after all it is the workers who do the work and cover for Nyhoff.

    What exactly has Nyhoff produced since he has been here? Oh yeah:
    1. NO audit
    2. No CAFR
    3. No budget
    4. failed attempt to increase 3 enterprise rates unreasonably high
    5. spend settlement money in excess of his authorized amount
    6. promised our mail boxes would be fixed immediately by orders to Police Chief…waiting,
    7. promised water retention basin fences would be fixed…..we are still waiting for this
    8. promised our trees would be cut downs and replaced within 6 month of Feb 2015..waiting
    9. promised a “whistleblower” program would be completed by end of last fiscal year…
    10. promised a “whistleblower hotline” would be in place “soon”, still waiting…
    11 .etc.

    It’s disgusting how gullible our elected officials are given that they now want to give this city manager a raise. In any other city he would be shown the door by now. What is it…his religion, his looks, his size, his speech…. no one in the audience seems to know.

    Oh well it’s just your tax dollars.

  29. Laura Hernandes May 23, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Letter to the Editor

    I support Martin Hernandez for Third District Supervisor. In my opinion, Martin is the only candidate with proven experience, an honest reputation, and a genuine passion for public service. Remarkably, it is his capacity for cultivating relationships that sets Martin Hernandez apart from the other candidates. Martin has spent over 20 years serving the communities of Ventura County, building valuable relationships and earning the public’s trust.

    Healthy working relationships do not get built overnight. They are developed over time and grow best from the ground up. These relationships are the result of having survived the true test of time; together celebrating the highs and recovering from the lows. Connecting with people and making them feel that they count is a gift that has served Martin well. He does not use people as a means to an end. Martin gets relationships right.

    Equipped with the legacy of fostering relationships and 25 plus years of institutional knowledge, Martin is ready to launch forward on Day One. He will not come with a training curve or waste taxpayers’ money trying to figure out “who’s who”. He will not have to learn how to navigate county government. He knows already our community stakeholders from the executive leadership to the line staff. Having worked as Mayor of Santa Paula and Chief of Staff for Supervisor Kathy Long, he knows well the functions of government administration at both the city and county levels.

    Martin’s ability to lead the Third District into the next four years is unmatched. As a resident of Port Hueneme and a member of the Santa Paula community, I Invite you to join me in voting for Martin Hernandez.

  30. Gail Robinson May 23, 2016 at 8:41 am

    May 18, 2016
    It is my pleasure and honor to endorse Martin Hernandez for County Supervisor, 3rd District. He
    is well qualified to serve having worked for incumbent Supervisor Kathy Long for fifteen years,
    the last 5 as her chief of staff. He has extensive knowledge of the issues and concerns of the
    district’s constituents, a deep understanding of the workings of county government, and
    congenial relationships with his colleagues and numerous stakeholders.
    As senior executive administrative aide to Mrs. Long, I had worked with Martin for 10 years and
    have seen Martin’s ability to adeptly solve constituents’ problems by actively listening to their
    concerns, showing sensitivity and compassion, and bringing together all parties to reach a
    consensus outcome.
    Martin has what it takes to be a successful leader. Please vote for Martin Hernandez in the June
    7th primary.

    Gail Robinson

  31. Ray Holm May 20, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    Dear Editor,

    I read the tea party recommendations for the June primary election ballot and it prompted me to get out my ballot and read it. Amazingly I have no clue of the Republicans running for office, except for Donald Trump.

    I came to the conclusion that our local paper (Ventura Star) covers democrats mostly and television does the same thing.

    Some could conclude Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris are the only people running for California Senator, but the ballot has 12 republicans who I never heard of or seen on TV, in person or in a commercial.
    Maybe between now and Election Day there will be some republican education, but until then it looks like the republican candidates are just relying on registered republican votes, and I personally will just guess the multiple choice.

    The state Republican Party is ultimately responsible for this dilemma and the only group that can do anything about making republican candidate more viable in the primary election.

    Ray Holm

  32. Jose and Brigette Rodriguez May 18, 2016 at 12:48 pm


    My wife and I met Martin Hernandez 17 years ago when we were going through some personal life struggles. We had been looking for solutions and support while facing what was ahead of us. When we met Martin we were impressed by his calm and collective manner, we knew right off he was genuine and what we had been looking for in support and wisdom.

    Martin was wonderful to my wife and I. He was there for us in a professional manner, but also opened his heart and home to us on a personal level. Over time, our relationship evolved into a strong bond and friendship. Martin continues to demonstrate to me what a man living in his truth and integrity looks like. Whenever I am around him, I am impressed and reminded on how important it is to respect everyone around us whether they are the janitor or CEO.

    My wife and I are asking you to support Martin Hernandez for Supervisor, Third District because he embodies the qualities of a leader. Martin is here to serve his constituents and is grounded in the principals of Humility, Respect, Honesty and Integrity. In addition, Martin is committed to the Third District and is the only candidate that has the experience necessary to provide our neighborhoods and communities with best representation possible.

    Martin will influence real change. My wife and I know this first hand because of the influence he has had in our lives. As a leader in our lives, he guided us from our past struggles and into more positive, productive, loving, and successful life that has allowed us to contribute more of our time to our family and community.

    Martin Hernandez is the RIGHT AND ONLY Leader for Ventura County Supervisor – Third District. Vote for Martin Hernandez on June 7.


    Jose and Brigette Rodriguez

  33. Bill Bartels May 12, 2016 at 1:17 am

    The Right Brand of Leadership

    I am supporting Martin Hernandez for Supervisor. I would ask that you do too. There are many committed voices in this race. The role of supervisor demands a special portfolio of leadership; I believe that Martin is the best choice from the field.

    In conflict, he invites people to dialogue. In difficult and competing priorities, he looks to the long term. In community, he always looks to a voice of middle ground, common good and commonplace; for the whole community.

    This is the kind of work that I appreciate in political leadership; a calm head, a quiet voice of collaboration, a willingness to get to yes.

    To that end, I would like to ask your support for Martin and to get us to yes, Martin Hernandez for Supervisor in the 3rd district.

    Bill Bartels
    GreenSource Inc.

  34. Sean Baker May 12, 2016 at 1:12 am


    Dear Editor:

    As a long time Camarillo resident and business owner, I am proud to support Martin Hernandez for County Supervisor, District 3. I have known and worked with Martin for over 10 years. We met working together at Interface Children Family Services and soon became supportive mentors for each other. Martin’s dedication and sense of community in bringing much-needed social services to his neighborhood was inspirational. I could feel his compassion for every person that walked into that neighborhood center. He communicated warmth that said, “You are important to me. What you care about matters to me too.” It was no surprise to me how popular Martin was at the Salsa Dance competition, not only for his great moves, but also in how he moves people with his kindness and caring.

    Our personal friendship has continued over the years and most recently we have had the opportunity to connect again in our work in the local community. I was honored to be able to offer a “moment of inspiration” to the Board of Supervisors last fall, and got to see Martin in action again. Every person he encountered in the halls of the government center had a smile and warm greeting for and from Martin. He has managed the post of Kathy Long’s Chief of Staff with grace and humility. Martin and I have had some great talks about what the concerns are of our community and I feel confident that he will continue to carry out the work of bettering our neighborhoods with that same kindness and caring I have observed him demonstrate over and over again.

    I encourage you to get acquainted with Martin and support his candidacy for County Supervisor, District Three.

    -Sean S. Baker

    Owner, The New Beginnings Center

  35. Martha Brown May 12, 2016 at 1:09 am

    To every constituent in the 3rd District,

    Politics overall has changed from years past. It seems that when it comes to the Presidential or State Campaigns, we are making decisions more and more based on character, charisma and the actions of the candidates while giving very little thought to their true qualifications. Let’s be honest, those of us who engage in the political process have often followed the lead of our political party’ or simply settle for the “lesser of the two evils.” This is partly because most of us do not have the time to listen or get to know the candidates.

    Up until recently, elections at the local level have been driven on those things most obvious like party, key endorsements, or something heresay, or the research we did the night before Election Day. It seems like we have lost our way at the local level during this election cycle. Maybe it is because of all the sensationalism happening with the presidential candidates. Or, perhaps it’s simply because we have surrendered to consumer politics and candidates with their promises and no real experience or track record to support why they are the most qualified. It is out of this concern that I am writing to voice my opinion for the ONLY qualified choice for 3rd district supervisor.

    I have listened to the platforms of all the candidates over the last four months. I have researched their qualifications and looked into their track record of experience and work in the 3rd District. Some of the candidates have made contributions to the communities they have served and others have fancy titles and pedigree’s but none of them have the level of experience that Martin Hernandez has. He is the only candidate that has local, County and community experience. Martin is the REAL DEAL. When he talks about an issue or engages with the community, he is transparent and continues to demonstrate integrity and a deep commitment to the community. This is why I am spending every spare moment I have working on his campaign for the next Supervisor of the Third District and want to ask you to support him too!

    Martin Hernandez is a husband, parent, veteran, public servant, and like most of us, cares deeply for his surrounding communities. He is highly educated about the history of our county and what is important to local farmers, businesses and our communities throughout this county.

    I have spent time with Martin and have become very close to his family and those supporting his campaign. Martin has surrounded himself with people who are genuine and are dedicated to bettering our communities. We are all dedicated to be of service to our community and dedicated to ensuring that Martin Hernandez is elected to the Third District. Our County needs a leader with integrity and character, someone who speaks from a place of honesty, and who people can trust. Martin is that Leader! The community can count on him to listen to their concerns and take action to address them. I know this because I have watched and experienced him do this over and over again.

    Martin brings over 15 years of experience and insight to the position of Supervisor. I have watched him make decisions based on facts and the voice of the community. He has always spoken openly and honestly without any “promises” or political rhetoric.

    Martin is the same man in private as he is in the public. I want to encourage YOU to just take the time to get to know him, you will see what I mean. Martin knows the challenges of the job because he has been doing it and will “Hit the Ground Running,” on day one.

    On a very personal note, I lead the Neighborhood Watch Programs in Santa Paula. Martin has worked and supported me with the challenges our neighborhoods face around our homelessness population. As Mayor, Martin has demonstrated and taken action to address the needs of our City’s public safety and youth programs. I appreciate and admire his dedication and concern for all in our county. Please take time to get to know the candidates, DON’T BUY THE HYPE. I think you will see there is ONLY one candidate far above the rest: MARTIN HERNANDEZ!
    Thank you,

    Martha Brown
    Santa Paula Resident

  36. Robert Roy May 12, 2016 at 1:07 am

    Martin Hernandez is the right leader for the Third District
    As someone who has personally worked alongside Martin Hernandez, the Chief of Staff for retiring Third District Supervisor Kathy Long, for almost 15 years, I have decided to give my full support for Mr. Hernandez to succeed Supervisor Long.
    In a crowded field of approximately seven candidates, I firmly believe that Martin Hernandez is the most qualified person to continue the work of Kathy Long as the outgoing Third District Supervisor. As a representative of the Ventura County agricultural industry for almost 39 years, I have had numerous opportunities to work with Mr. Hernandez on a variety of county issues, including reducing the chloride content of discharged water in the Santa Clara River, adoption of zoning regulations for farm labor housing, and numerous zoning and regulatory issues affecting farmers in their business operations. Throughout this entire time, I have found Mr. Hernandez to be very professional and an extremely qualified individual representing the interests of the constituents of the Third District.
    I was recently encouraged by the personal endorsement of Supervisor Long of Martin Hernandez because I believe the citizens of the Third Supervisorial District in which I reside, need someone who will “hit the ground running”, not individuals looking for a placeholder for future state offices.
    While many of the residents of the greater Camarillo area do not know Mr. Hernandez, he is very well known throughout the Santa Clara Valley and currently serves as the Mayor of Santa Paula. He is also a veteran, husband, father and grandfather. His experience and knowledge of the processes of the VC Board of Supervisors for over 15 years, working relationships with other incumbent supervisors, overseeing the operation of a city as its mayor, and his ability to listen to constituents and try to find commonsense bipartisan resolutions, deserves the vote of the residents of the Third Supervisorial District.

    Robert P. Roy, President and General
    Ventura County Agricultural Association Camarillo, California

  37. Mary Ann Krause May 12, 2016 at 12:12 am

    May 11, 2016

    To the Editor:

    I am supporting Martin Hernandez for Third District Supervisor. With a lot of people in politics or public service, the better you know them the less you like or respect them. My experience with Martin is just the opposite: the more I know him, the more I like and respect him.

    Martin has the most extensive, relevant experience of any candidate. Martin’s spent years as a medical first responder, a drug and alcohol counselor, and as manager of a facility that provided services to families in distress. He has served Supervisor Kathy Long for 15 years, more than 5 years as chief of staff. His responsibilities have included the issues that are important to all of us: public safety, healthcare, preservation of agriculture, clean water, etc. He has worked with every department at the County, and has strong working relationships with staff and agency heads. Martin knows what works, and what needs work.

    The public who call a County Supervisor’s office are often distressed. The Supervisor is their last hope to resolve a problem, or they just don’t know who to call. Handling these calls requires enormous patience and compassion, and Martin has demonstrated both. As Supervisor, he will ensure that his office reflects those values, and treats the public with fairness and respect.

    Transitioning from staff person to elected official can be difficult. Martin has been a City Councilmember and Mayor in Santa Paula for the last 3 1Ž2 years, and has already made that transition. Martin is ready, now, to be your County Supervisor.

    Remember to vote for Martin Hernandez in the June primary to make sure he is on the November ballot!

    Mary Ann Krause

    Former Deputy to Supervisor Kathy Long, and Former Mayor of Santa Paula

  38. Delton Johnson May 4, 2016 at 11:19 am

    Three issues—One Clear Choice

    Carla Castilla is far the best choice for 3rd District Supervisor. She is the daughter of hardworking immigrant parents and a graduate of UCLA. Carla is well liked by everyone; I first met her 12 years ago when she helped my wife who has Alzheimer’s.
    Carla has 15 years of public service with contacts which will help her serve our community exceptionally well. She has worked for State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Congresswoman Lois Capps, served as an aide in the White House, and as an appointee to the Ventura County Workforce Investment Board.
    Carla is the only candidate supporting the real original SOAR; the other “SOAR” is funded by developers. She is the only candidate who has taken a stand against the proposed Mission Rock Electric Generating Plant. Oxnard residents have fought this air polluting plant and Carla doesn’t want it dumped into our valley. She urges moving away from fossil fuels—embracing clean technologies of the future.
    Carla also supports revoking the permit of the Santa Clara Waste Water plant to trigger a full environmental review. First responders were endangered and there is need to assure that our environment and public safety are not again put at risk.
    None of the other five candidates for this seat support these three issues. Please vote for Carla Castilla. Thank you for considering my recommendation.

    Delton Lee Johnson, 14 McKevett Heights, Santa Paula, CA 93060 805-657-0790

  39. Phil Moina April 16, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    After last weeks Fiscal Task Force Meeting you might find this knowledge useful. Can you find
    any of the identifiers of fraud in the methods that were described to you last week? I hope not.
    phillip molina

    USAID Office of Inspector General/Investigations – Fraud Indicators

    The contract award process has been designed to efficiently ensure the delivery of goods
    and services. This section will discuss factors which may indicate the presence of or
    enhanced potential for fraud at various stages in the contract award process. The
    indicators included are not intended, each taken alone, to establish the existence of fraud.
    Rather, the presence of any of these indicators should cause employees to be alert to the
    possibility of impropriety and to take appropriate actions to ensure the integrity of the
    The motives and methods for fraud in the contract award process are varied. Fraud may be
    perpetrated to obtain a contract in order to create the opportunity to later engage in such
    activities as theft or embezzlement, product substitution, cost mischarging, fast pay or
    progress payment fraud. In some instances, fraud may be perpetrated to obtain a contract
    at a higher price or with better terms than would have occurred in an award untainted by
    fraud. A company may attempt to obtain a contract through fraud because the business is
    needed to continue operations when private sector activity is low.

    Fraud in the Identification of the Need for Goods or Services
    The potential for fraud is created when the need assessment is not adequately or
    accurately developed. A Government agency which, with or without collusion, continually
    changes its mind about what it wants, will make it possible for a contractor to substantially
    increase the contract price. With respect to fraud in defining requirements and stock levels,
    fraud indicators include:
    1. Requiring excessively high stock levels and inventories in order to justify continuing
    purchasing activity from certain contractors.
    2. Declaring items which are serviceable as excess or selling them as surplus while
    continuing to purchase similar items.
    3. Purchasing items, services, or research projects in response to aggressive marketing
    efforts (and possible favors, bribes or gratuities) by contractors rather than in response to
    valid requirements.
    4. Improperly defining needs in ways that can be met only by specific contractors.
    5. Estimates are not prepared or are prepared after solicitations are requested.
    6. Failing to develop “second-sources” for items, spare parts, and services being
    continually purchased from a single source.

    Fraud in the Development of Statements of Work and Specifications
    Bid specifications and statements of work are intended to provide both potential bidders
    and the selecting officials with a firm basis for making and accepting bids. A well written
    contract will have specifications, standards and statements of work which make it clear
    what the Government is entitled to. Sloppy or carelessly written specifications make it easy
    for a contractor to overcharge or for it to deliver less than expected.
    Fraud indicators include:
    l. Defining statements of work and specifications to fit the products or capabilities of a
    single contractor. Specifications are made so restrictive that they effectively exclude
    competing firms.
    2. Advance or selective release by Government employees of information concerning
    requirements and pending purchases only to preferred contractors.
    3. Using statements of work, specifications, or sole source justifications developed by or in
    consultation with a preferred contractor (institutional conflict of interest).
    4. Allowing firms participating in project design to obtain those same contracts or to be
    subcontractors to the winning contractors. (Wastewater Consulting Engineers?)
    5. Release of information by firms participating in project design to contractors competing
    for the prime contract.
    6. Designing “pre-qualification” standards or specifications to exclude otherwise qualified
    contractors or their products.
    7. Splitting up requirements so contractors each get a “fair share” and can rotate bids.
    8. Splitting up requirements to get under small purchase requirements or to avoid
    prescribed levels of review or approval, e.g., to keep each within the contracting authority
    of a particular person or activity.
    9. Bid specifications or the statement of work are not consistent with the items included in
    the general requirements.
    10. Specifications that are so vague that reasonable comparisons of estimates would be
    11. Specifications that are not consistent with past similar type procurements.
    12. Specifications that do not include (specific) work site locations.

  40. Phil Molina April 14, 2016 at 8:58 pm


    Larry Stein just called me to let me know he was in an auto accident. He broke his hip bone and was going to go into surgery. He wanted me to let everyone know he is in good spirits and hopes to be home early next week if not tomorrow. He asked that we not try to contact him today as he will possibly be unavoidably “detained” in surgery and unable to talk. I have no other information about the accident at this time.

    This is an opportunity for all of us to say a pray for Larry’s quick and complete recovery.

  41. Bert Perello March 30, 2016 at 7:15 pm

    Re: City of Oxnard software systems

    Information from SunGard about our NaviLine product

    Tony thanks a lot

    On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Tony Jakusovas (SunGard-Lake Mary) wrote:
    Hi Councilman Perello,

    The City of Oxnard has our NaviLine product with the latest release from Q4 2015.
    Attached I have included two brochures, one about NaviLine and the other about Cognos.

    The NaviLine brochure talks about NaviLine and what it can do, as well as some options associated with NaviLine.

    The second document talks about the new Cognos. It allows you to create reports and analyze data to make business decisions in a timely manner. There are also other offerings within Cognos to do your CAFR, and budgeting, analysis and forecasts.

    If you have an interest in viewing a recorded webinar, I included a link where you can register for our webinars. The one related to Cognos is called Cognos for NaviLine Finance ( ). As you can see there are other webinars for our other product offerings like ONESolution and TRAKiT. These products run in a SQL environment if you wish to change your computer platform.

    Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Tony Jakusovas
    Strategic Account Manager
    Public Administration

  42. Phil Molina March 30, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    Re: City of Oxnard software systems

    Friends and Council Members:

    ​First, I am not selling the H.T.E software nor getting a commission from them. But before you allow your consultants to spend $8 million on new untried software, consider viewing this from Sungard H.T.E. ​This company provides software to 115,000,000 people in the United States.​

    I ​only ​suggest Oxnard ask their current software provider to demonstrate what Oxnard currently has but isn’t using and what Oxnard can obtain AND the​ ​costs associated with each​ product and the cost to train staff​. BEFORE you allow your consulting staff to spend $8 million taxpayers’ dollars on a “new ERP” system

    Phillip Molina

    ​Thanks to Councilman Perello for connecting me with this information. I have volunteered to help the city as many other professionals have during the Fiscal Task Force meetings. Councilman Perello is the only City Officials who took me up on my offer and asked me to assist him in getting information on the current H.T.E. software. He was able to get them to provide these videos for us.

  43. Phil Molina March 18, 2016 at 8:53 am

    ​OPEN LETTER TO THE VENTURA COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY Mr. Schwatrz, esq., Re: $60,000 paid to departed Fire Chief Williams:

    Why did you forget about the court case in 2003, which ​specifically ordered in a general law city there is no amount of money that the council and “authorize” staff to disburse without their appropriation? Unless you can explain your legal position, the public begins to question your objectivity.

    “Only the legislative body has the power to appropriate money.1 When the legislative body fails to make an appropriation, or when an appropriation is challenged, the judiciary can declare the action unlawful or unconstitutional, but cannot remedy the failing by appropriating money on behalf of the local or state legislative body.2”
    1White v. Davis (2003) 30 Cal.4th 528.
    2 White v. Davis, supra, at 535.


    Phillip Molina​


    The November 9, 2015 Ventura County Star article on the Fire Chief made this statement:
    “OXNARD, Calif. – Oxnard’s former fire chief, who resigned suddenly last spring, was paid $60,000 in exchange for not suing the city, a document shows.”

    This morning at the Oxnard Fiscal Policy Task Force meeting where Councilman MacDonald presided, Councilman Perello asked the question about how did the city authorize the disbursement of the money when the item was never reported out of closed session and the item was never appropriated by the council?

    Appropriating Public Money is a Legislative Act.
    Only the legislative body has the power to appropriate money.1 When the legislative body fails to make an appropriation, or when an appropriation is challenged, the judiciary can declare the action unlawful or unconstitutional, but cannot remedy the failing by appropriating money on behalf of the local or state legislative body.2
    1White v. Davis (2003) 30 Cal.4th 528.
    2 White v. Davis, supra, at 535.

    In Oxnard, the City Treasurer and City Finance Director both signed the warrant (checks) to disburse city funds and only they have the signatory authority to sign the warrant. However, that authority is EXPRESSLY LIMITED for obvious reasons by State law, which requires as we saw above, that money can be disbursed from city accounts ONLY AFTER AN APPROPRIATION by the City Council.

    Article XVI, section 7 of the California Constitution provides that “money may be drawn from the Treasury only through an appropriation made by law and upon a duly drawn warrant” And, authority delegated by the city council to administrative staff to sign a contract or approve a warrant is an empty delegation without an appropriation.

    Furthermore, authority for expenditures is found in the Gov Codes and requires the legislative body approve or reject demands for payments (Gov Code 37202). The State Constitution forbids the legislative body from delegating that duty (Ca. Const. ART. XI Sec 11)

    So, the city Treasurer and city Finance Director and city Attorney issued a check in the amount of $60,000 to the previous Fire Chief without Council appropriating the expenditure. Was that disbursement of taxpayer’s money legal, or were they authorized to disburse the warrant (check)? According to the sources above, the answer NO!

    State law also directs that anyone disbursing money without the “legislative authority” (a fancy term for city council’s appropriation of funds) has violated the law.

    When will Ventura County District Attorney protect the county taxpayers by enforcing the laws? Or did he intentionally give a GREEN LIGHT to every type of wheeling and dealing that city officials make regardless of whether those dealing violate State laws?

    Phillip Molina

  44. Phil Molina March 16, 2016 at 1:22 pm


    I’m glad one made it out the coo coo’s nest undamaged.

    If you want to hear the confessions of a female finance director of Oxnard, listen to what Mayor Flynn said at last night’s council meeting. Click the link and forward the meeting to 4 hours 19 minutes. Remember according to Mayor Flynn, she is talking about a time when Tom Holden, Dean Maulhardt, Ed Sotelo and Karen Burnham were in charge of Oxnard.

    Now this is just my opinions about what council members said last night, what is also surprisingly interesting is what Councilwoman Padilla said at 4 hours 31 minutes 11seconds into the meeting:

    1. I suggest a different history about what caused the “inappropriate” loans and transfers, they were not because the City Council or City Manager didn’t know about them. It was that they wanted it done that way so they didn’t have to address negative fund balances: i.e. golf course, PAC, CIPs, etc.
    2. When I tried to make these issues public via the Council in closed sessions, I was not protected or supported by the Mayor or any Council member.
    3. When the H.T.E. computer system was acquired, the financial system worked well;
    staff closed the annual financial accounting with the standard processes used to close out and save the details and summary transactions;
    H.T.E. integrated the actual financial details with budgetary information. The issue is not unlike using Excel. If you have been trained in Excel it works, but if you’re not trained you make a mess of the spreadsheets. The real problem is that recent CFOs didn’t see it important to train staff in how to operate the H.T.E. system.
    4. How do you provide staff with the protection they need to tell the Council and the Public what the facts are??? At least get a “Whistleblower Act” in place now.
    5. It is the taxonomy of the chart as it now exists after changes and bad additions that is also causing the problems. Initially the chart of accounts taxonomy was consistent with the GFOA recommendations.
    6. It wasn’t only blind obedience by staff to the City Manager to protect their jobs to an “unknowing Mayor and Council”, but I was told many times by the City Manager and his staff that “the Mayor and Council don’t want this information placed on the agenda” and my monthly financial reports to the Council were “blue lined out” and erased by the City Manager and his staff to eliminate the fiscal information about the golf course, the PAC, CIPs and other financial issues.

    Council and the Mayor asked what can they do to stop this. Though it isn’t perfect, had there been a “WHISTLEBLOWER” system in place that I could have expressed my concern about unethical, illegal loans, etc. I might have been able to change the city back in 1999 and might still be working for Oxnard today.

    phillip molina.

  45. Ted Deneschuk March 15, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Cathay Wagantall and private member’s bill “Cassie and Molly’s Law Bill C-225

    Dear Editor

    Recently Yorkton-Melville MP Cathay Wagantall has introduced her private member’s bill “Cassie and Molly’s Law Bill C-225 the Protection of Pregnant Women and their Preborn Children Act seeks to amend the Criminal Code and create two new offences for causing injury or death to an unborn child while committing or attempting to commit an offence against a pregnant woman. The informal name of the law is a tribute to Cassandra Kaake who in December 2014, while seven months pregnant with a daughter she had named Molly was brutally murdered to death in her Windsor home. Matthew Brush, 26, was charged with Cassie’s murder, but under the Canadian law an unborn child is not legally considered a human being, so no charges could be laid for Molly’s death.

    A Petition has been developed to protect unborn victims. Petitions are available on the website:


    Ted Deneschuk, President
    Parkland Right to Life, Yorkton

  46. Phil Molina December 24, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    Have the Oxnard city auditors lost their independence? You/we need to see the peer review of the auditing firm.

    Councilman MacDonald, other elected officials and Friends,

    At the request of Councilman MacDonald I previously sent, via email attachments, a copy of the 2011 GAGAS “Yellow Book”. Councilman MacDonald said he would read the book in one day, so I assume he has already realized that the work city staff has asked the auditors to perform (assisting in reconciling the bank accounts, preparing correcting journal entries, etc.) may have forced them to recuse themselves from the financial audit. For example, see the Yellow Books list of work that would force the auditors to resign due to a lack of independence:

    Page 46: 3.50 Some services involving preparation of accounting records always impair an auditor’s independence with respect to an audited entity. These services include:

    a. determining or changing journal entries, account codes or classifications for transactions, or other accounting records for the entity without obtaining management’s approval; b. authorizing or approving the entity’s transactions; and c. preparing or making changes to source documents without management approval. Source documents include those providing evidence that transactions have occurred (for example, purchase orders, payroll time records, customer orders, and contracts). Such records also include and audited entity’s general ledger and subsidiary records or equivalent.


    Page 41: Examples of activities that are considered management responsibilities and would therefore impair independence if performed for an audited entity include: a. setting policies and strategic direction for the audited entity; b. directing and accepting responsibility for the actions of the audited entity’s employees in the performance of their routine, recurring activities; c. having custody of an audited entity’s assets; d. reporting to those charged with governance on behalf of management; e. deciding which of the auditor’s or outside third party’s recommendations to implement; f. accepting responsibility for the management of an audited entity’s project; g. accepting responsibility for designing, implementing, or maintaining internal control; h. providing services that are intended to be used as management’s primary basis for making decisions that are significant to the subject matter of the audit; i. developing an audited entity’s performance measurement system when that system is material or significant to the subject matter of the audit; and j. serving as a voting member of an audited entity’s management committee or board of directors.

    These issues can be corrected before the work continues too far to avoid loss of independence on the part of the auditors, but the auditors need to share with the public the previous “peer review” conducted on their audit firm to assure the public the capabilities of the firm are consistent with our needs​:  
    3.105 An external audit organization50 should make its most recent peer review report publicly available.(51 )


    Phillip Molina

  47. Ed McGarvey December 13, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    Type Your Letter : Banning of any Gun is a violation of the Constitution. That being said I have a proposal to all anti Gun Democrats. I will agree to giving up my right to own the specific weapon, the AK-47. Now I want something in return. The AK-47 todate has killed less than 100 people sense 1975. For my giving up the right to own that gun, I want the Right for a woman to choose. Yes I want Abortions made illegal and Planned parenthood closed down. Oh you say thats not a fair trade, I agree less than 100 deaths from AK-47 and more than 58,000,000. That is 58 million deaths from Abortion in the same period of time. The Second Amendment reads. A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, ( the right of the people to keep and bear arms) SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Give up that right before you come for mine. Also May God Bless America through these trying times. If you give up the phony battle for Global warming I just may toss in another Gun. Take our guns, its going to cost ya.

  48. Phil Molina December 13, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    Mr. Nyhoff do you support this type of concealed government process? ARE THE GOOD OLE BOYS BACK?


    Friends, friends please let me finish..(?)

    I heard from many of you asking how dare I expect our good elected officials to negotiate MY utility rates below the published rate based on the contributions they received. Well others ask exactly how much did I contribute that would make me entitled to special consideration?

    Well I gave Carmen, Bryan and Tim $10.00 to $25.00 each. I thought I was contributing to open elected local government. But after I looked at the campaign disclosure forms the approximate average amount of contribution range between $200 and some gave over $2,500. So, ok I’m beginning to understand what you-all were saying. dah I didn’t PAY enough to PLAY, so don’t expect any negotiated rates. But adding insult to injury I received my contributions back from some of the candidates. I guess I didn’t give enough to make it worth the cost of depositing my campaign contribution?

    In seriousness, what I don’t understand is the statement made by Mr. Gramkow 3 hours 27 minutes into the council meeting that staff informed him that the published rate is the high end and that the actual rate charged will be less. I am confused. Did staff say that they are just sending up a test balloon to test the willingness or stupidity of the Elected Officials to accept their inflated proposed rates? Or did staff tell Mr. Gramkow not to worry because his actual rates will be a negotiated decreased rate below the published rates?

    Neither options sound ethical., right or even legal.

    Here we go again with less than transparent government. Mr. Nyhoff do you support this type of concealed government process?

    Phillip Molina

  49. Phil Molina November 30, 2015 at 5:53 pm


    The Oxnard “Whistleblower Hotline manager” must not be established in a position that reports to anyone else in the organization. When you look at the examples provided to us by Interim City Attorney, Stephen Fischer, you will notice that all of the entities understood that dictum. In the one agency that set the Whistleblower Hotline to be budgeted under the appointed position of “auditor” the actual function of the Whistleblower Hotline was required to be contracted with a third party that is out-of-state.
    Government Code as interpreted by the State Attorney General establishes that the annual salary of an elected Treasurer and City Clerk should be $9,600 each.
    The Oxnard City Treasurer while elected, also works for the City Manager and is paid an annual salary of $142,101 for the work she does for the City Manager. (RESO 14,721)
    The Oxnard City Clerk, while also elected is paid up to $142,101 in salary for the work he does for the City Manager.
    Obviously these two positions are not independent and must decide daily whether they work for the people who elected them or for the City Manager who pays them more. The city employees all know this and as such would not be prone to believe either position is independent of the City Manager.
    Just imagine an “Ed Sotelo” type city manager in charge of the ‘Whistleblower Hotline” program. If you were an employee, would you believe your confidential comments would remain secure? Would you trust your livelihood to such an arrangement?
    Please consider either setting the position up directly under the Mayor, or better yet consider what your posterity will say and establish it instead as a separately elected professional position of “Internal Independent Auditor” whose duties include managing the “Whistleblower Hotline”.

  50. Phil Molina November 28, 2015 at 11:25 pm


    The five cities that are identified by the Oxnard City Attorney’s “Whistleblower Hotline” agenda are all charter cities. All but one have placed the hotline under an elected position. The one city that placed the whistleblower hotline under an appointed position has contracted with a “law enforcement” company in Atlanta, Georgia to report on whistleblower hotline contacts received.

    The County of Santa Clara assigned the “Whistleblower hotline” task to the County Counsel unless the complaint is against the County Counsel at which time the County Executive Officer is responsible to obtain and manage that complaint.

    Given the example of the five cities I still recommend Oxnard do what the majority of them have in place, namely place the “Whistleblower Hotline” under an elected position so that the elected person is responsible only to those who elected her/him.

    Phil Molina

  51. From: Ed McGarvey November 16, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Over the past year anti Muslim protests has been erupting across the European Continent. Middle East Countries refusing to accept the refugees even as Saudi Arabia has such a tent city set up to accept up to 3 million. IN Sweden protesters have torched 9 refugee centers German Chancellor Merkel has warned her German people not to harm any refugees as protests erupt across Germany Poland has had protests, This attack in France has escalated protests throughout the world including France. So much hatred for Muslims because of their anti western world life style and threats to kill the infidels if they do not switch to Islam. Many Smaller protests have hit here in America but as President Obama bring in refugees without vetting them and insuring the people attacks will not happen here these protests will escalate to threaten all Muslims in America. Last week thousands of refugees was received in New Orleans and are to be scattered throughout 108 cities across America. This is just the first wave. I bring all this us because these non-vetted refugees are the same type that are causing havoc in Europe, Rapes has escalated. Robberies as well as killings and they will happen here. Majority of these refugees are young men 15 to 35. Several of the French Attackers this weekend were from Syria and came there in various ways, boats and were allowed to enter even as they had no clue who they really were.

  52. Bruce Boyer November 4, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Letter to the Editor 11-4-2015

    To share my thoughts in the discussion about ‘gun violence”. Part #2.
    Let’s start with some of the misconceptions that the disarmament crowd tend to have.

    1. Machine guns. These have been illegal for U.S. Citizens to possess since 1934. Only someone with a special Federal License can own one. The last time an actual machine gun was fired in a crime was the ‘North Hollywood shoot-out’ in 1995. If I missed one, please show me….Outside of the military there are only a few thousand people in the entire U.S that own one, that includes AK 47s, yes I know you have ‘heard otherwise on TV’, but that is tabloid entertainment, not news, read #3. To ‘modify’ a rifle to make it a fully-automatic weapon requires a set of precisely machined parts that only someone with a high level of machining expertise could accomplish. If someone is that skilled they can also machine a rifle or machine gun from scratch.

    2. Assault Rifles: By the definition used in the military; Assault rifles function as a ‘machine-gun’ meaning fire on fully-automatic. So, refer to #1. What politicians call ‘Military style ( emphasis is on style) assault rifles’ and then codify in law are NOT ‘assault rifles’. An ‘assault rifle’ is merely a ‘rifle’ that has features that allow it to be differentiated so that politicians can call it an ‘assault rifle’ and pass laws to ban it, which equates to banning essentially ALL rifles as the features tend to be common an ALL rifles. These features do not change a ‘rifle’ to one that is ‘fully -automatic’ , if they did that would be classified as a ‘machine-gun. A ‘rifle’ can be deemed an ‘assault rifle’ based on any criteria the politicians wish, they merely ‘write a law’. The criteria is designed to criminalize possession of pretty much any rifle. Confused? That is the idea, for if the gun-owner is confused, he is breaking the law, he is going to jail, or prison, because it is a felony, he will lose ALL his guns, and gun owners will be afraid to own a gun, afraid of the police because they may take her to jail/prison. Judges are put in a position to try to interpret what constitutes certain ‘features’ to determine if an otherwise innocent gun-owner is determined to be a felon. So when the politicians talk about ‘assault rifles” in practical legal application that mean ANY and ALL RIFLES, so perhaps you now understand why gun owners are opposed to laws about ‘assault rifles’. An example of a criteria used to make a ‘rifle’ an ‘assault rifle’ is the ability to easily attach a bayonet to the rifle. Yes, a sharpened metal tip that can attach onto the end of a rifle. No, I am not making this up. Is that because the politicians are attempting to make us safe from being bayoneted? Or is it a way to criminalize a ‘rifle’? Remember the method to use to tell if a politician is lying; are their lips moving?

    Do not suppose that gun owners really care about a bayonet lug/attachment. What they do care about is a perverse definition that makes their rifle now illegal and possession of which will make them felons and them in State Prison! How might you react if the politicians could redefine something you own to where you are a felon for possessing it?

    #3 AK-47s and AR15s. If the politicians came out and said they are banning Remington or Winchester brand rifles, because those particular rifles are ‘weapons or war’ or such blather, people would easily see through that charade and declare it is a blatant attempt to just ban all guns. Politicians, are not known for their honesty. Such an attempt would make some shout for joy, but it would be doomed to fail as Americans want their Right to keep and bear arms. The politicians are about deception to those that support them as well as those who oppose them. A true AK-47 is a machine gun, see #1. An AR-15 is just a type of rifle. The Military M-16 is a true assault rifle, therefore it is a machine gun, see #1. The AR15 is merely a design framework pattern that is used for many rifles. The same is true with the ‘AK47’ pattern, which has many different names, and being a Soviet/Russian design ( the initials of the designer being A.K.) the various names are un-pronounceable so they all get called ‘AK’. It is just a rifle, same as a Remington or Winchester, it just looks more modern, scary/cool because it is the same pattern basis used to manufacture an “assault rifle”. They all ‘look’ very similar.

    #4. Keeping crazy people from buying guns: This is a can of worms without limits of abuse. Please attempt to explain to me how you think this could be implemented? Think it ALL through.
    Is someone proposing a psych test, approved by politicians, that every woman who buys a gun must pass? Who is creating that test? What is the criteria? Who gets to determine that answering what question how means that a person is ‘crazy’? Do you approve of psych tests of citizens be a matter of public record? Any right to privacy concerns here?
    Do you think gun owners are going to trust any politician to have the power to write any test they want that they can use to deem a woman ‘crazy’? So now she is deemed ‘crazy’ and you want the police to go arrest her, that will get a lot of good ‘crazy’ women killed and imprisoned. Essentially the politicians can just declare, in a test, that anyone who wishes to own a gun is ‘crazy’, therefore she cannot possess one! Simple!
    Would anyone proposing this be willing to lose their Rights to anything based upon their ability to pass a test the government creates on a subjective criteria? If so, please raise your hand!

    If people can cheat to get someone to take their test for a driver’s license, how could anyone have any faith in this?

    What makes you think that people who fail a test will not do what convicted felons do now; buy a gun for $200 on the street?
    Explain the entire Due Process appeals process in this, please….or is ‘Due Process’ another ‘Right” that is outdated?

    If a person suffers from mental illness of any type, and if you make them a criminal for possessing a gun, you will dissuade them from seeking help. Mental illness is bad, prison added to it is worse, even crazy people know that. Many Veterans have found out that the Obama Administration has declared that their choice to seek help for their mental stresses of surviving combat has resulted in the loss of their Right to keep and bear arms, Veterans who served their country, a Country who entrusted them to carry guns to protect us. These are lifetime, unchallengeable convictions. Same with a 5150 psych hold. Criminalizing mental illness and destruction of people’s basic Right of Due Process. It is evil, call it what it is.

    OK, who pays how much for this?

    We could go on and on, but clearly this concept is unworkable and will make no difference. No? OK tell me where/how this concept works?

    #5. High Capacity magazines: Is the capacity to hold two bullets high, or is six? How about ten? Eleven? A magazine is a plastic/ metal box, or tube, that holds the bullets before they go into the gun. Do you support the politicians authority to make possession of a metal box, of a certain size, a crime? So whatever size box they deem is illegal, and these are felonies, that means State Prison! The politicians declare that a given number, two, or ten, is ‘high capacity”. A magazine/box that can hold ten 9mm diameter bullets is illegal. If you put in a spacer so that it can only hold nine, legal! Take out the spacer, State Prison. If they claim you took the spacer out, or the spacer is not ‘permanent’, you go to prison.If you have two magazines that each hold nine 9mm bullets, legal, ten magazines that each hold nine bullets, legal. One that holds ten, State prison! There need not even be any bullets in it, possession of the metal/plastic box is the felony! Use duct tape to tape two five bullet magazines together, State prison! A magazine that could hold eight 9mm size bullets is legal, but if it could hold ten 7mm size bullets, State prison. If you have a BIG box WITH 250 bullets, that’s not a crime, unless a prosecutor claims you could use it as a ‘magazine’, of course one could claim a cardboard box is a magazine, and it could be, so welcome to State prison!

    It’s a flipp’in box! It can not hurt anybody! It’s an inanimate piece of metal/plastic or cardboard! What makes gun owners alert is that IF the politicians can ban a box, then they can ban anything and our Rights are gone!

    The truth is these laws have been used to persecute otherwise law-abiding men and women for being gun owners, stripping them of their Rights and making them criminals, and in many cases sending them to State or Federal prison. The laws are DESIGNED to entrap and to convict people. To make people afraid to own a gun. They are carefully crafted to criminalize through legality, nothing else. Victimless crime laws of the lowest order.
    As women tend to have smaller hands than men, they handle a gun that shoots smaller bullets better.

    To stop an attacker(s) with smaller bullets takes more of them, therefore women especially make a better choice by having a higher capacity magazine. How evil is it for a politician to tell a woman that her choice to have more bullets available to defend herself means they will send her to prison?

    #6 Background checks: This is NOT a ‘background check’, yes I know what it is called, but do you still believe that politicians actually call things by names that are truthful, really? A Background check means a woman’s ‘character’, references and such. What the check is for is for a FELONY conviction or one of a few misdemeanor convictions that makes the person a proven criminal that may not possess a firearm. Convictions at age 17 or younger are sealed. A criminal, who may not legally possess a gun, committing a crime when he attempts to buy one, has the 5th Amendment Right to not self-incriminate, so he cannot be charged with a crime for not disclosing that his criminal record that would make buying a gun a crime. Yes, read it again. Of course EVERY criminal already knows this, so they do NOT buy a gun legally, they buy one on the street for $200, but that is a crime, as well as a crime for them to even possess a gun, as well as the crimes they will commit with gun….
    It does force law-abiding women to pay, AT A COST OF $100 EA. MORE BACKGROUND CHECKS! TEN MILLION WOMEN WHO PURCHASE A SECOND OR FIFTH GUN WILL BE FORCED TO PAY ONE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR TO NOT BE VICTIMS. Please ask the other side to explain how this is rational?

    #7. Safety tests. So the politicians will write the tests…. In Germany the ‘Gun Safety test’ is a 94 page book. Are we proposing that in order to exercise her right to own a gun, a woman must pass a test written by politicians that might need someone with a masters degree to understand and pass, with what a 98% score? The same people will argue that the Supreme Court was wrong to strike down literacy laws as a requirement to vote. Those ‘tests’ required naming every County judge in Alabama to pass, that is liberty? An excuse to just ban guns, disguised as ‘safety”… The objective is to disarm Citizens, make women victims, that is what is accomplishes.

    #8 The 2nd Amendment; what it means. ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. Twenty-seven words. Pretty straight forward. ‘Well regulated’ as written in 1787 means ‘well equipped’. The ‘militia’ was and still is identified as every able body adult male. That is the whole people. If someone wishes to argue that women are excluded, go right ahead… The one part that I agree is obsolete is that today women have every right to be considered equal to men under the law, therefore women are the ‘militia’ just as much as men are. If somebody suggests that the ‘militia’ means the National Guard, perhaps they should know that the U.S Had no organized Federal ‘militia’ until THE National Guard was formed in 1905, not 1787….Why do we have this right? Because it is ‘necessary to the security of a free State’. Meaning that we, the people, are the ultimate defenders of our liberty and if we need to defend it, we need the means to do so. That means a rifle first, pistol second, bayonet third. Target shooting is a training exercise. Hunting is a what a gun could be used for, not what our right is. Who’s right? The people. The Bill of Rights are OUR rights. All of the enumerated rights are OUR rights, as individuals, think through your other rights, they are not some collective consciousness, they belong to you, as an individual. We did not need the SCOTUS to confirm that our ‘Rights’ in The Bill of Rights are individual rights, but they have and they specifically ruled that on the 2nd Amendment as well. The Politicians know all this, most went to law school! They are unfortunately usually a collection of lawyers who know how to pass laws to gain power and care not for ‘we the people’ or our liberty.

    For those who disagree; I am ready willing and able to debate and defend truth and liberty, politely, so do bring it on!

    Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator, Sons of Liberty LA
    Chatsworth Lake Manor

  53. Bruce Boyer November 4, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Letter to the Editor LA Times 11-2- 2015

    To share my thoughts in the discussion about ‘gun violence”. A criminal chooses whatever is most expedient to carry out his crime, the fact that it is expedient to use a gun only means that, they will use another weapon if they need to.

    Killers tend to be cowards and that is why they are bullies. Notice they do not challenge anyone to a gun fight, a ‘High Noon’ with the Marshall. The cowards go where there are defenseless people, more so women and children, easier to bully and kill. The gun allows them to bully. They will do this unless they are deterred, or until they are stopped. Stopped will equate to a brave and ‘good” man or woman, with a gun, who shoots the killer/bully/coward. For deterrence; Ask the question. Would the killer have targeted that location if EVERY woman there was carrying a gun? Answer: Likely not. Getting into a gun fight with a dozen armed women would end his rampage right quick, not much for the bully to brag about. Notice how the killers never target the local pistol range, on ‘Ladies Day’. Safest place to be is a place where people carry guns, that’s the facts.

    The statistics are clear beyond challenge. The safest cities in America are also the cities with the highest level of gun ownership corresponds to the least restrictive as to gun laws; the most dangerous cities are those with the lowest level of gun ownership because of the most restrictive gun laws.

    What stops a women from being victim of a violent crime is a woman’s ability to defend herself, that is the deterrent. The recent Oregon shooting ought to make it clear that ‘living in a safe area’, or ‘not walking alone at night’ and other such ‘safety measures’ are all well and good, however a woman can be a victim of violent crime ANYWHERE at ANY TIME.

    If the objective is to make us, women, safer, as opposed to wanting to disarm women for whatever other purpose, then the solution is more guns in the hands of more women. If EVERY woman carried a gun, what idiot would try to inflict violence upon ANY woman? If he tried, there would not be a second attempt on any other woman…. How about we tell the politicians that women have the Right to choose, the Right to choose to exercise their choice to do what she thinks is best to protect herself. Why are we tolerating politicians who treat women as silly little girls who are not capable of making the best choices to defend themselves? The politicians (lets understand the ‘top cops’ are also politicians, or their lackeys) do not trust women to make their own choices. A woman can do any job in America, but she is prohibited from making her best choice to defend herself?

    Chauvinistic B.S! Could it be, that the politicians want women to be victims, so that they can push their political agendas? If you truly care about making women safer from violent crime, then tell the politicians to remove the laws that they have put in place that force women to be defenseless passive victims. If a woman believes that she is in danger and therefore wishes to carry a gun, it is sick and evil for any man/politician/cop to threaten her with jail for choosing to protect herself!

    At 4’11” Veronica, was physically no match for the men that attacked her any more than my friend Alan was in his wheel-chair (please do not suggest that Alan should have ‘run-away’ when attacked). He was robbed, beaten left to crawl for help as they stole his wheelchair. That was before they chose to be armed. They chose to make the decision to carry a gun to make sure they would never again be victims.

    Both of them chose to break the law rather than be victims of violence, they understand they may become victims of Law Enforcement. California will not legally recognize a Right to self-defense, the 2nd Amendment Right. Neither of them have a criminal record (O.K. so Alan had a shoplifting no-contest plea from 1964). The only way a woman may legally carry a gun in California is to get special permission, a CCW permit, from her County Sheriff, at HIS discretion… ( yes, the former O.C. Sheriff essentially sold them to his political donors/friends) unless of course she is a retired cop (they are exempt from such laws). So where did that leave Veronica? L.A. County Sheriff Baca issued less than two hundred CCW permits, to his friends. Veronica was not his friend, so she chose to risk being a victim of Law Enforcement rather than the victim of a violent attack. Anyone want to tell her she should be a victim?

    Perhaps you do not think you are capable of carrying a gun and using it effectively. Ok, let that be YOUR choice. You can bet your life on pepper-spray, do not bet my daughters’. The women that refuse to be victims should be respected that they can make their own choices, not have some man or politician make it for them. Disagree? If you wish to explain to ANY WOMAN that she is incapable of defending herself with a gun, and that she should just be a victim, please allow me to make some introductions, and bring a video camera, guaranteed entertainment!

    There are 300 MILLION guns in the USA, in the hands of us, 100 million citizens, 25 million of which are women. Our Citizens with guns stopped (usually by the mere site of an armed woman) an estimated one million attacks last year, one million non-victims. Let us make sure that every woman who refuses to be a victim has that Right, and ability. Demand the repeal of victim-creation laws. Take it upon yourself to assist a woman who needs the money to buy a gun and the training to use it.
    One woman victim is one too many. I am working to this goal, join me?
    If you disagree, I am ready, willing and able to debate this issue, most politely. I will make it entertaining! Do bring it on!

    Bruce Boyer, Chief Instigator, Sons of Liberty LA
    Chatsworth Lake Manor

  54. Citizen Reporter November 3, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    email sent 11-3-15

    To Oxnard Mayor Pro-Tem Ramirez/Mayor Flynn:

    I’m sure you remember a few weeks ago when a bunch of tenants in what used to be St. John’s Hospital complained bitterly about the conditions. Later that week, Police Chief Williams had a meeting with tenants there and said she didn’t think there were sufficient grounds to do anything.,

    There was a woman sitting next to me who had insect bites all over her. She later said they were bedbug bites. She said the problem has been only partly resolved and that she has roaches there too. She claims to have been harassed by management and staff and now says she’s being evicted. Says she has paid rent and not done anything wrong, but has complained about conditions.

    How can she get some help?

    George Miller

  55. Phil Molina November 3, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Mayor, Council Persons and FRIENDS,

    We are not alone in West Village. It seems the city staff, Mike Henderson, Grace Hoffman, Ed Sotelo, Karen Burnham, etc. made a carrier out of doing nothing good for this city. Too bad that the good employees felt the need to keep quite instead of using the WHISTLEBLOWER protection Ordinance……OH sorry that’s in a different city one that cares. In Oxnard our Council can’t seem to find the courage (guts) needed to establish a WHISTLEBLOWER protection Ordinance; without one nobody wants to do a “MOLINA” as they say….. And Carmen still wonders why we have so many bad managers in Oxnard……Will someone please explain, I’ve run out of words.

    Phillip Molina

  56. Citizen Reporter October 30, 2015 at 1:00 am

    From Oxnard West Village residents
    RE: Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (LMDs) problems and solutions

    Mr. Mayor, Council Persons and City Manager, Nyhoff;
    OK, so now that we have heard from the consultants, NBS, what further is required from the consultants? Where does the city plan to go now or what should the city do now? How much more will it take to get the city to direct all efforts into fixing the problems that current and prior city staff left on your door?
    Let’s first look at what the consultants expect to find after 12 more months of discovering errors. Based on their own initial presentation, the consultants plan on reviewing every engineer’s report to determine whether they are accurate. They plan to look at the boundaries and the calculations about general vs. specific benefits as well as the allocation of estimated costs to each unit within each district. This will certainly cost the city a tremendous amount of time and money.
    The consultants have already stated that many if not all of the districts will likely need to be adjusted to establish proper assessments to cover all costs; or the service levels will need to be decreased to comply with the amount of revenues already being collected.
    Based on the above and to that end, we pose this question:
    Does anyone sitting on the council really believe that given the current political atmosphere anyone in Oxnard will vote in favor of increasing their annual assessment?!? Think about that question for a moment.
    Ok, if you agree with us, it isn’t likely that a ballot count will result in the city getting enough positive votes to support any increases; unless the city plans on setting total residential votes in a district against a single city vote where the city’s total asset values exceed the total value of residential properties within a given district. If so, there is no need to go further except to say such trickery could result in the loss of your seats and staff being terminated.
    So, if no games are planned, the likely result of the voting is that the LMD’s will be terminated when 50% plus one vote of the ballots received at the end of the hearing for each district, votes down the proposed new assessments.
    What then? The city will still have the parks and parkways that are city properties, which are now situated within the districts. The city will still be held responsible for maintaining those district amenities including changes proposed toward drought tolerant vegetation, but without the LMDs revenues the city will have to rely completely on general fund money to cover all LMD costs. This obviously means less general fund money for police, fire, etc.
    So what do we suggest ought to be considered?
    First, the city needs to show the public that they can do the work they are paid to do.
    1. By actually getting the broken water retention basins fences fixed;
    2. By actually trimming all the trees in the LMDs or removing and replacing them where petitions have been collected;
    3. By fixing the broken mail boxes that the U.S. Post Office claims is the city responsibility;
    4. By fixing the sidewalks especially where the public can or have had a “trip and fall”;
    5. Based on the consultant’s numbers if the district is over budget the city needs to either re-bid the contract or turn the services over to staff; or visa versa. By getting management staff to link into the LMDs that are being serviced by contracts versus those serviced by staff, management ought to be able to produce an efficient use of both contracts and city staff to complement service provision. For example, recently city crews from 2 city departments worked together o bring down the fully grown tree in front of a home in my neighborhood; and they had it completely cleaned up within an hour and a half. City staff proved they are good at that function and what they do, so there is no need to contract out for that task.
    If these identified problems can be attacked and significantly corrected (say at least 70%) by year’s end then maybe the public would consider positively a modest assessment increase.
    But right now, those voters in the audience at last Tuesday’s council are very concerned that more of OUR LMD money will instead be used to pay consultants to generate another report or volume of data that will be placed on a shelf and we will still have the same problems next year with even less money in our LMDs available to do the actual work that is needed.
    In the best intentions for Oxnard, we submit these comments and want to work with the city manager, staff and council to develop a better approach that allows us to live within the city’s means.

    From West Village residents including:
    Phillip Molina
    Mike Gleason, and others

  57. Citizen Reporter October 27, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Received from Larry Stein. Oxnard

    The CAFR’s for the past several years reflect numerous water bonds whose proceeds were used to construct the $100,000,000+ facility. The contract I will try to forward to you is the contract between the city and 3 private entities for the use of the GREAT Water. I have not read the contract in several years, but I believe the contract has a clause that the private entities are contracted to receive surplus GREAT Water. In the current form, GREAT Water, by state law, is not potable, If the GREAT Water is stored in injection well, then pumped out after a specific period of time (60 or 90 days), it becomes potable. The city has not built the injection wells, but built the pipeline to the 3 private entities instead, making the GREAT Water surplus water.

    Residential ratepayers have a combined utility bill. Water, Waste Water, and Environment Services (Solid Waste (garbage)) are separate charges on the same bill. Feeder stock from the treated waste water (Waste Water Enterprise Fund) is used by the water department (Water Enterprise Fund) to generate GREAT Water. The Water Enterprise Fund is not paying the Waste Water Enterprise for the feeder stock. Currently, the Waste Water Enterprise fund has an operating at a deficit. The operational deficit will grow as more GREAT Water is produced.

    The city has 40+ separate landscape assessment districts. Homeowners living in the assessment districts (1/3 to 1/2 of the population) pay the assessment via their property tax bill. I do not live in a landscape assessment district. Homeowners that I know, who live in these assessment districts, claim that they are not receiving services such as annual tree trimming, are not receiving the services. Tonight’s City Council Meeting, which can be viewed on line (Ci.Oxnard.CA.US see City Clerk Page, click on city council meeting) will have a discussion on this item.

    Regarding the protest process, over 21,000 letters of protest will be needed. Some rate increases are needed to build up cash reserves in order to achieve better bond ratings, but it is only an opinion as to how much rates need to go up. I do not think the protest process will be effective in the short time frame.

    Please note the attached, my perspective of the GREAT Water program.

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    Larry Stein Have a Great Day and a wonderful week.

  58. Larry Stein October 1, 2015 at 10:46 am

    OXNARD City Council needs to have an open debate, not limiting the amount of time a speaker can speak, regarding utility rate increases. Rates will have to go up for waste water. The longer the city tales, the lower the bond rates will be. The rating agencies do not look kindly on cities who continue to kick the can down the road. City council member knew last year, prior to the election season that the Waste Water Rates needed to go up. The sooner the Waste Water Rate goes up, the sooner cash will flow into the fund to cover operational losses. Note the attached. page 3 item 611 Waste Water Treatment Operations had a negative cash balance of $2,544,152. as of June 30th 2015. If city council was not made aware of this, one has to wonder what else does the city council not know.

    See balances

    Note all the other funds that have negative balances. I had thought that the transfer of Measure O loan was to have covered these deficits. You should note that this reported was generated 09/17/2015 more than 60 days after the transfer was approved by city council.

  59. Larry Stein October 1, 2015 at 10:41 am

    Oxnard Balance Sheet Disputed

    Please note the attached, Balance Sheet All Funds period 13. I have not gone through this yet. I did notice that the cash balances in many funds did not match the Cash Balance by Fund as of 06/30/2015. At this point in time the cash balances in both reports should have been the same. Draw your own conclusions.

    Larry Stein

  60. Phil Molina September 25, 2015 at 10:38 pm


    ​Friends, Mayor and Council

    I just listened to the Sept 16th budget hearing. I’m going to concentrate on one item: the landscape lighting assessment districts.

    At the meeting the city assistant manager stated the staff is trying to figure out what to do first:
    * either give back money to those districts with positive balances,
    * or to increase the assessments on those districts with negative cash balances.


    But instead the Mayor, Council and staff want to push to blame onto us the taxpayers and do so by the old adage of divide and concur.

    You see the staff’s position is; if the staff can get the haves to fight the have-nots than the staff doesn’t have to worry about finding the culprits who orchestrated this fiscal fiasco, and who might just include some of the current elected officials, and to also protect the few remaining miscreants from trial.

    1. We know from our review of the detailed invoices and from Mr. Henderson’s own admission to us that he directed his staff to make multiple copies of the invoice submitted to him by contractors so that he would have 2,3, or 4 monthly invoices that were exactly the same. Then he would just “sign all of them so long as the total amounts did not exceed the annual contract amount”.
    2. Obviously by the process used in #1 above, we the taxpayers did not get the actual work performed for the amount of the invoices paid since the invoices did not contain details of hours worked, location where work was done, number of contract employees performing the job, nor even the type of work done.
    3. We must assume staff followed Mike’s lackadaisical approach when deciding which district to charge for the invoices paid. This is clear, again since the individual invoices do not show location of the work, time of work, type of work, etc. so no one at the city of our own neighbors would be able to authenticate the invoices that were paid.
    4. This means there is no proof that the district charged were getting the work or that those district that were not charged didn’t get more work done.
    5. Don’t let the city forget that at least one assessment district was established in specific violation of the California Constitution.

    SO, FIRST WE NEED TO CITY TO ADMIT TO THE POOR MANAGEMENT AND TOTAL LACK OF OVERSIGHT BY MIKE AND HIS STAFF and the fact that this lack of oversight means the numbers posted into a specific landscape lighting assessment district is subject to question.


    Phillip Molina

  61. Larry Stein September 11, 2015 at 11:17 am

    I asked to see comparison of (ed. note: Oxnard) general fund revenue, water revenue, waste water revenue, and debt service for those revenue components compared against a list of California communities of comparable size to Oxnard. See attachment. That comparison was not provided.

    I asked to see what it would cost to produce 7,000, 14,000, 21,000, and 28,000 acre feet of GREAT Water. That information was not provided.

    I asked to see what it would costs to store 7,000, 14,000, 21,000 and 28,000 acre feet of GREAT Water. That information was not provided.

    I asked to see the Financial Statements for all funds for the period ending June 30th 2015. That information was not provided.

    Percentage of rate increases were provided, but dollar amounts were not provided.

    The options provided seem very limited. for example the cost of building a pipeline to farmers versus building injection wells for water storage for residential users was not provided.

    I am left with the impression that a large amount of information is being withheld from discussion.

    I would like to know how other URAP panelist are thinking, but time isn’t provided for more open discussions.

    I was told at the last URAP meeting that there is only enough feeder stock to generate 18,000+ acre feet of GREAT Water. I have estimated that production of 18,000 acre feet of GREAT Water is the production level that makes GREAT Water market competitive, it would be less expensive to produce GREAT Water rather than buying imported water. Those cost go down even more once debt service is paid off. The cost of imported water is expected to increase significantly in the next 3 to 5 years.

    A important issue was discussed at the last meeting, if nothing is done, bond convents would be violated. That issue was glossed over. It was mentioned that large percentage of the increase in revenues for water and waste water funds are earmarked solely for cash reserves to meet bond convents. The city has a long track record of spending cash from funds that are used by other funds. There is nothing to indicate that the practice has stopped. There are no controls in place to prevent that from happening again.

    There are no controls in place to prevent lavish facilities from being built instead of just functional facilities.

    There was very little discussion on the dollar amount needed for continued capital improvement or the annual capital improvement budget.
    Past practice of city council was not to approve the requested amount for capital improvement for street repairs. Staff would indicate that $7,00,000 would be needed for annual street repairs, but council would only authorize $3,000,000 In the past 5 years city council has had to borrow over $50,000,000 for street repairs; that funding is still insufficient. I am concerned that without all the information being disclosed, this committee and the city council cannot make the best decision. I have the impression that the outcome has been predetermined by staff. This is a common practice from staff, Fire Station at College Park is a recent example of that practice. Fire station 8 was to have cost $4,000,000. After staff provided selected information to city council (the $4,000,000 was never presented), council approved a $12,000,000 station.

    Respectful; submitted

    Larry Stein Have a Great Day and a wonderful week.

  62. Larry Stein September 9, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    RE: Oxnard PEG Funds and Senior Assistance for Utility Bills

    The city is sitting on over $1,000,000 in PEG funds and there appears little interest from city management in releasing these funds.

    A policy for assisting senior with their city utility bills was to have gone before city council. Staff was directed by the current city manager to release this policy several months ago. Why doesn’t staff follow the direction given by the city manager and release the policy?

    Larry Stein

  63. Bill Stewart September 8, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    Dear Mayor and City Council, CITY OF SAN JOSE, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and District 10 Staffer, that responded on behalf of my District Councilperson Khamis, who is presumably too busy to respond personally to an elector from his own district:

    This email is in reply to an answer that I received from a CITY OF SAN JOSE District 10 Staff employee to an email of complaint that I wrote to the Mayor and the City Council about a crack pot scheme to spy on every city traveler in the CITY OF SAN JOSE, thru the purchase and use of car license plate readers on city trash trucks for gathering of data to feed into a database that tracks the time, date, location, registered owner, and vehicle with VIN, for all vehicles in the city that come into proximity of any city or city contractor owned trash truck. This ridiculous government spy on citizens project was announced in the national media as a new program in California.

    Like the NSA, the CITY OF SAN JOSE, seems helpless to refuse the purchase of technology equipment used to spy on Americans, when lobbied to do so. There apparently is no thought to civil liberties, nor freedom, by the elected members of the SAN JOSE CITY COUNCIL or its Mayor. These elected officials are like alcoholics who are offered a drink and helpless to refuse, when they are confronted with the purchase of technology gadgets from firms, who in all likelihood do also sell technology to the NSA for spying. The license plate reader programs research and development and initial deployment seems to have been to track terrorists in Iraq and Iran. Just like the NSA wiretapping equipment that was supposed to have been limited to overseas spying and never for domestic spying, this author believes foreign surveillance thru pattern recognition technology applied to license plates was the original intent of license plate readers. Defense companies with saturated Department of Defense market, needed a new market to sell their wares. Some evil genius thought up the scheme to use that military technology over here, in the States, against our own citizens. Sort of like a war on Americans by its own government. How crazy is that?

    Recently Councilperson Khamis attempted to tell me that my service dog couldn’t be at a public park when he was throwing a party for the District 10 residents, of which I am one. Khamis was singing on stage, apparently thinking that he was a rock star, a legend in his own mind. I explained to our know-it-all Councilperson Khamis that he was violating the federal Americans with Disabilities Act statute regarding my service dog. My service dog, Jezabelle, has been recognized by the US Veterans Administration, the COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA, and the SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CLARA COUNTY, as a service dog. Khamis backed off when he was told that he was violating a federal law, which was actionable, and he then desisted from harassing me at the public event in Almaden Lake Park, and went back to his foolery of pretending that he was a rock star at the 4th of July Party. Even the County Sheriff’s Deputies had confirmed at my entry into the park that my service dog was authorized by law to go into the Almaden Lake Park and the District 10 Event that they were guarding, and radioed that information to all the Sheriff’s Deputies, prior to Khamis trying to be a cop at the event. Now that I recall these facts, I begin to realize that Councilman Khamis needs to control, and he secretly wants to be a cop, instead of a SAN JOSE CITY COUNCILPERSON. Wow, it is all so much clearer now regarding the trash truck license plate reader database debacle that Khamis is promoting to indiscriminantly track the movements and record them in a database, of every human being in the CITY OF SAN JOSE by the use of city trash truck license plate readers.

    I will respond to the replies of Councilperson Khamis’s staffer to my email of concern to the Mayor and City Council as embedded comments in square brackets below.

    1. This idea [to mount license plate readers, data storage devices, artificial intelligence pattern recognition hardware and software to read license plates, and data transmission hardware and software on CITY OF SAN JOSE or city private contractor trash trucks] came from [an unnamed, unverified, unvetted, with undisclosed financial biases thru the 3rd degree of civil familial relationship, “anonymous” person, whose recommendation is published in the newspaper as an already decided action of the CITY OF SAN JOSE, and purported to be] a member of the SJPD [and as is well known law enforcement officers use false names during the normal course of business, to prevent knowledge of their true identity] and was one that Councilmember Khamis deemed worthy of further exploration [why, no explanation was given for the wasteful use of taxpayer money to spy on the cities citizens by its ‘elected public servants’, without public approval, or consent. Is Khamis bought by the policemen’s union in order to win election? Does Khamis or his wife have any relative within the 3rd civil degree, (including great grand parents, grand parents, parents, grandchildren, children, great grand children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, great aunts, great uncles, grandnephews, grandnieces, second cousins) a member of either the SJPD or an owner of any stock in, or an employee, officer in, contractor to, the businesses involved in the sale, installation, maintenance, of the license plate reader system, including computers, database software, and operating systems?], thus he, along with Mayor Liccardo [why, no explanation was given for the wasteful use of taxpayer money to spy on the cities citizens by its elected public servants, without public approval, or consent. Is the mayor bought by the policemen’s union in order to win election? Does Liccardo or his wife have any relative within the 3rd civil degree, (including great grand parents, grand parents, parents, grandchildren, children, great grand children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, great aunts, great uncles, grandnephews, grandnieces, second cousins) a member of either the SJPD or an owner of any stock in, or an employee, officer in, contractor to, the businesses involved in the sale, installation, maintenance, of the license plate reader system, including computers, database software, operating systems?] and Councilmember Peralez brought it forward for further exploration [why, no explanation was given for the wasteful use of taxpayer money to spy on the cities citizens by its ‘elected public servants’, without public approval, or consent. Is the mayor bought by the policemen’s union in order to win election? Does Peralez or his wife have any relative within the 3rd civil degree, (including great grand parents, grand parents, parents, grandchildren, children, great grand children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, great aunts, great uncles, grandnephews, grandnieces, second cousins) a member of either the SJPD or an owner of any stock in, or an employee, officer in, contractor to, the businesses involved in the sale, installation, maintenance, of the license plate reader system, including computers, database software, operating systems?]. The idea is simply being explored… [then why is the “idea” being reported in various regional and national newspapers and World Wide Web news reporting websites, and various Internet blogs, and Internet newsletters and email lists, as a done deal that the CITY OF SAN JOSE is installing license plate readers on their trash trucks? Someone made those press releases. Perhaps the same anonymous ‘cop’ that suggested the idea for the licenseplate readers. Has anyone investigated the financial interests of the anonymous cop and his or her spouse, and their relatives thru the 3rd civil familial degree?], there would be several other public opportunities for input were the idea to be pursued beyond the initial fact-finding stage [again, this does not correspond to what has been reported widely in the news media regarding this massive program to spy on the public, paid for with public tax payers money (whether coming from a grant or billed to each public member’s cesti que trust bonds, or other tax revenues), without the public city citizenry’s knowledge nor their consent. Even the idea that any publicly elected member of the City Council would consider the license plate reader mounting on city trash trucks shocks the conscience.]

    2. Any councilmember who has a financial interest in a matter before the City Council must recuse himself or herself from the vote. [Yes, it is true… the law requires any city councilperson to disqualify himself or herself if the Councilperson or their spouse, or any relative thru the 3rd civil degree of familial relationship has a financial interest in the massive spying project, which includes: the Councilperson, the Councilperson’s spouse, and the relatives on each side, to include: great grand parents, grand parents, parents, grandchildren, children, great grand children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, great aunts, great uncles, grandnephews, grandnieces, second cousins) such as a member of either the SJPD or an owner of any stock in, or an employee, officer in, contractor to, the businesses involved in the sale, installation, maintenance, of the license plate reader system, including computers, database software, operating systems. The simple fact is these types of bias and bribery and graft are going on all the time. We currently have a case involving WACHOVIA MORTGAGE, FSB (dissolved do to money laundering to the Mexican Drug Cartel Casa de Cambios) wherein a SUPERIOR COURT Judge failed to disclose his ownership and his wife’s ownership of $100,000.00 in stock in the parent bank for approximately six months and who issued at least to orders in the case, prior to our research of his finances, resulting in his recusal in response to an Affidavit of Objection to Judge for Disqualification for Cause. We have a second case currently going involving a charged off credit card account of a decedent, in which the son was sued for the debt in error. On judge in the case ruled in both the trial court case and in the Appellate Division appeal, and then lied, documented and denied that she did that, in falsehood. Another judge in the case, has been ruling in the case for the last 18 months, and refuses to disqualify, despite owning $100,000 in stock on the parent bank (USBANCORP) of the bank that issued the credit card, and when two board members of USBANCORP are cross defendants in the case. The two USBANCORP board members falsely claimed that they do not do any business in the COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA, when there are dozens of its wholly owned subsidiaries located within the county. Of course, the SUPERIOR COURT Judge Elfving, and his wife, who own $100,000.00 in stock in USBANCORP sees no conflict of interest. Your theory that public servants are honest, and act uprightly is no based in fact.]

    3. Councilmember Khamis has no financial interests related to this matter. [that is an unverified statement, and it does not include a statement regarding all of his and his wife’s relatives thru the 3rd civil familial degree of relationship, as required by the law for disqualification.]

    4. The courts have been very clear that there is no expectation of privacy as to one’s license plate information, since license plates are to be visible and are in the public domain when on public streets. [the ‘plain view doctrine’, is different from a massive spying program on the public that you are proposing, at taxpayer expense, even if the taxes are provided thru the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE grant, or a STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE grant. The money spent for such a program ultimately comes from the public, and I do not believe that the public wishes to have their own money spent against them to track their every move, and put it into a massive database, traded between a minimum of 13 local, 15 national, and various foreign and international police and intelligence agencies. Most people have objected to the illegal wiretapping done by the NSA, even continued today despite a previous court ruling clearly stating that it was and is illegal. That telephone data was freely given to the Israeli government on all Americans, without Americans knowledge nor their consent. There will be no control over the data that you are proposing to collect on CITY OF SAN JOSE private-citizens and travelers, no matter what you say to sell this program to the voters. Once the data is collected, it will be used for multiple currently uncontemplated purposes, and given to various unknown domestic and foreign entities, just as the NSA is selling our emails and wire tapped conversations to Israel and then Israel is selling them to any other country – thus promoting identity theft of any credit card info, social security info and/or any other private citizens information.]

    5. Councilmember Khamis plans to propose that information on scanned plates that do not match with wanted or stolen vehicles is not retained in the database – only data on positive hits would be retained. [This is an absurd contention. As stated above, there can be no control over the data once the data is collected. The money spent for such a program ultimately comes from the public, and I do not believe that the public wishes to have their own money spent against them to track their every move, and put it into a massive database, traded between a minimum of 13 local law enforcement agencies, 15 national law enforcement agencies, and various foreign country police and intelligence services, and international police and intelligence agencies. Most people have objected to the illegal wiretapping done by the NSA, even continued today despite a previous court ruling clearly stating that it was and is illegal. That telephone data was freely given to the Israeli government on all Americans, without Americans knowledge nor their consent. Once the Israelis got the American telephone data from the illegal NSA wiretapping, the telephone recordings and call tracking information and email information, could go anywhere, unrestricted, like the classified information sent without encryption on Hillary Clinton’s private email server in emails over the Internet, that were freely intercepted by Russian and Chinese intelligence services, and multiple international hackers. As a former victim of identity theft, I do not support government programs that enhance identity theft or stalking, such as this license plate tracking database program advances. The Veteran’s Administration thought that they were doing a good thing, when their contractor took 3 laptops home, left them in the car, and 70,000 veteran’s personally identifiable was stolen. I personally know the horror of being a victim of identity theft from data in the possession of the government. There will be no control over the data that you are proposing to collect regarding travel habits by date and time and location into a massive database of everyone in the CITY OF SAN JOSE citizens and travellers, no matter what you say to sell this program to the voters. Once the data is collected, it will be used for multiple currently uncontemplated purposes, and given to various unknown domestic and foreign entities.]
    [Here is an example of a California Department of Justice car database:
    The stolen car database for the STATE OF CALIFORNIA is supposed to be used to track stolen cars. If you have a car that is taken under color of law by a tow company, such as one of the 10 licensed by the CITY OF SAN JOSE, the car can be taken without a judge signed 4th Amendment warrant, according to at least one of the tow companies. The tow company then phones in to the San Jose Police Department that they have towed the car. The San Jose Police Department logs the car in as merely stored and not stolen. The San Jose Police Department then notifies the California Department of Justice to enter the car into the stolen car database as merely stored and not stolen. This fraudulent database entry then immunizes the CITY OF SAN JOSE who licensed the tow company, the tow company, and the tow truck driver who took the car either with or without direction from a San Jose Police Officer. When the car owner calls to report the car stolen, which is was, if there was no exigent circumstance, and if there was no judge signed 4th Amendment warrant for search and seizure, the owner is told that the car is merely stored and not stolen. Stored by what authority? The owner did not authorize the taking of his car. The 5th Amendment of the federal Constitution says that the government must compensate anyone whose property is taken by the government. The government includes its employees, officers, contractors, aiders, abettors, and others acting in racketeering with the government to take your goods or property. The tow companies and the CITY OF SAN JOSE have turned this around, and instead of paying you if they or their agents took your car, they tell you that you must pay both the city and the tow company. The CITY OF SAN JOSE has created a racketeering based organization in stolen cars. When they and Kamala Harris, California State Attorney General (who wants to become the next US Senator from California) were sued for this in the last year, Kamala Harris embezzled the resources of her office, and violated her oath of office to uphold the California Constitution, in order to overturn a judgement against her in her private capacity for $5Million. Kamala Harris did this thru the use of state resources in kind for her private law suit, in violation of Article 16 Section 6 of the California Constitution: no public money shall be used for private purposes. Kamala Harris conspired with two of her subordinates in the California Department of Justice to private legal representation to for the private capacity lawsuit of Kamala Harris, and the head of the California Highway Patrol, and the retired head of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and a California Department of Justice Database Administrator who managed the fraudulent coding of cars stolen under color of law, without a judge signed 4th Amendment Warrant for search and seizure, to represent that they were merely being stored, and not stolen by either law enforcement officers or rogue tow truck drivers operating on commission for how many cars they seized.]
    [Every proponent of the trash truck license plate reader program should be impeached or recalled or voted out of office. The proponents of the trash truck license plate reader program oppose freedom and oppose liberty, and seek to make all others into slaves.]

    HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart
    [email protected]

    On Tuesday, September 8, 2015 4:54 PM, District 10 wrote:

    Thank you for writing to Councilmember Khamis. A few points:

    1. This idea came from a member of the SJPD and was one that Councilmember Khamis deemed worthy of further exploration, thus he, along with Mayor Liccardo and Councilmember Peralez brought it forward for further exploration. The idea is simply being explored, there would be several other public opportunities for input were the idea to be pursued beyond the initial fact-finding stage.

    2. Any councilmember who has a financial interest in a matter before the City Council must recuse himself or herself from the vote.

    3. Councilmember Khamis has no financial interests related to this matter.

    4. The courts have been very clear that there is no expectation of privacy as to one’s license plate information, since license plates are to be visible and are in the public domain when on public streets.

    5. Councilmember Khamis plans to propose that information on scanned plates that do not match with wanted or stolen vehicles is not retained in the database – only data on positive hits would be retained.

    Very Truly Yours,
    Shane Patrick
    Shane Patrick Connolly
    Chief of Staff
    Office of Councilmember Johnny Khamis
    City of San Jose
    408-535-4910 | [email protected]
    Visit us on the web at
    From: “HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart” [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Saturday, September 05, 2015 12:13 AM
    To: District 10 ; District9 ; District8 ; District7 ; [email protected]; District5 ; District4 ; District3 ; District2 ; District1 ; The Office of Mayor Sam Liccardo
    Cc: Syl Jones ; Dante De Torres ; Oliver Luna ; South Bay Advocacy
    Subject: license plate readers on city trash trucks

    Dear CITY OF SAN JOSE Mayor and City Councilmembers,
    Installing automobile license plate readers on City of San Jose (or contractor) trash trucks is a complete waste of money, and invasion of privacy, and utter and complete non-sense. That our elected representatives would even consider such an invasive waste of tax payers money and resources is very disturbing. Which members of the city council have relatives in the license plate reader and computer database hardware and software firms that would get this contract? Which city council members or their relatives within the 3rd civil degree of familial relationship own stock (legal standard of financial interest requiring disqualification) in the firms that would get the contract to supply the automobile license plate readers, hardware, and software, and installation companies, that would be used to tract and collect data on city resident’s automobile whereabouts on specific dates and times? Which city council members have a financial interest in this proposal, within the 3rd civil degree of familial relationship? (that is the legal standard for disqualification) Which city council members or their relatives, have received bribes to influence the passage of such a proposal? Which city council members are so in the pocket of law enforcement and law enforcement unions, that they will support such a proposal that invades the privacy of their citizenry, and wastes tax payers money, even if the money comes from a grant – it is still tax payers money. The proponents of the trash truck mounted automobile license plate readers need to be exposed for the civil rights violators and fraud, waste and abuse promoters that they are. I understand that Johnny Khamis is behind this proposal. Why? What is his financial interest in this proposal to spy on his electors? Why didn’t Khamis just join some law enforcement organization if he is so into fighting crime, the purported reason to spy on all of his electors, and violate their right to privacy? This idea to spy on every person in San Jose by using license plate readers on city trash trucks is disgusting, and sneaky.

    Perhaps some of the tech gurus in the Silicon Valley should start documenting where the City Councilpersons and their family members are at all times. Maybe by having drones filming and recording the locations of all CITY OF SAN JOSE City Councilpersons and their families, and posting the data on the Internet for all to see, and then we can see how long it takes for the City Councilmembers who like to spy on their electors, to complain about their right to privacy. Remember, it is not illegal to photograph or film anyone, particularly a public figure, and especially public figures suspected of taking payoffs, bribes, or graft. What goes around could very easily come around, in a technology world. Dishonest politicians get exposed every day.

    Bill Stewart
    PO Box 694, San Jose, CA 95106
    [email protected]

  64. Richard Main September 8, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Failing infrastructure due to age (many sewer and water lines are now 100 years old) and deferred maintenance is endemic all over the United States (forget about the rest of the world and third world countries). Bridges, tunnels, roads, sidewalks, all at risk. The political class has chosen to ignore the above in favor of building new “monuments” and edifices, raising their own salaries and perks, guaranteeing pension rights, not tied to real pension funding or the income derived, the list is endless. This is going to become more and more of a problem year on year, and as this compounds, it will soon be too late to even rationally contemplate the problem(s). We are seeing the demise of our country, and civilization, as we have come to know it. Some time around 1955 is when a real national plan should have been fashioned to replace infrastructure but we were all too busy living the American Dream driving Cadillacs with fish fins as high as the car’s roofs. I remember it all so well. We had one. I had misgivings though, as an uncle of mine was a civil engineer building water works in upstate New York, and he was one of the first city managers in the country. He was always concerned with rust, corrosion and long term maintenance issues. It’s never left my mind.

  65. Martin D,. Jones September 8, 2015 at 11:02 am

    RE: Oxnard Financial Data

    It is remarkable but the truth of the city’s situation, or approximate situation, has been known to the “amateurs” for years. It was 1999 when I first spoke of the golf course being subsidized. It was denied and I was supposedly nuts. Even before then my local cable TV show was speaking to the problems. The firing of Ben Wong was openly discussed. Frank Schillo, ex mayor of T.O. and supervisor, and John Flynn were guests and spoke of problems in Oxnard when I asked. But that was not the beginning, Roy Lockwood was there before anyone else. Over 20 years ago, Roy had said to me, ask for a forensic audit. I did several times over the years.

    Allow me to point out auditors do not like to find fraud for then they are supposed to do something about it.

    The public has a naïve belief that audits prove financial stability when in fact the audits of Oxnard have been based on the numbers provided by city staff. That is inadequate.

    Now there is something named URAP and staff at URAP meetings have no numbers but utility rates are supposedly going to be determined to some extent by the URAP committee.
    The British might refer to this as a “cockup”.

    When I first spoke of publishing the warrant register some years ago, I was told that was impossible. I had to wonder why so? The warrant register of Thousand Oaks was on a pedestal in their city hall. The warrant register of Port Hueneme sat on a pedestal to the left of the entrance at council chambers. But it was said impossible for Oxnard.

    Is change, real change happening?

    Martin D. Jones, Oxnard

  66. Ed McGarvey July 22, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    The year was 1980 and along came a non Big government presidential candidate. The nation saw a well known movie star with ideas not associated with everyday Washington DC Politics. Ronald Reagan grew popular with the everyday working class and them good ol boy politicians in DC and the media did not take him serious.

    Today July 2015 another well known movie star and businessman Donald Trump is unsetting the applecart of the everyday Political scene. Once again the politicians are calling names as they try to belittle him. Each and every hit against Donald trump brings his topics to the forefront.

    Donald Trump is saying what other politicians won’t; cant because they are scared of loosing ratings. Trump is not afraid to tell the people Washington Politics are the reason the Country is going down the wrong path.

    Donald Trump said I will build that border fence, no I will build a great wall. I will enforce existing immigration laws and I will take it to other Countries who wants are not good for America. I will bring back the jobs. I know how to create jobs.

    What this once again shows is the people are tired of the everyday politicians, the liars who only say things to get elected then go off on some tyrant totally against the reason we sent them there. We the people do have a voice and it is being heard through a non politician who is known for getting things done.

    Donald trump is attacking every politician that attacks him first. He is saying exactly what the everyday people are thinking and he is a voice that the people have lost. Illegal immigration, Jobs, the economy the degradation of our military before the eyes of the public are top issues and Donald Trump is now the voice. Yes the voice that resonates throughout the public across political lines.

    I may be wrong in comparing Donald Trump to the Great Ronald Reagan, but I see the comparison as both political parties as well as the media take jabs at Trump as they did at Reagan. Ronald Reagan would look at the Camera’s and say, here we go again meaning the attacks against him and he took it to the people. The phones were lit up back then and Ma Bell was unable to handle the calls.

    Donald trump now the Voice of the people and with every attack it is now being seen as a attack against each and everyone who love seeing someone take the issues on and the people believe he will straighten DC out. Attack Donald trump and you are attacking the people themselves.

  67. Larry Stein July 20, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    I had a conversation with an employee from Baker Corporation week. Baker Corporation is a nation wide distributor of portable storage tanks., more on the conversation later. I was informed that the project at Harbor and 5th Street (Northshore, remember the Milk Velch Plant) will be starting soon if it hasn’t started already. Since the water table is so high, a few feet from the surface, water will be pumped out during construction, filtered, then planned to be dumped into the canal. The Baker Corporation has been contracted to filter the water via storage tanks. The city could have the water for free. 4,000 gallons, 6,000 gallons or and larger storage tanks could be rented (or purchased) from Baker Corporation for future dewatering projects. It is estimated that over 1,000,000 gallons of water will be pumped out during this dewatering project. That is over 1,300 HCF of water, water that will be dumped into the ocean, water that can be stored and used to water our parks.

    During the June 23rd 2015 Oxnard City Council meeting, an information an consent item of $550,000 was approved to put in artificial turf for 1.5 acres to save water. I asked that a study be done before the project gets approved to looking into the possibility of using water that is close to the surface for watering the park in lieu of spending $550,000 for artificial turf. I later called Baker Corporation and was told that a 4,000 gallon storage portable storage container, 8 feet in diameter and 10 feet tall, would cost around $5,000. A 4,000 gallon storage container holds over 5 HCFs of liquid. A 25 foot shallow well is estimated to cost less than $10,000. It seems to me. that for less than $25,000, a watering system could be installed to provide sufficient water for East Village Park Bermuda Grass (Crabgrass) is drought tolerant and suitable for parks. I believe that this grass is used for soccer fields. Staff was directed by city council to do a feasibility study at that meeting. Where is the report for that study? Is it too late to save $550,000?

    What is the city’s policy for commercial dewatering? What is the city’s policy for residential dewatering? If a commercial entity can draw out 1,300 HCFs of water why can’t a residential entity draw out 3 HCFs of water? The $1,000 public hearing fee should be waived for residential property owners who want to dewater at their private residence.

    Larry Stein

  68. Steve Nash July 16, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Ed. note: This is regarding the proposed “Puente Project” by NRG to replace the Mandalay power plant in Oxnard …

    Some points concerning project price, need and reliability for the CPUC Administrative Law Judge to consider when making her recommendation to the full Public Utilities Commission:

    • Price: I have not seen any pro forma analysis between the competing proposals or alternative sources of power generation to meet the local capacity needs.

    • Price: the existing infrastructure at the Mandalay site is aging. What is the replacement cycle and costs for the high-pressure gas supply line, transmission lines, switchgear and other in-place infrastructure?

    • Price: the Puente Power Project will supply less than 1% of Cal-ISO’s peak demand needs so what is the per KWh rate increase if this project were not approved? Return on investment for NRG’s owners should not determine the worthiness of this project.

    • Need: would a similar financial investment in alternative, clean energy provide the same 262 MW?

    • N eed: it has not been demonstrated to the residents of Oxnard that we are specifically the ones who require this local capacity so why should we bear the burden of another coastal energy facility?

    • Need: shouldn’t this peaker facility be built where the demand is actually the greatest?

    • Reliability: coastal energy facilities are subject to an array of disruptive environmental events from predicted sea level rise, tsunamis, storm wave run-up, beach sand depletion and flooding from the adjacent Santa Clara River.

    Additional concerns include:

    > Edison and the PUC have perfectly good inland (non coastal) site proposals to choose from.

    > The City of Oxnard opposes the NRG proposal and is taking the necessary LORS steps to satisfy the CEC requirements of compliance.

    >The CEC cannot make the required findings that public convenience and necessity require the project or that there are no more prudent and feasible means to achieve these.

    > When is it acceptable to locate a power plant in the middle of a State Park?

    > The Coastal Commission will oppose the NRG project because of its location in an environmentally sensitive area and because of location in high impact areas under sea level rise.

    > The cost of decommissioning and removal of the old power plants is minor and easily affordable for NRG and is required site cleanup by Edison.

    > When NRG sells their properties to the Coastal Conservancy and State Parks they will receive a higher sale value for property free of contamination.

    What the CPUC, CEC and Coastal Commission need to realize is that Oxnard is unwilling to accept the visual blight, loss of irreplaceable coastal assets, air pollution, significant biological impacts, the loss-risk of valuable infrastructure that is at the mercy of sea level rise, tsunami and flooding and an on-going commitment to provide water we don’t have.

    The sentiment of some who believe we are missing an opportunity by not entering into discussions with NRG are missing the point. At the time NRG first started this process is when they should have reached out to both city elected leaders and the wider community and asked if anyone had a problem with this plan. NRG didn’t do this. They attempted an end run through a Local Coastal Plan loophole, hoping an apathetic populace, a city council perceived as hapless and a compliant regulatory framework would guarantee project approval.

    Corporate coercion and intimidation does not play so well in Oxnard, anymore. Withdraw the Puente Power Project, NRG, and then we can begin a real dialogue about what to do with the existing OTC power generating stations.

    Steve Nash

  69. Citizen Reporter July 12, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    Received from Larry Stein, Oxnard

    Please note the link to the city’s web site

    The city council approved a program to assist homeowners with the increasing Oxnard Utility Bills (Water, Waste Water and Solid Waste). I was informed two years ago, thousands of dollars have been raised, but no funds have been disbursed. At the time (over 2 years ago) I was informed that city staff had not completed the policy and procedure for the disbursements.

    I wish to review the policy and procedure foe requesting assistance with the payment of Oxnard utility bills.

    If the city does not have a policy and procedure in place after over three years in collecting the funds, one could draw the conclusion that the city has not intent to disburse the funds. I believe it would be a felony to collect such funds under false pretense.

    Larry Stein

  70. Larry Stein July 8, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Received from Larry Stein

    Subject: Human Resource and Job Postings

    During the City Council Meeting of July 7, 2015 Item L2 MOU for the ACER Grant, the presenter indicated that the positions were being filled via the Human Resource Department. I went online and saw there were no positions posted. I called the Human Resource Department the next day and was informed that there were no open positions I thought that the “Friends and Family” hiring process had ceased. This does not appear to be the case. Misinformation is being presented at public meetings. I feel that misinformation at public meeting is unethical. When will ethics be restored at city hall? When will staff members be held accountable to what they say in public?

    The city has no CFO and there is no postings for a CFO.
    During the budget process several uniformed public safety positions wre listed as being open. These positions are not being filled. Employees are needed at waste water and water facilities, these positions are not being filled. The LBE issue does not appear to being resolved. The Policy and Procedures Manuel, which has not been formally updated since the 1980’s still has not been presented to the public after spending over $500,000 in consulting fees for Human Resource issues.

    Larry Stein

    Oxnard, CA

  71. Citizen Reporter June 25, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Received from Phil Molina:

    Mr. Mayor:

    This is my response to your question.
    Transparency would dictate:
    1. telling the public what areas in Oxnard have assessment districts and what areas do not;
    2. explaining why some areas that pay more taxes like mine get poor city services while other areas like Carmen’s that don’t pay the extra tax but get better city services;
    3. providing guarantees to the Oxnard taxpayers that staff will provide equal quality of service citywide and back that promise up with refunds of taxes/assessments when the service quality is lacking;
    4. setting up short timelines to have staff make every section of Oxnard as nice as Carmen’s area including La Colonia;
    5. Looking at setting up a citywide Landscape Lighting District with one fee for residential and one fee for commercial properties to beautify the city; no exclusions.

    This is just off the top but would allow the city to join together instead of divide the city.

    This requires real leadership and real experienced management not just talk.

    Phillip Molina

    On Jun 25, 2015 9:21 AM, “TImothy Flynn” wrote:
    Good morning Phil!

    Community Facilities Districts and Landscape Maintenance Districts were largely formed as a consequence of Proposition 13. The fact that they exist in some neighborhoods and not in others could be considered unfair and overly burdensome. An even higher level of taxation exists in the Riverpark and Seabridge neighborhoods with Mello Roos.

    What do you think should be an alternative?



    On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 11:25 PM, Phillip Molina wrote:
    Mayor Pro Tem, Ramirez:

    Thank you for your polite response.

    After reading your email, I jumped into my Google Map car and went up and down your street on Ivywood to the near corner of F Street and Ivywood. Do you know what I found? I found a very nicely kept City of Oxnard neighborhood park…It is called a parkway in our neighborhood, though ours are “water basins” that arent’ so nicely kept. ​Your trees looked well trimmed; the sidewalks aren’t broken; the street isn’t breaking open from the tree roots, and you don’t have any busted fences that are placed around your “water basin” aka open public park areas for walking dogs (check out the google map of your home 2015 and take a ride to the corner of Ivywood and F street you too can find the park)

    So it seems somewhat disingenuous on your part to say that because you don’t have a parkway you shouldn’t have to pay for a landscape lighting assessment district. The City could remove the tiny “parkways” from in front of our homes, remove or replace the bad trees with “deep root trees” and move the sidewalks closer to the street thus eliminating the “cost of future tree trimming” and provide us with more property for our private use? Look at your area on Ivywood Drive for example.

    I mean this with respect and am offering just my suggestion. Given how much money the City has collected from our assessment districts over the years and how poorly it managed those funds, and how poorly it maintained the parkways, it seems clear that we in West Village did not get our moneys worth. Different standards exist in Oxnard depending on where you live. Others might want to offer their own thoughts to you for consideration.

    Phil Molina

    On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 10:41 PM, Carmen Ramirez wrote:

    Mr Molina my husband and I pay plenty of property taxes but we live in a much older neighborhood which doesn’t have such city services. This pre-dated your development. I assume you knew you would be asked to pay such assessments when you bought your home. We don’t have a parkway, landscaping or any street trees at all. I can understand why you are upset with the calculations and the services. I believe there will be a reckoning of this in due course. So sorry.

    From Carmen Ramírez

    On Jun 24, 2015, at 10:17 PM, Phillip Molina wrote:


    It is interesting how willingly the Mayor and Council members vote to add an assessment to our property tax bills. Everyone of our elected officials voted to add another line of assessment taxes onto your property tax bill.

    Oh well as long as we all pay a reasonable amount each year to make sure that our street trees are trimmed, sidewalks maintained, parkway grass cut, and general public areas kept up it all seems reasonable. After all there are areas of Oxnard where the streets are kept clean, the “parkways” are kept trimmed, the street trees are regularly trimmed for example on G street the area near Tom Holden, and Brian MacDonald, are kept clean and so are certain other areas of Oxnard. There are other areas where the quality of maintenance isn’t quite as high, however.

    Last night Councilman Perello asked Mr. Henderson to provide the Council with a map of Oxnard showing the areas that have a “street-lighting, landscape maintenance” tax assessed and those areas that do not. Mr. Henderson informed him that such a map was being worked on, but not presently available. Hmmmm.

    Well I thought why not check with the County Tax Collector to look at the property tax bills of each of our elected Mayor and Council persons to find out how much each of them pay into their annual assessment for “street lighting, landscape assessment district”. I am being asked to paid $310.58 last year, some of you paid a lot more.

    I couldn’t believe what I saw. There is only one elected official on the Oxnard Council, Mr. Perello, who pays for a “street-lighting, landscape maintenance” assessment district. NONE OF THE OTHERS PAY INTO SUCH A DISTRICT. (see the chart below)

    SO WHY ARE THEY SO WILLING TO PLACE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE ONTO YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILLS FOR THE SAME (OR LOWER) LEVEL OF SERVICE THAT THEY RECEIVE FOR FREE? Now I know why it is so easy for them to vote for all those assessment district fees to be placed on our property tax bills……because they get the services for free!

    ox md 13 le village landscape lighting dist. 0 0 0 0 112.78

    SUM 0 0 0 0 174.58

  72. Lawrence Stein June 11, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Ask not what Oxnard can do for you, but rather what you can do for Oxnard (JFK paraphrased). How much will members of OXPD offer to cut to save the positions of their co-workers? The city is not trying to break unions, but is trying to save the city. Councilman Bert Perello mentions many times the concept of having a shave and a haircut; a little off the top, a little off the bottom to save jobs. Pay rates being equal, I believe that society is better served with 40 people working 30 hours rather than 30 people working 40 hours until the crisis is over.

    Sometimes one has to spend some money to save more money down the line. OXFD (Oxnard Fire Department) does a great job serving the city. From OXFD’s web site in 2013, OXFD responded to over 15,000 incidents of which 12,266 were medical emergencies. Fire engines cost over $500,000 and ladder trucks cost over $1,000,000. In other cities, medical emergency personnel arrive with 2 people crews in vehicles that cost $40,000 rather than 3 people crews in vehicles that cost over $500,000. With less than 20% of OXFD calls for service being related to fire, I think it would be fiscally prudent for the city to buy 10 $40,000 vehicles (funded with unfilled, but budgeted position) with the intent of extending the useful life of $500,000 and $1,000,000 vehicles. There are currently 6 unfilled but budgeted positions (out of 106). No current jobs would be lost and there would be faster responses to medical emergencies while maintaining coverage for fires.

  73. Citizen Reporter June 9, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    From Don Otto, Simi Valley

    Letter to Editor,

    Through-out Simi Valley, “For Lease” signs are plentiful in the retail centers, our mall and the commercial sections of the city. Simi’s population of 126,000 has not changed in years. Of course, the state of California has been recognized as the “Most Business Un-Friendly” state in the country. High taxes, high home prices and high energy prices plus a growing number of regulations have stifled growth in California.

    It is time that the City of Simi Valley embraces a similar effort like New York’s “Start-Up New York” plan and Wisconsin’s conservative plan to reduce taxes and regulations in order to return and/or leave more money in the pockets of the taxpayers. These changes in government policy has turned deficits into surpluses and has sparked “Growth” in Wisconsin and New York.

    I would offer a suggestion that a city-wide effort to spur growth, under the mantra of “Start-Up Simi Valley” or some similar name be embraced by our leaders and every citizen. Our tax revenues have flatten and more businesses and investment is needed to generate more jobs, opportunities and economic activity in our city.

    Since the collapse of the Lighting Maintenance District in 2012, the 9.7 million dollars in surplus funds, derived from the rate-payers of Simi Valley was recently transferred to the General Fund of the city. Over 3.5 million was already spent by the city. I would offer a suggestion that the city returns the remaining 6 million to the original rate-payers and help spur growth in our city. If there are 30,000 rate-payers, a $200 payment to those rate-payers, with a message, to spend those dollars in Simi Valley, under the mantra of “Start-Up Simi Valley” could jump-start our economy.

    A reduction in fees and permits would encourage homeowners and businesses to improve/expand and generate more economic activity in our city. Additional reductions in developer’s fees may entice investors back to our city.

    The Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations could join the effort if there were some incentives created by the city. Newspapers, media and citizen involvement in that effort could help Simi Valley become the “Most Business Friendly” city in Ventura County and the surrounding communities.

  74. Citizen Reporter June 8, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Received from
    Cin Collins
    Jun 8th, 9:01pm

    For over 31 years the Oxnard Fire department has been an immeasurable part of my life. My father dedicated 29 years to the fire department and over 35 years to the City of Oxnard. Our family couldn’t be more blessed to be part of this incredible department.

    About 2 years ago when our toddler was literally on death’s door following three cardiac arrests these men and women, jumped into action. They followed their natural instincts and went above and beyond to care for “one of their own”. Because of their nobility and good heartedness my son’s father made the decision that he would like nothing else than to become part of this family. After 12 years of schooling and a thriving career as a paramedic he chose to dedicate his life to the Oxnard Fire Department and did whatever needed to be pursued to do so. In May 2015, after 4 grueling months of a military style academy he earned his badge. Unfortunately, to our dismay his success, dedication, as well as our livelihood is at the city’s disposal pending the new budget.

    Until recently there was never a point where our confidence in Oxnard Fire was wavering. Every day these fathers, mothers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles make a choice go to work, put their lives on the line for their community KNOWING that there is a real possibility of not returning home. Many wouldn’t and do not make that commitment. This is why I can’t imagine how their devotion to do so is being stripped from them.

    With all the talk about “budget cuts” I feel as though many of us think of numbers and money. The brutal reality is it’s lives that the city is playing with. There are countless calls that constantly go out through Oxnard that many are unaware of. The week of May 24, 2015 through May 31,2015 354 calls went out ( http://www.//bit.1y/fmnew6q). If the city takes away from an already UNDERSTAFFED department that could be your grandparent that may not get help in time during a heart attack or it could be you and your child trapped in your car waiting for help after a traffic collision. For those in the community these are the situations and consequences that you need to be aware of following the passing of this budget. I personally, don’t think any amount of dollars can be put on a life and I would hope the city’s officials feel the same way.

    For those with loved ones in the community and/or live in Oxnard this is the opportunity for you to give back and let the city council know how you feel. Contact the City Manager at (805)385-7430. In addition to contacting the city managers office, It just takes a brief moment to write a letter with your concerns and make them aware that YOU do care!

    To contact the Mayor and City Council members at the following:
    Mayor Tim Flynn: [email protected]

    Mayor Pro-tem Carmen Ramirez [email protected]

    Councilman Bryan MacDonald [email protected]

    Councilwoman Dorina Padilla [email protected]

    Councilman Bert Perello [email protected]

    Mayor Tim Flynn: [email protected]

    Mayor Pro-tem Carmen Ramirez [email protected]

    Councilman Bryan MacDonald [email protected]

    Councilwoman Dorina Padilla [email protected]

    Councilman Bert Perello [email protected]

  75. Ed McGarvey June 2, 2015 at 4:49 am

    The role of the federal government is to protect the people. In the news we hear about the NSA collecting data on the people. National Security Administration was created in the 1950’s. Over the years they have caught spies, people passing top secrets to other countries. NSA only collects phone usage patterns. Calls to say a cave in Afghanistan or known terrorist phones. They now pass them onto the FBI who gets a FISA Court warrant to obtain data from phone companies and even to listen to the terrorists activities. Our other now inept branch of spying the CIA use to operate in foreign Countries without the oversight of the Government but passed back to the Department of Defense their findings. They were used to direct bombing raids and as they have been downsized and scope of work limited, our Fighter bombers in Iraq are returning with full weapons. Our Military is less safe as we send them into war zones because of it. If we stop the NSA from tacking calls to terrorists groups our safety here at home will suffer. The NSA is not listening to your calls, they have no idea who phones they are tracking to a cave in Afghanistan until they pass the data on to the FBI who obtains the court order. If the NSA was able to listen to all calls, then why does the Congress seek Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi calls? NSA should of already had them. You are safe.

  76. Citizen Reporter May 19, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    Sent By Jeffrey White, Newbury Park

    A City Councilmember Must Have A Balance of Personality & Attributes

    On May 9th I attended the Thousand Oaks City Council Candidates Forum at Cal Lutheran University. It gave me a chance to learn more about the candidates and finalize who I am going to vote for. Ed Jones seemed like a nice person however his ideas for our city are somewhat dated. Chaise Rasheed was well spoken but he is very young and didn’t demonstrate leadership experience. Dan Roundtree is clearly endorsed by the Thousand Oaks political power players as an “insider” and he came across as being quite arrogant with all the answers for the city without hearing what residents want. Rob McCoy is a well-rounded leader and he engages people to hear their concerns and desires. Mr. McCoy wants to represent the voters of Thousand Oaks by listening to their voice. All candidates had their strengths, but the one who I will be voting for is Rob McCoy. He really connects with the people and you can tell he truly cares about our city and wants to work to make it better. I want a City Councilmember to be accessible to the residents of Thousand Oaks and Rob McCoy has been giving voters his personal cell phone for them to voice their concerns. I think that’s as approachable as you can get. I am happily voting for Rob McCoy and I hope that you do too!

    Submitted by:
    Jeffrey White
    Newbury Park, CA

  77. Jennifer McCarthy May 18, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    Let me get this straight. Dan Roundtree is running for City Council and bragging about his endorsements from the Thousand Oaks insiders? I can hardly think of a better reason to vote for Rob McCoy.
    I’ve met all the candidates, and it’s clear to me that McCoy is the only one who will maintain what’s best about our city and shake up City Hall so that we will have an independent voice again.
    Nothing against anyone, I just think that we’ve tried all kinds of politicians – isn’t it time for a candidate who is a citizen first? McCoy is the only one who is talking about bringing us together.

  78. Citizen Reporter May 15, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    From Tony Dolz, Thousand Oaks

    Opting out

    Students in the Conejo Valley Unified School District are being denied classroom instruction and preparation for legitimate tests and college entrance examinations to make time for taking federal “voluntary” assessment tests.

    The “voluntary” assessment tests, called CAASPP, are a useless waste of time and a source of unwarranted stress for students.

    Where’s the story?
    PointsMentioned Map4 Points Mentioned
    The score from “voluntary” CAASPP tests do not affect classroom grades, placement, progression to next year level, graduation or college entrance. The score is not entered in students’ permanent record as if it never happened.

    The motive is that the state gets federal funds in exchange for data-mining our students, including data on test taking. It turns the data over to the federal government and a number of crony private companies in the education field.

    Fortunately, parents have the legal right to opt out of the tests.

    It is highly unlikely we’ll get impartial information from the education establishment about voluntary assessment tests and especially opting out. On the contrary, expect, at best, no information and, at worse, misinformation and intimidation. It’s a money thing.

    School personnel are prohibited of advising parents that they have the legal right to opt out by the California Department of Education. Quote from Education Code 852: “The (school) and its employees shall not solicit or encourage any written exemption on behalf of any child or group of children” at the risk of disciplinary action.

    Parents are catching on. In Palo Alto, 50 percent opted out. In Palos Verdes, 50 percent opted out. In Calabasas, 70 percent of juniors opted out. In a Seattle school, 100 percent opted out. In New York state, 185,000 opted out.

    Only one Opt Out form gives us protection and free legal representation against data mining and assessment test. The California Privacy Protection Opt Out Form is downloadable from

    Tony Dolz
    Thousand Oaks

  79. Citizen Reporter May 7, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    received from Pat Brown, Oxnard:

    You never miss the water until the well runs dry.

    Growing up on a farm with our own well, I can tel you that you develop all kinds of ways to use the water more efficiently.

  80. Robin Hoffman April 13, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Unnecessary Sign?
    I noticed a sign recently at a Conejo Valley Community Park that caused me some head scratching.
    It said, “No Firearms.”
    If I divide park users into normal people and criminals, by definition, the criminals won’t pay any attention to the sign.
    If I divide the remainder into Law Enforcement, Ordinary People, and Ordinary People with licenses to Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW), I’m thinking:
    I’m sure the sign doesn’t apply to law enforcement folks;
    I can’t see how it would apply to ordinary (but unarmed) people;
    Which leaves the few, well-trained, well-background-checked, legal carriers of firearms.
    Why can’t they come to the park that they pay for? Or are they expected to store their firearms in their cars on arrival, hoping they won’t be stolen?
    Now I have no problem with a business owner deciding she doesn’t want firearms in her shop – she “owns” it. But a government-funded community park?
    Or maybe I just missed the point of the sign?

  81. Nicolas Ochoa February 28, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    Attention: Mark Lunn
    Ventura County Clerk
    Administration Main Plaza
    800 South Victoria Avenue
    Ventura Ca 93009-1260

    I am patriot of this dear and beloved country. I love all that it stands for and represents to this world. I served in the Air Force in Vietnam, and I served this community as a Deputy Sheriff. I serve because I believe in protecting truth, leveling the scales of justice, and most of all my America. At my local church, I serve as head of security and help wherever is needed. I finally found a church that really fit who I am, a church that spiritually feeds me and at the same time delves into different streams of influence like politics. So when my pastor Rob McCoy decided to run for state assembly, I was all in. I was excited to make a difference. I was eager to do anything I could to make this country better. Yes, I’m idealistic. Yes I believe one man can make a huge difference and yes, I treasure our democratic system, and my right to vote. It was an arduous seven months of walking the precinct in Oxnard, letting the people know about the election. I was exhausted but yet invigorated by the hope of something better.
    Pastor McCoy asked me to observe the precinct by going to different locations in Oxnard. The following is what I observed.

    Hueneme Bay Club- 2600 Lido Blvd, Port Hueneme, CA 93041-1819
    Found two men and one woman sitting down with the registered voters list, and were within 20 feet from the actual polling stations. The men had taken the list down from the door, so Harry and I asked them to hand over the list. We then informed them that the list was not to leave the spot where it was posted. They became agitated and asked Harry to get out of their space. We again asked them to give us the list, and they threatened to call the police. I advised them, several times, to do so. They stood up and left the building driving away in a vehicle, license # 7DH1165. A lady, working at the site, approached us to let us know that these people were wondering around and talking to some people as they were casting their votes. The lady expressed her desire for us not to leave the location because of this problem. The lady then gave me a phone number to call and report the problem. I called the number and informed them of the incident. The person on the other line noted the incident and thanked me for reporting it.

    Methodist Church. 1800 S C Street, Oxnard, CA 93033-3504
    Harry and I went to check this location. The registration list was missing. We looked inside and observed a man and a female sitting inside with the list in their hands as people where casting their vote. I heard them telling the people to vote Democratic. I also heard one of the men harassing and threatening those that didn’t respond affirmatively. Upon observing this, I asked for the person in charge. A man came over and asked me if I was with “them” and I responded that I was not. I asked the gentleman in charge to remove those individuals, but he did not. I then approached the couple and asked them to leave, and they did.

    Buddhist Temple. 250 S H, Street Oxnard, CA 93030-5209
    Found a man conducting a meeting with 7 minors within 3 feet from the front door of the polling and 25 feet were the people are casting their votes. They had taken the voter registration list and dispersed it among themselves, each person having a couple of pages each. Harry and I told them to hand the list over, and that what they were doing was illegal. The leader told his group that they would be leaving the polling site, and that they would be going to the “rich” city of Thousand Oaks and “You guys are not going to win.”

    Colonial- 804 Cooper Rd , Oxnard , CA 93030-5430
    Looked for voting registration list. Found two females Hispanic approximately 25 feet from poling location. They had taken the voter registration apart and dispersed it between themselves.

    The preceding were my observations during this past State Assembly election. I was completely shocked and disheartened by what I saw. It was plain to see that change needs to happen before any other election. It is essential that the proper security and personnel must be assigned to these locations in order to protect this Constitutional process. Intimidation and scare tactics are unlawful and should be dealt with immediately, appropriately and in accordance with the law. I was only able to observe nine polling places in this district; it saddens me to know that what I observed was just a microcosm of a bigger problem. I shudder to think about all the other sites that were not upheld to lawful and just standards. Our right to vote is an honor and a freedom and must be protected with the upmost diligence. My only hope is that union members or any other individuals attempting to sway voters in their favor were not a deterrent to anyone from engaging in their civil liberties paid for by the blood of our forefathers.
    Thank you,
    Nicolas Ochoa

  82. Armando Vazquez February 8, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    FEBRUARY 7, 2015

    On February 25, 2015 our dearest companero Francisco Romero, one of the co-founders of Todo Poder al Pueblo, will be in a Ventura County courtroom, once again fighting trumped up misdemeanor charges; a victim of a selectively target hit conducted by the Oxnard Police Department. The conduct of the OPD has been outrageous, petty and illegal from the onset of this foolish episode. The OPD wants nothing more than to intimidate and eliminate the constitutional protected rights of assembly and freedom of speech of activist like Francisco Romero and organizations like Todo Poder al Pueblo in Oxnard. The sorry events that lead up to Francisco Romero being cited for five (5) misdemeanor traffic infractions was as follows. On October 13, 2013, Todo Poder al Pueblo organized a community march against police brutality, repression and the killing of Alfonso Limon Jr.,Jose Zepeda, Pobert Ramirez Jr. and Micheal Mahoney at the hands of the Oxnard Police Department. This is what the historic march was about the killing of young men in our community by the cops.

    By all accounts, mine included, the demonstration was well organized, informed and united. The crowd of about 150 to 200, ranging from young children to adults was well informed, passionate, loud and orderly. In every instance during the few hours long march the designated demonstration leader exercised their many years of local and regional experiences in safe demonstration crowd organizing protocol; safety for all of the demonstrators was paramount. It was a glorious and peaceful local example of the people exercising their constitutional protected rights!

    The OPD it has now been revealed, through the power of various discovery motions, to have deployed approximately 91 cops to monitor the peaceful October 13, 2013 march. Tens of thousands of tax payer were needlessly wasted in overtime and supervision pay for the 91 cops. In the videos that have been turned over by court order to the defense attorney, the cops can be heard singling (targeting) out Francisco Romero and no one else in a crowd of 150 to 200 demonstrators. If you look at the videos you can clearly discern that Francisco Romero is doing very thing in his power to keep the demonstrators following safely the organized march route.

    The OPD leadership, on this singular historic illegal selective prosecution of one of our community leaders, is if nothing else evil, vindictive and hardheaded and its creditability is at stake. But like the proverbial wolf that has been caught by a historically important precedent setting community trap (of their own making) they will rip and tear into their badly damaged “law and order” leg until they pathetically bleed to death. Why do cops take these kinds of boneheaded and repressive positions, here in Oxnard and all over this nation? The answer is as dangerous and chilling as it is clear, they can and they know it! Who in the community will stand up to their guns, mace, shackles, jails, all their toys, their laws? Todo Poder al Pubelo has and will and therein lays the first conundrum currently facing the OPD.

    Cops, the OPD included, are obsessively charged with one job; keep the community safe by exercising professional, objective, lawful, and judicious constraint. The Oxnard Police Department is omnipotent and omnipresent; they are in our public schools from elementary to high school, they are in our gyms, they are in our community meetings, in the entire daily discourse of Oxnard and this is dangerous to our community. The OPD by any objective measure now runs and controls to a large and dangerous degree the recreational and social services programs and agenda of this city.

    The OPD now runs and controls PALS, The Recreational Department (by Proxy), and the Family Alliance, City Corp, Cal Grip Programs (by Proxy), City Impact (by Proxy) and the other 16 or so programs that are post on their brag sheets. The Oxnard Police Department now has a yearly budget of approximately $120 million dollars or approximately 33% of the entire city budget and growing every year. In addition, the OPD get money from the city, state, federal government funds like CDBG, CalGRIP, Ventura County Probation, Department of Homeland Defense, and ICE to many only a few of the funding source at the disposal of the OPD. The OPDS has very deep pockets, and lap dogs throughout city hall.

    The eternal, and always ignored adage by the bully, is that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! This then is the second conundrum now facing the OPD and modern policing practices and protocol and throughout America, cops are addicted to power and more power over the community! On a local and national level the cops have lost their way! Here in Oxnard and throughout the nation the cops have militarized and by sheer fire power control our communities. They are at war with youth of color, the homeless, the immigrants, the legions of unfortunates that are caught in the diabolical revolving door of the criminal justice system, and the addicted.

    The third conundrum facing the OPD is that is completely shameless and hypocritical in the current power play that has the OPD aligning itself to become the leading agents of social community building and empowerment engineering of our community. All the while the silence and fear of the lambs in Oxnard and throughout the nation acquiesce to the power of cops as they insidiously morph into becoming our our social workers, counselors, surrogate parents, confessors, therapist, educators and recreational professional. The lambs have forgotten that the wolf is a cop and nothing more.

    This, in my opinion, is why the OPD singled out Francisco Romero and Todo Poder al Pubelo to effectively harass, silence and eliminate the only organization in our community that has consistently challenged the omnipotent, omnipresent and much chronicled abusive and sometimes deadly actions of the OPD.

    It takes tremendous courage and bravery to stand up to the OPD, and police in general in this city, in this nation, and throughout the world. One misstep can get you killed! This is why Francisco Romero and Todo Poder al Pueblo are so vitally important to Oxnard. When these courageous brothers and sister see, hear or read about OPD abuse and misconduct they are not afraid to investigate it, challenge the abuse and demand justice.

    Where would Oxnard be without Francisco Romero and Todo Poder al Pueblo? It is a frightening and sobering thought. So please support the courageous work of Francisco Romero and the Todo Poder al Pueblo collective by showing up on February 25, 2015 at 3 PM, in court room 34, at the Ventura Court Building, 800 Victoria, Ventura, to support Francisco Romero, as he petitions the court to have the OPD’s trumped up traffic infraction charges dropped.

    This is a fight between the powers of the OPD and the will and courage of one brave man and one brave organization that love and honor justice in their community. The outcome of this constitutional decision will reverberate throughout Oxnard and the nation for years to come. The singular questions is do the people have the right to free peaceful assembly and freedom of speech, and can the cops curtail, infringe or eliminate (snuff) these rights. Todo Poder al Pueblo, All Power to the People!

  83. Citizen Reporter February 8, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    From Aaron Starr….

    Subject: Privatizing Channel Islands Harbor

    To the Editor:

    Back in 1963, the County of Ventura and the City of Oxnard executed a fifty-year agreement that annexed Channel Islands Harbor into the city, but retained in County hands 100% of the harbor’s ownership and development authority. This agreement has been extended to March 18, 2015.

    The County has demonstrated for over a half-century that they are unable to develop this prime asset. If the City were to renew this agreement, it would only serve to prolong this failure. Of course, it would be unfair to suggest that such ineffectiveness and neglect is unique to our county government; it is the rampant outcome of most government-run enterprises.

    Having a vibrant, beautiful, commercially successful harbor that serves our community, attracts tourists and increases property values while not placing taxpayers at risk is a realistic goal, but we first need to admit to ourselves that government bureaucracy will not accomplish that as well as private industry.

    Rather than renewing an agreement with the County of Ventura and hoping that the next fifty years will bring about a different outcome, I urge the City of Oxnard to consider a private enterprise solution. One possible path worth exploring is determining whether the City can successfully use eminent domain to acquire the harbor from the County and then sell the property to one or more companies with successful experience developing retail stores on the waterfront.

    California statute specifically allows for one local public entity to take property through eminent domain from another local public entity. Given how poorly the County has managed the property, perhaps the City can legally overcome the rebuttable presumption that the County’s existing public use of the harbor is the higher ranking one.

    Aaron Starr

  84. Ed McGarvey January 23, 2015 at 3:11 am

    Ed McGarvey, as requested I have expanded the post as a Editorial I sent to you in Facebook as follows
    In President Barrack H. Obama’s State of the Union speech he outlined many of his 2015 agenda items. My question is, why do this in his 6th year in office and not in the first. Obama wants to provide jobs, tax relief for the middle class but as usual with any Government program not one dime is seen by the public. I have a scenario I have presented to members of the US Senate. Recent Rasmussen report shows the majority of middle class see the president’s tax cut plan that will most likely raise their taxes. So lookout for tax relieve offered by the Federal Government. It’s not going to happen.
    The cost to American taxpayers for services to illegal aliens is as high as $500 billion dollars. I proposed stopping all services and saving the $500 billion and splitting that savings with the American people. $250 billion split to every legal American family in cash, check or direct deposit. The remaining 50% goes to paying off the $18 trillion debt. Deporting any illegal person in the United States and if any are caught they are 100% barred from ever entering America again. We have laws and a process to obtain legal status that should be used.
    Our Fathers, brothers, sister’s uncles all fought for and many died to preserve the American way of life. Today our sons and daughters are fighting to guarantee we the people of this great land freedom. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give elected officials the right to give away citizenship to those breaking into our Country, those overstaying a visa. This is earned by the blood of Americans and we the people should have a say as to whom we want to offer the chance to become one of us not a foolish politician who only sees votes and re election hopes.
    Illegal aliens are sought by companies who pay less wages to them in return stagnate or minimize wages for hard working Americans. There is no reason why Union Carpenters jobs making $30 an hour should not go to legal Citizens of US of A and Laborers Unions as well. Meat packing companies also seek out these illegal aliens pay low wages that once went to butchers who professionals were making great wages. Putting Taxpaying Americans back to work will drive up revenue to Governments who will not see a need to raise our taxes over and over.
    I also presented the plan to make the tax structure so simple the largest tax filer would only need 2 pages. A simplified tax of 10% where only 10% was directly sent to the treasury department illuminating the IRS who has a yearly budget of $50 billion, Once again split the savings with the legal American Citizen households. The phone bill with 10 taxes will no longer exist, Hidden taxes on all goods and services will no longer exist. Gas taxes will no longer exist. The generated tax revenue will increase and the needs for taxes dwindle. As we decrease the need for government agencies that overlap with each other we have substantial savings and again the savings can be split with we the people.
    I can hear the skeptics the low income wage earners will be hurt. With the elimination of all taxes except the 10% tax the 29 cent loaf of bread will not cost $2.39. And all those hidden taxes will not exist making the cost of goods small. It is estimated that by simplifying the tax code the savings to businesses will give the companies more working capital to expand and hire more employees. Once again the savings to American people will be substantial. No the revenue generated by Government will not go down but everyone will as President Obama said, pay their fare share and more revenue will be generated, Savings that the Government sees , split with the legal citizens.

    What I have pointed out is that every legal American household can receive anywhere from $20 to $30 thousand dollars a year in splitting the savings, this will eliminate the need for welfare, food stamps and all family aid, and yes at a substantial savings to Government. Now here comes the punch line. If every household receives say $20,000 dollars, where is that money coming from? The Rich who the top 10% wage earners pay 70% of all taxes and businesses mostly the rest. We the average middle income bracket of less than $100,000 a year pay such a small percentage.
    The true tax break for Americans can be achieved by cutting what our politicians give away for free. It’s our money not theirs. Foreign aid also costs us $50 billion. Stop that and split the savings to we the people. The list’s goes on and on. I am sure that as I present this cost savings to everyone we the people could take back the control of our Country. There must be a limit on just how much of a split in savings and for how long we split it. That will be up to we the people not some politicians. If in your state you feel more generous than you the people shall decide not some vote seeking politician.
    As I have laid out the footwork I would hope that you can add to this but most of all present this to your politicians, no demand your politicians start working for we the people. God Bless you and your families. May the brave continue to protect us as we sleep. Thank you all. Ed McGarvey

    • Citizen Reporter January 23, 2015 at 8:20 am

      Hi Ed: We ran this as a letter to the Editor and also submitted it as a candidate for an editorial piece.

  85. Ed McGarvey December 20, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    Family moved to Oxnard in 1947 I was but a few months old. I watched the City grow. I worked the fields driving tractor, worked car washes and Construction. We lived in the Colonial for many years as poor as any other family there. I played Little League and unfortunately had to drop out of High School. That didn’t stop me, 1965 I joined the Coast Guard.

    If I can stress one thing to everyone, take up public speaking. Learn to BS your way into anything. I learned in my early teens life will not drop off everything you need, you can work your tail off achieving things or take the easier trail and develop a gift to Gab on that same venture and achieve your goals way in advance.

    I am retired now but along the way I obtained my California Contractors license and built some amazing things in my 40 years of Contracting. I did all this on a 9th grade education and the gift to BS. I was always honest in all my dealings so having a gift to BS was not a bad thing or had I used it to do anything dishonest.

    Public speaking get up and do it, go to the front of the class and tell a joke, read a book, or yes stand there and look back into the faces of the class members that will 85% of them not achieve their goals in life. Some call this motivational speaking, I call it developing a gift that very few will seek let alone achieve.

    If you get a College degree that’s even better yet not many find work in their major or minor. Public speaking is mandatory almost every college so don’t stop with just a course; use it throughout your life. Learn to BS.

  86. Bill Haff November 13, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    To the Editor:

    As a voter in CA’s 26th District, I want to congratulate Julia Brownley, our newly re-elected representative in Congress. I‘d also like to express the sincere hope that with the election behind us, Congress will start to do some real work.

    I especially want progress on an issue that worries me and many other voters: global warming. Yes – global warming; despite noises made by some politicians, recent polls* show the overwhelming majority of Democratic and Republican voters want laws that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even if it means increased energy costs for consumers. But there is a solution that can reduce emissions while it also pays a dividend to consumers. It’s called Carbon Fee and Dividend, and it’s very similar to the program that already pays oil dividends to Alaska residents.

    Policymakers are moving forward on climate change now, because the problem has become too serious to ignore. California recently announced a $500 billion water plan, that the AP reports “deal(s) with everything from shrinking snowpack, rising seas and encroaching salinity in waterways, to more frequent droughts under climate change.” The plan’s $500 billion cost will be borne by ratepayers and taxpayers. But is that fair, when oil companies make record profits selling the products that are causing the problem?

    Unlike complicated “cap and trade,” whose revenues can end up in pork projects, Carbon Fee and Dividend simply charges energy companies a steadily rising fee for the CO2 they produce, then distributes the revenue directly to consumers. There the money will counteract higher consumer energy costs, and free up cash that can be invested in increasingly attractive alternative-energy technologies.

    Congress, think outside the box on this one.

    Bill Haff
    Ojai, CA


  87. Melissa Lockerman October 28, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    I just finished watching “A Time for Choosing,” Ronald Reagan’s seminal conservative ideology speech. There really isn’t one word of it that doesn’t still ring true today. I was most struck by the line, “We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars, and it’s been said if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening.” Wow. We know the enemy now is progressivism, and I refuse to be among those who did the least to prevent its happening. If I wasn’t already excited to vote on November 4th, this absolutely would have gotten me off the couch! But the fact is, I am already off the couch and you can’t keep me from the polls this time!
    Sure, I’ve been disillusioned before. I vote against a tax, the tax passes. I vote against a proposition, the proposition passes. You get the idea. And it is very easy to get cynical when an anti-gun senator is arrested for arms trafficking, another one is accused of taking bribes, and yet another is convicted of perjury and voter fraud for lying about where he lived when he ran for office. I had just about had it!
    Then I met Rob McCoy.
    In April of this year, when I heard Rob McCoy speak about his vision for California and his reasons for stepping up to run for the 44th District Assembly seat, I did something I never thought I would do. I signed my name to a campaign volunteer form. My husband said I was nuts. When was I going to have time for that? But Rob stirred something in me that day. After years of the same old mess, watching our beautiful state get deeper and deeper in debt, taxes increasing to the highest in the nation, and people I love moving away to Texas, Arizona, Nevada, here was someone who had a clear plan for taking back our state. He knows we need to cut taxes, create incentives for businesses to come/stay here, create jobs, and reduce the financial burden on California’s families. McCoy wants to represent us because he understands the words of Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Rob McCoy is a good man. I have never felt prouder than I did that day I voted for Rob McCoy in the primary. For the first time in forever, I felt like my vote meant something. November 4th cannot come fast enough for me because, once again, I know my vote will make a difference in the 44th Assembly District and in this state that I am blessed to call home.
    I urge you, my fellow patriots, not to sit this election out. Send in those absentee ballots or get to your polling place. We have an opportunity to make a huge difference on November 4th. Races are tight and it’s going to take all of us to send a clear message.
    “United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” –Patrick Henry
    Let’s take back our state!

  88. George Miller October 28, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Aaron Starr offers badly needed skills to Oxnard Council

    It’s important to have at least one council member who thoroughly understands business, finance, systems, coping with the California/Oxnard regulatory nightmare, who would competently employ those skills to facilitate business coming here and succeeding, resulting in more jobs and revenue for the city.

    It would also be very good to have someone who focuses on the top priorities of public safety and infrastructure.

    Aaron Starr is the best choice for these and would bring better balance to Council deliberations, to the benefit of city residents.

    Starr is the Controller for Haas Automation, the largest manufacturer in Oxnard, with 1300 mostly good-paying jobs. We are fortunate that he is willing to assume this role.

  89. Citizen Reporter October 17, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Received from Roy C.

    What about the Thousand Oaks city elections? I can’t seem to find out any info on any of the candidates political affiliation. The last time I had this issue Jacqi Irwin lied her ass off to my wife and I on our front door step and told us she was conservative.

  90. C Muller October 3, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why 44th District State Assembly candidate Jacqui Irwin has no issues section on her web site and avoids talking about issues in general. She only stresses that every left-wing organization and quite a few politicians endorse her and that she was on Thousand Oaks City Council for a long time (far too long). What does she stand for- specifically?

    We do know she’s a green, loves Obama, loves Fran Pavley, Loves Das Williams, loves Socialist Julia Brownley (it’s mutual) and wants to eliminate proposition 13 for businesses- probably just a first step.

    See web site for yourself

  91. Citizen Reporter September 11, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    Received from Marty Ferguson….

    For years prior to 9/11 (and today) I had been listening to news/talk radio stations as an alternative to my cassette tapes and music cds. I remember getting up and showering that morning, then driving the short distance to Pelican Bay State Prison, a few miles from home. On the way there I kept hearing references to the World Trade Center but I wasn’t paying too close attention, my mind being on my driving, mainly.

    I entered the prison grounds and made my way to my work site, expecting the same old grind of dealing with ‘care and upkeep’ of convicted criminals. When I got to my station the other correctional officers were gathered around a TV set. Only then was I updated on the events in New York City (at this point, only the Twin Towers had been hit). In fact, I watched a replay of the second aircraft hitting the second tower from an inmate’s TV while I was delivering breakfast to the cellblock. All I could say was, ‘God!’

    As the day wore on we were witnesses to the most heinous and horrifying episodes this country has ever experienced in its then-225-year existence. Word finally came down from upper staff that all regular operations within the institution were ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We were effectively ‘on lockdown’ and stayed this way for weeks after. I actually had one inmate ask me if they were going to ‘eliminate’ all inmates nationwide, an action performed back at the onset of World War 2.

    A few days later and with tears in my eyes I went to my supervisor and asked him if there was a way for us to show support and give our condolences to the People of New York. I suggested that all staff should wear Red, White and Blue ribbons on their uniforms or suits. Soon after that we held a wake in one of the parking lots there at work. Again, I could not hold back my tears.

    In the following weeks and months, as I can remember them, several other events and images surfaced around the country;the anthrax attacks, another aircraft disaster a few weeks after(NOT attributed to the WTC event), the NYC firefighters, a grade-school boy testifying and crying in church about a friend who had perished on one flight, President Bush’s reactions WHICH WERE PROPER, major sporting events cancelled that weekend, the Budweiser Clydesdales’ TRIBUTE during the 2002 Super Bowl, online sites of the late Red Skelton’s explanation of ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ and images of people hanging from ledges on the World Trade Center…more than I can remember at this writing.

    Two political cartoons came out during that time that I can remember fondly. One is the image of a U.S. soldier grabbing a U.S. flag from a New York firefighter. The caption reads, ‘I’LL TAKE IT FROM HERE!’ The second shows a large-capacity U.S. bomber in an aircraft hangar with a huge arsenal in front of it. The caption reads, ‘The enemy has won the toss and has elected to RECEIVE!’

    A nighttime satellite image of the United States had been taken about three weeks later. I can’t remember who took it but ALL AMERICANS were asked to stand on their front porches with lit candles in memory of the 9/11 victims. There was also a video of a neighborhood street with one U.S. flag flying before 9/11. After the attacks another video was taken of that same street. EVERY HOUSE HAS A U.S. FLAG FLYING! For one brief moment, one short, historical second in America’s timeline, EVERY AMERICAN IN EVERY STATE WAS UNITED! I can also remember that only a few weeks after 9/11 the country SPLINTERED into at least five different factions, each with a issue that may or may not have been directly attributed to those events; MOVE ON.ORG (a.k.a. ex-hippies), conspiracy theorists, hypocrites, flag burners, atheists and ‘apathysts’.

    Last year I was communicating with people through an online game site and the subject of 9/11 came up. When one of the players identified himself as a New Yorker I couldn’t help but tell him, in a tearful voice, how I remembered that day and what my actions and reactions were then. In short, I let him know that we ‘have your back’…3000 miles to the west! Today, I still feel that way.

    In closing I will reiterate what then-President George H.W. Bush said: ‘WE WILL NEVER FORGET!’

    Marty Ferguson

    • Bernadine June 9, 2015 at 5:14 pm


  92. Elizabeth Wolfel-Campos June 7, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    As an active local Republican, I am happy to know the primaries are over. Now we can focus our attention at coming together.
    As we learned from Regan, “Thou Shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” The 11th commandment was never intended to prohibit Republicans from engaging in reasonable debates over policy and political ideology. I believe this is especially important before the primaries.
    Now we can move forward. We already know our party stands for more personal freedoms, lower taxes and less government. In school, in church, at work and at home, we are all affected by decisions our representatives make. Its time to agree, bring our people together and support the candidates.

  93. Citizen Reporter May 29, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Forwarded by Andrea Shea
    Senate Veterans Bill

    Here’s how we can help our vets who have been so mistreated by the VA. Below is a letter I am sending today to EVERY Republican US Senator.

    I’m using to send them, because the letter goes to a private email in the Senator’s office, where it will actually be read (instead of a computer software program that spits out an auto-reply, typically what happens when you send a letter using their .gov website).

    I hope you will take action and do the same. After all, it’s for our loved ones who have need for top quality medical care through the VA. Personally, I think it’s the least I can do after all they’ve been through,

    Thank you very much,


    Dear Senator,

    It is likely that when the Senate re​convenes from the Memorial Day recess, Sen. Reid will call up the VA appropriations bill for a vote. Of course, he’ll likely use the same tactic he has used almost 100 times over the past few years, and that is to not let any Republican Senator offer any amendments to the bill. The Majority leader gives the GOP one option when it comes to considering legislation and that is to take it or leave it, no opportunity to change the bill in any way.

    This tactic of course places Republicans in the same bind as they have been almost 100 times. Damned if you vote for the bill as is, and/or damned if you refuse to vote for a bill in which you have absolutely no input.

    May I suggest that when the Majority Leader pulls this on you — and I’m pretty sure he will — that you use the 24-hour period known as the “intervening day” after cloture has been filed in a constructive way.

    Plan to have many Republican Senators take to the floor, one after the other, to say what amendment each of you would offer if given the opportunity. That will give you the chance to tell the American people what you would do for our veterans, pointing out in stark contrast what Reid will NOT allow to be considered and debated as part of the bill.

    You should also directly ask Democratic Senators — especially those with a large population of military/vets in their state (and who are up for re-election) — why exactly they are not demanding that debate and a vote be allowed on these fair minded, germane amendments. For example, Sen. Kay Hagen of North Carolina, whose constituency is heavily populated with members of the Armed Forces. Ask her, from the floor, why she’s not offering amendments of her own, but instead is willing to accept the bill without discussion. Then ask “who is serving the US best?”

    You see where I’m going with this? You would get a twofer: The ability to tell the American people what you would do if Harry Reid hadn’t blocked the legislation, AND putting Democrat Senators on the spot for not doing the same. By letting us know what you would do, and what they won’t do, wouldn’t it pressure some action on the bill that would open it to the amendment process?

    Or at the very least, show Americans the contrast between the party that cares and the party that plays politics with our service men and women?

    Because as we know, the Democrats play chess. Please don’t relegate yourselves to playing checkers!


    ​Andrea Shea King

  94. Susan Hartman May 27, 2014 at 10:16 am

    I attended the candidate forum at Cal Lutheran last weekend and my blood pressure suffered greatly! Incumbent Julia Brownley was a no show but I was grateful to hear from the other congressional candidates; Rafael Dagnesses, Douglas Kmiec and Jeff Gorell.
    I quickly lost interest in Mr. Kmiec as he could only repeat memorized radical left sound bites about one percenters class warfare something or other. I mostly agree with Mr. Gorell except for his opinion that the massive failure known as Obamacare can magically be fixed. It is Mr. Dagnesses that will get my vote. I especially like that he understands that the reason CA is a sinking ship is because our failed policies are being passed by one party rule in Sacramento, not unlike the country he immigrated from, Cuba.
    The candidates for state assembly that gave of their time were; Jacqui Irwin, Rob McCoy and Mario De La Piedra. The first question out of the gate is what made my blood boil! Water.
    Mr. McCoy and Mr. Piedra (my favorite) both spoke about the great need for water storage and desalination projects while defunding Jerry Brown’s crazy train to nowhere. However, Ms. Irwin says what we need are higher taxes to pay for water storage. Water storage is exactly what the Democrats in charge should have been doing all along! But no, the Democrats prefer dumping our fresh water straight into the ocean with nary a drop for the farmers. As much as they want to blame global warming, pssst….CA is a desert….. , the Democrats have sole ownership of blame for our water crises! Democrats get their campaign funds from super rich, radical environmental lobbyist. They can afford to water their lawns and pay higher food and gas prices but I can’t. I told Ms. Irwin that we already have the highest gas taxes, the highest state income tax and now our farms are dead thanks to the Democrats. That means next year our food prices will be through the roof and she wants to raise my taxes more?? I think not!

  95. Debra Tash May 26, 2014 at 10:42 am

    Dear Editor,

    Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin, a republican, is running for state controller and deserves our vote. Just see what she has done to change Fresno at this site and most of all vote for her.

    RAY Holm
    Thousand Oaks, CA

  96. Debra Tash May 26, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Article on CNN

    Grieving father after rampage: ‘When will this insanity stop?’
    By Todd Leopold and Ashley Fantz, CNN
    updated 9:57 PM EDT, Sun May 25, 2014

    The mentally ill, self-absorbed and entitlement delusional criminal, that murdered 6 human beings, started his demonic deed by staving to death three men (that would be with a knife for those wearing selecting cognition glasses).
    May I bring up that cult leader Jim Jones murdered 907 human beings in one single act of mass murder with cyanide laced Kool Aid in 1978.
    Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians, including 3 million children, by starvation (Holodomor).
    The murderer of Santa Barbara believed that he had an entitlement to have sex and “adoration” (his own words) and that his murder spree was to be retaliation for having been denied his entitlement . . . poor baby.
    When our Founders were committing to pen a blueprint for freedom and prosperity, they wrote the Second Amendment, the right to own and carry weapons, right up next to the First Amendment, freedom of speech and religion; and ahead of 8 other vitally important rights for the maintenance of a nation of free people.
    We have a problem with mental illness and crime, that is a given; but we also have a problem with a morally disintegrating society were people believe that they are “entitle” to whatever. The murderer of Santa Barbara’s actions seemed to have been driven by both

    Those who want to trash the Constitution, the limitations imposed by the Constitution on government, the task imposed on government by the Constitution to protect our Natural Rights such as the (forever ancient) right of self-defense; and those who would like to make violation of the Second Amendment socially acceptable, are exploiting the Santa Barbara murderer’s actions for their own ends. Nothing new here. It is the usual suspects. If any one of those victims or witness to the crimes had been armed, the criminal may have been taken out and some or all lives may have been saved.
    Tony Dolz
    Thousand Oaks

  97. Greg Muller May 17, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Operation American Spring May 17

  98. George Miller May 9, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    This was sent as a Letter to the Editor
    VC Star
    in response to:

    Brownley faces 3 challengers amid tough political environment [Candidate profiles]

    Julia Brownley is a carpetbagger from ultra liberal Santa Monica. She is rated the least Conservative member in the House by Club for Growth and Heritage Foundation. I doubt if most voters really knew what they were getting into when they sent her to DC.

    While she is good on bringing pork to VC, she is a very big spender and votes for virtually every big government spending program. The consequences of having $17 trillion in debt at 3% are bad enough- it will be $30 trillion at 6% within a few years and there will be no money for anything anymore. Social Security is already out of money and Medicare is very deep in the hole, The so-called “Affordable” Care Act is anything but.

    Rafael Dagnesses is actually the best candidate running. A thoroughly Americanized Cuban immigrant, USMC vet, decorated LAPD undercover narc and very successful businessman, he is the epitome of the American dream and a NON-POLITICIAN. He has pledged to only serve two terms. VC’ers- we need someone like him now.

    The Star misstated his immigration position. He told me that he supports enforcing the law, but is also in favor of work permits, reuniting families when justified and streamlining procedures. But he is absolutely opposed to any “blanket amnesty” and wants all illegal criminals, especially felons and gang members, deported who are not here legally.

  99. Citizen Reporter April 15, 2014 at 8:43 am

    We have noted that the Ventura County Star coverage of the Nevada Bundy Ranch BLM siege is rather biased and wrote this letter to them on their latest article:

    Dear (VC Star) Editor:

    This is a very biased piece, which fails to mention that Bundy’s family has owned the water and grazing rights for centuries and that the ownership of the property itself may be misrepresented (ref.US Constitution Article I Section 8 Clause 16). Some may also take exception to the characterization of state militia people present as “armed thugs.” We direct your attention again to the US Constitution, Amendment II, as well as applicable federal and state statutes defining citizens militia: U.S. Govt. Title 10, Subtitle A, Part I, Chapter 13.

  100. Raymond Holm April 1, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Insurance for $1.00 a month

    Dear Editor,

    What a shock to read that a 38 year old dad with a family of four got Obama insurance for a dollar a month that is subsidised by the U.S. government (STAR:Insurers to Track Medical Bills 3/31). I read it three times folks, and yes for only $1.00 a month. I sure hope hard working families saw this outrageous story.

    As a senior, I was also shocked to hear American insurance companies are currently meeting to increase our insurance premiums this year to compensate for new cost to their companies from Obama Care. Maybe seniors should form a new political party, or maybe our young working families should wake up and smell the coffee cooking!

    We talk about freedom in this country, but I’m afraid it really doesn’t exist as the founding fathers defined it. Starting in 1765 Americans rejected the authority of a tax without elected representation; protests escalated as in the Boston Tea Party of 1773, and George Washington lead an Army to defend our freedoms. Who today would do the same?

    We have an elections coming soon and I will ask my candidate to draw the line and educate the public on what freedom really is so we can vote to reduce the size of our government and stop socialising our government. I ask other to do the same, especially our young working people who pay the bill for today’s free government freebee’s.

    Raymond Holm
    Thousand Oaks

  101. Dick Albright March 22, 2014 at 7:08 am

    Guess we needed that Applied Media Anthropology 101 elective after all. We are not Ojai (1st Dist), Ventura or “general area” as is well known–East Lockwood Valley (3d Dist) per BOS (North Half “Mountain Zone”). Where is West Lockwood Valley?

    Ozena, Reyes Creek, Quail Springs (all Maricopa PO) is 1st Dist. but also “orphaned”.

    Quail Springs? (Santa Barbara)

    Always nice to know who your friends are.

    Hillary might also have said “so what” instead of:

    Adiós y buena suerte…

  102. Dick Albright March 20, 2014 at 6:44 am

    I see much on state, fed, and nat’l news in the journal that is repetitive of other venues that are interesting, ie.Tom McClintock’s take on the drought. I’ve followed Tom since his Ventura County days continuous to Placer County and current telephone townhalls. However, redundancy of many outliying stories regarding the Ukraine, Syria and High-Speed Rail is overwhelming.

    Those of us in the Ventura Mountain Zone–Lockwood / Ozena / Quail Springs (serious stories–all…that could be investigated) and other “so-called” ‘North Half’ residents are not even listed on the subset CJ bar like Fillmore, Simi Valley, and other “communities”, probably since we are not “cities”. This is the same void that Ventura County and its “Star” has for us “up here” and a primary reason for many RMA / BOS confrontations regarding “public notice”. Consequences of this mentality are far-reaching and often reaching critical mass, expecially since the NH has split to District 1 & 3 from only D3, again without notice or public input. Again, as noticed to the “Star”, we are orphans, even with our coastal “friends”.

    I believe the question implied here is obvious. We have only one local “paper” delivered–The Mountain Enterprise which covers no Ventura news or notices. Ozena is a Maricopa mail stop. The “Ventura County Compound” in Lockwood Valley has no Public Notice Board reflecting BOS actions, even though the 3rd District Supervisor is a subscriber to the Mountain Enterprise. Some online electronic news services failed due to visiblility problems. The newest is the “GBU Mountain News” ( ) may suffer the same fate due to relevancy and visibility. Is the CJ in this same “danger zone”? The “Brown Act” has been constantly at risk in our remote communities. Much more is at stake than you know…as you well know.

    • Citizen Reporter March 21, 2014 at 12:07 pm

      News of your area, when we publish it, would appear under Ojai, Ventura or general news classification. There are over 800,000 people in VC- only a few thousand of whom are in your area.

      If you can send concise, accurate, coherent reports, we will publish them.

      We sometimes publish news of outside the area which we believe will be of interest and/or impact our target VC audience. Sometimes the same topic will also appear in other publications. So what?

  103. Tom Adams February 24, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Dear Citizens Journal,
    On February 17th, the VC Star printed a letter to the editor from a Jim Shahan titled “Preacher and Politics”. I had to trim it back to fit into their format, I would like to share my response with Citizens Journal it its original, un-edited form:

    The specific item to which “Preacher and Politics” points, is “The Johnson Code”, authored by Lyndon Johnson to scare Churches away from politics. The IRS “Johnson Code” is about Church intervention. Churches can talk about politicians, as long as they don’t intervene. Additionally, the IRS says it’s perfectly fine for a Church to discuss non-partisan issues… like taxes… ironically enough. Any good candidate SHOULD be concerned about taxes, regardless of current profession.

    For the record, the Johnson Code is under siege. Pastors across the Nation are recording sermons with strong political messages and sending the discs to the IRS essentially DARING the government to come after them. They never do… and they won’t because they know they would get challenged and lose because it’s unconstitutional. The Johnson Code is a growling, frothy dog… with no teeth.

    Since the 70’s, CA has experienced several “Temporary” sales tax increases, but they always end up being permanent. Brown did this in the 70’s…and the misled voters fell for it again with prop 30. An extra provision of Prop 30 added a “Temporary” increase to the income tax ceiling to 13.3%… the highest in the nation. After Prop 30, the LAO stated that everything was fixed. What the LAO conveniently failed to mention is the $443 BILLION in unfunded obligations. Now, do you really think any of these tax hikes will be temporary? Really?!

    Regarding the pot-shot at Republicans, I’ll simply say that the Democrats have a supermajority and hold every major position in Sacramento, so it’s a bit silly to blame Republican policies for ANYTHING in California. The “Anachronistic” policies you referred to that were mentioned by McCoy happen to WORK where they’re employed. (TX, AZ, FL…) “Forward” only works if you’re going the proper direction. We’re not. Sacramento is the home of the “Thelma & Louise” school of driving. Besides, what is it you don’t want to turn back towards? Cheap gas? Ample water flow? Balanced budget? Low unemployment? Booming economy? Personally, I would LOVE to go back to THOSE “outdated” concepts.

    There is a stampede of tax refugees seeking asylum from the California governmental barrage, turning places like Plano, Texas and Chandler, Arizona into boomtown bastions of former CA business dollars…and jobs…by incorporating fiscally responsible principals.

    I’ll agree with one comment… California is a magnificent place… and it’s broken. If we really love it, we must fix it. Assembly Candidate Rob McCoy offers proven solutions.

  104. Celeste Greig February 24, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    Sent by Celeste Greig

    Good morning gloryi!!!!!

    I know that not everybody is on Facebook, or reads it daily, so here is portions of what I posted today.

    This coming weekend, Friday, Feb 28, Saturday and Sunday, March 1st and 2nd, the movie the “SON OF GOD”, is being release by 20th Century Fox studios, produced by acclaimed and successful TV realities shows Producer Mark Burnett and his beautiful and talented wife, actress Roman Downey (“Touch By An Angel”, etc, etc, ) who is also the female lead actress in the movie.

    This picture is absolutely magnificent, inspiring, loving, miraculously, and biblical historical, is about God sending his only begotten son Jesus Christ to earth to save us from sin (John 3:16). How Jesus Christ chose to die and suffered so much pain, and die in the hands of the Romans, because his love for us was so profound and pure and ultimately his resurrection is alive with us.

    So, I’m asking all of you to plan this weekend to go to the nearest theater in your neighborhood to see this movie. IT IS A MUST!

    I was privileged to see a special screening of the SON OF GOD, and it is going to be a blockbuster like The Passion of The Christ (except is much, much less blood). Attendance during the release of a movie on the first weekend is very, very important for box office sales, specially for the actors who had contracts signed for percentage bonus based on sales for the first 3 days of release.

    PLEASE, make plans to take your family, and encourage friends, neighbors, associates, strangers, and others to see the “SON OF GOD”, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, this weekend. A MUST! for Christians and non-Christians.

    Wishing you lots of blessings and little bit of rain from heaven………. and remember to stay close to God, always!

    Celeste Greig

  105. Maggie May February 6, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    Subject: “Islam: What the West Needs to Know”
    I am a member of a fast growing movement* working to halt the spread of Islamic influence in our country. Attached is a letter I sent to all three of my congressional representatives in California.

    *ACT (American Congress for Truth)

    Very truly yours,
    Maggie May
    Los Angeles, CA

    January 24, 2014

    I cannot begin to express my horror and concern after viewing the documentary, “Islam: What the West Needs to Know”, which is available
    (and should be viewed by every patriotic American) at

    We, in the West, are facing the continuation of a 1400 year old war on Judaic-Christian beliefs. It is time for political correctness to be put aside in favor of the defense of our nation and our freedoms.

    You are my representative, charged with the responsibility of upholding our Constitution. The first and most important task of any elected representative is to defend us from our enemies who would destroy us. Islam is a direct threat to that Constitution, our form of government, our laws, and our freedoms. You simply cannot dare to call that group of people a “peace loving religion”. The Koran seeks the subjugation or destruction of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. Violence against non-Muslims has always been an integral aspect of Islam. Women are second class citizens, at best. The brutal procedure of genital mutilation remains a common practice. Islam is spreading throughout Western Europe and, so unfortunately, within our own borders. School districts are allowing Muslim students to leave class early in order to pray and are celebrating Muslim holidays. Mosques now total in excess of 2,000.

    I am urging you to stand up and protect me from the threat of subversive Islam. If not now, when? Take a stand. Take a page from the prime minister of Australia who certainly has his country’s future as a top priority. We simply cannot afford to sit idly by and do nothing until it is too late as was the case with Adolph Hitler. Islam may be advertised as a religion, but much more importantly it is a culture dedicated to destroying everything we hold dear. DO SOMETHING NOW!

    Please let me hear from you as to what specific actions you will take and when. Time is of the essence. You want my support. I expect yours.

  106. Citizen Reporter January 29, 2014 at 12:52 am

    These were comments submitted to Oxnard, CA City Council and staff on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) on 1/28/14

    Oxnard Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Comments, by George Miller

    The CAFR overview was presented at the 1/14/14 meeting. I made most of the following comments at that meeting, but was constrained by time and also not expect everyone to remember all I said. So I put it in writing, along with a couple of new ones.

    1. Why does it take 6 months to put out a report? The answer I’ve heard is that we, everyone, have always done it that way and that’s what the state expects. There is great benefit to producing more timely reports, because it enables more rapid feedback , evaluation and reaction for improvement. It is understood that some external parties may not produce timely enough information needed for the report, but diligent expediting and using temporary estimates can accelerate things.

    2. It would be advantageous to show ratepayer projects (water, trash disposal, wastewater) as separate profit centers to better evaluate progress and force more accountability/responsibility into resource allocation/consumption.

    3. Better visibility of debt and debt service is needed to foster more accountability and proactive efforts to control it. Not just bonds, but loans, credit lines, leases. As Oxnard’s liabilities approach a half billion dollars, this is becoming increasingly important. Pension liabilities weren’t even discussed and might be significant.

    4. Why not retire more high interest rate and variable rate obligations? I don’t know which are callable, but future rates will probably get worse.

    5. It is understood that the face value of derivatives does not represent probable obligations, but consider that some are recurring expenses and in the event of a systemic crisis, they may not protect us anyway, if carriers are overwhelmed and cannot make their payout obligations.

    6. It would be advantageous to have more flexible capabilities for financial reporting, inquiry, analysis, pivot tables, etc. Perhaps this is available and the public just hasn’t seen it? The repeated statements of lack of capabilities to provide information suggest that it’s not.

    7. Reports indicate that city staff responded well to the economic downturn with painful cuts, but no more painful than they had to be. We may not be out of the woods, though.

    8. It appears that there is tremendous pressure to take on more projects and spend more, in addition to supporting existing projects and infrastructure in an inflationary environment. Please do not press for still more taxes and ever higher fees to do this, but instead implement some sort of aggregate control and priority of expenditures to help offset the need for these.

    This is not intended as an attack on Mr. Cameron and staff, who are dedicated public servants, doing what they can with existing resources, circumstances, expectations, etc. In some cases, criticizing them is just attacking the messenger. But there are areas of improvement potential which perhaps the Finance Dept. and the Council can find ways of implementing.

  107. Citizen Reporter January 11, 2014 at 9:47 am

    From Greg Litster
    Re: Simi Attorney Baxter Resigns, Whiteface Specific Plan amendment approved, SEIU seeks CalPers health plan

    I fully agree with Susan K. No accountability of the City Council’s actions to the taxpayers. I’ve lived in Simi Valley for 5 years, and only recently started taking the VC Star (long-time LA Times reader). I was clueless about the Baxter situation. Not anymore. There needs to be accountability for this bad hire, and not just to the taxpayers. The City Council and the mayor need to explain this situation fully, acknowledge how they messed up, and publicly apologize to the citizens they represent.
    Start viewing or attending the Simi Valley City Council meetings, beginning with January 13, 2014. Every City Council session is videoed and is on the City’s website to view. This is the link to the correct page:
    Scroll down to the City Council meetings. Select the date, and click on the video link on the right.
    Questions are going to be asked, and asked, and asked again, until the City Council gives the taxpayers a full explanation of what and why the Baxter situation came about, and how much it cost the taxpayers.

  108. The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson January 3, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Mark Levin is misguided and naive to be recommending a convention to rewrite the Constitution. First of all, if we’re ignoring the one we already have, what makes him think that a new one will be honored? Next, there is great potential for a major setback. What makes him think that good, moral, constitutionalists will be the delegates? What makes him think that the states, which have seated a law-breaking Progressive Senate will do better appointing convention delegates? And what makes him so sure that the states will appoint delegates instead of Congress doing it?

    Read on wnd today:

    Re: Mark Levin….

    Levin’s latest book, “The Liberty Amendments,” calls for a constitutional convention centered on Article V of the Constitution, with the aim of granting the states more freedom from federal domination.

    However, Michael Lotfi of the Washington Times calls Levin’s proposal misguided, and even dangerous, and proposes nullification as a preferential option.

    “Think about it,” Lotfi writes. “The NSA, NDAA, ObamaCare, Patriot Act, EPA, DOE, every war since the 1940s, federal gun laws, etc. are all unconstitutional. These laws and agencies all fly in the face of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments.”

    He continued: “Americans must ask themselves: Is the Constitution ineffective, or do we have a lawless, disobedient federal government? If the answer is the latter, which it is, then Americans should see little refuge in additional amendments, which the lawless, disobedient feds will simply continue to ignore.”

  109. Citizen Reporter December 31, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    From Bill Hicks, Thousand Oaks
    in response to: Common Core 11-6-13 opt-out session video now available-

    Submitted on 2013/12/31 at 3:27 pm
    I worked for 43 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District and was a product of the same. During all my years as a student I received a world class education. Shortly after my graduation, 1963, form High School I began to see changes that transformed a world class education system into a third world class education. Drop outs and poor world standard grades are measurable results of continued failure.

    Without making this a long response, let me assure you that “Common Core” is a quantum leap into a dumbed down education system that will be indoctrination rather than education. If allowed, this will be the place where there will be no return.

  110. Elaine McKearn December 21, 2013 at 7:01 am

    Cronyism Gone Awry!

    Leadership positions are chosen for boards and councils on an rotating cycle. However, in the case of Thousand Oaks and Ventura City, they don’t always end up with the expected outcome. Instead, certain elements in these communities, with ties to large self-interest organizations, make it a point to “help” select who they want to win as well as who will be in the leadership positions; and it doesn’t matter if that person received the highest number of votes! The special interests will make sure “their man or woman” rules (of course, they will be the puppets of these special interests).

    So if you think you elected someone who might make a difference, don’t be surprised to see no differences, no changes in policies or procedures – but “business” as usual. In the Conejo Valley Unified School District, since 1994, the board has not followed protocol to have the Presidency held on a rotating basis. Instead, the majority has opted to “turn the other cheek” and to “elect” one of their own (not even if the old/new board member received the most votes on the community ballot – out of 10 candidates in 1994, I had the most). So even though Mike Dunn has served over 10 years, he has not been given his chance to hold the gavel!

    Then nearly 200 plus parents showed up at the district’s board room and personally handed the “special interests” trustees a request to retain Mrs. Anna Merriman (then Assistant Principal at Thousand Oaks High School). Somehow, the “leadership” found a way for her to remain in our district. We later lost her to Simi Valley and then Moorpark was fortunate to gain her as their High School principal and finally their Superintendent. The Moorpark School District is now showing the fruits of her work by letting parents choose the type of school that best fits their child/children, be it in K-8, K-5 technology, fundamentals, or the performing arts, etc.

    The Moorpark School District is on the right track with competitive school selection, challenging curriculum, “real” school choice for a government program, as well as happy and enthusiastic parents and students.

    Check it out for yourself at and congratulations to everyone there who played a part in putting this together. I hope you are successful.

    Now, about Ventura – so Cheryle Heitmann has been “elected” mayor of the City of Ventura. It should have been Councilman Neal Andrews. This is again cronyism gone awry. Ms. Heitmann ran for school board several times in Thousand Oaks but never was elected. Then, seeing an opening on the Ventura College Board, she astonishingly, was finally elected in a 3-way run. Another candidate, Dan Peate was much more qualified and experienced but was “pickled out.” Too bad, good candidates are sometimes the recipient of “special interest” manipulation.

    Then, Ms. Heitmann decided to move to Ventura so she had to resign her position as a Ventura County representative from District 2 because she now lived outside the area. This was her opportunity to run for the Ventura City Council – kind of “carpet-bagging” maybe?
    When are the citizens of Ventura County going to get it? The philosophies, life styles of our neighboring county to the south of us have crept into our area. And many of the “new comers” always say they don’t want to be like LA or the San Fernando Valley. Well, we are almost there.

    Fortunately, our inland cities are struggling to keep traditional values as well as respect and support parents. I sincerely hope, they continue being involved in their communities – volunteering, attending school board and city council meetings. The next step is to become passionate about something and rouse your fellow citizens to vote for you to right a wrong or improve your community – 2014 may be your year!

    Elaine McKearn
    Thousand Oaks, CA

  111. Samantha December 5, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Citizens Journal, you’ve come a long way in a short time! I read it several times a week. Best wishes.

  112. admin November 27, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Susan Kline posted this letter with the Jeff Gorell Congressional candidacy announcement- We’re running it again here:

    Gorell is spending way too much money on creating a political soft side highlighting for example support for AMNESTY and now OPPOSING “GRIDLOCK” and feeding Weather Fear.

    These are propaganda issues for the Party of entitlements. Gorell is trying to win the hearts of the Dems and the undecided low information voters educated in public schools.

    Opposing “gridlock” means (playing nice) and giving in to the Obama steam roller and the Dem Party. For example, the “nuclear option” is one thing that I could see Gorell supporting in the Senate because it reduces gridlock and allows the Dems to push their agenda faster and unopposed.

    Gorell is openly for Amnesty. Amnesty is the way to turn 20 million “undocumented Democrats” into eventual voting Democrats and the DEATH of the GOP of small limited government and fiscal responsibility.

    I guarantee you that he will stand firm for whatever it takes to “combat man/made global warming”. The constituency that he is wowing demands that.

    OBAMACARE is destroying the Democrat Party. 2014 is the moment for the GOP. But wait . . . . RINOs of NEGOTIABLE VIRTUE like Gorell are going to REALLY SCREW UP. Gorell is going to divide the GOP in the district by going Dem Lite.

    OK, it is clear to me. Gorell is a political opportunist and he is not passionate and irrevocably committed to small limited republican form of government and fiscal responsibility (Oh not, that would lead to gridlock with the Party of entitlements). Even then, the OBAMACARE debacle has changed all that. He no longer has to run (as a pol opportunist) on a Dem Lite ticket. Obamacare has already done in the Dems going into 2014. All he has to do is stand on GOP principles and he could win.

    I am NOT supporting Gorell. Given the opportunity, I will campaign against Gorell . . . . . I want gridlock against big unlimited abusive over regulating over spending government. I want our borders secured and our immigration laws enforced. I want unemployed American citizens to have first choice on available jobs and I don’t want an oversupply of cheap illegal foreign workers to depress the wages of American citizens. I want a candidate that stands firm and is prepared to unleash devastating GRIDLOCK against the advance of fiscal irresponsibility and big government.

    The campaign material that we are seeing is unmasking Gorell’s strategy for his personal victory and power. He doesn’t think he needs principled GOP to win.

    I am 100% SURE that Gorell would join McConnell, under advice from Karl Rove, to discredit and weaken the Tea Party candidates and elected representatives. I’d rather have a vicious Socialist Brownley that I know, than a Gorell who will work against Conservative and Tea Party candidates and elected representatives from within the GOP.

    If you think that I am pissed off, you are underestimating the intensity of my disappointment. I am surprised and dismayed at some in the local GOP that are endorsing him.

    – Susan Kline

  113. admin November 17, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    FROM THE EDITOR: Barbara Pedziwiatr, a Ventura resident, has been dealing with an issue that has been plaguing a growing segment in the city. In 2009, without a warrant, code enforcement knocked on her door and asked to inspect her second dwelling unit. Ms. Pedziwiatr let them in and has been trying to work with City Hall ever since. Now, like many in her situation, she has to bring the unit, which should have been grandfathered in, up to current code. She wrote to the City Attorney on Title 24 (energy conservation measures) one of the myriad of regulations now governing building in our state. As with others, Pedziwiatr is finding the process not only overwhelming but far too costly. We are posting her November 1st 2013 response to Assistant City Attorney Keith Bauerle’s letter on the City’s wrong-headed interpretation of Title 24. We find this trend most troubling, especially considering that a percentage of these citizens do not have the funds nor the wherewithal to deal with a mounting attack on private property.

    To: Mr. Keith Bauerle

    Asst. City Attorney

    November 1, 2013

    Dear Mr. Bauerle,

    Thank you for your interpretation of the applicability of the Title 24 energy codes to the 2nd unit ordinance. It is very helpful.

    I do not dispute the mandating of any building codes by the state. I pointed out that the state allows flexibility in the implementation and enforcement of their mandates, which you have confirmed. If the City does not use the flexibility offered by the state to waive the unnecessary energy codes, the city can seem to be making participation in the legalization program more difficult than it needs to be.

    Our mortgage company calculated the rent from our granny flat to qualify us for our mortgage, and without that rent, we cannot make our mortgage payment, will be forced to give up our home and evict our low income tenant. There must be others faced with financial hardship caused by the loss of the rent from their second units.

    The areas of flexibility that you mentioned in your letter that would permit the city to waive the energy codes were:

    1. You state that the City “can express findings that the changes are reasonably necessary based on local climatic, geological or topographical conditions (Cal. Health and Safety Code Section 17958.7 and 18941.5.)”
    You state that we have used this finding a number of times to modify or create ordinances, so it could be used in this case as well. The City of Ventura has one of the mildest climates in the state of California and promotes it to attract tourists. This is why so few homes in Ventura were built with the energy requirements recently placed into the 2nd unit ordinance. They are not necessary.

    2. You state that “The Housing Law similarly specifies that its provisions, and the Building Code, apply to new residential construction.” (CA. Health and Safety Code Section 17912)
    The 2nd units are not new construction. The staff explained that the Housing Element was unable to use 2nd units to fulfill low income RHNA requirements because they could not prove they were new. There is no new building permit issued in the legalization program. The permit for the 2nd unit program is not a building permit; it is an Amnesty permit.

    3. 2nd units are existing residential units. “The Housing Law specifies that alterations and repairs to existing residential buildings are permitted to replace, retain and extend original materials and original methods of construction as long as the building does not become or continue to be a substandard building.” California Health and Safety Code Section 17922(d)
    A primary purpose of the 2nd unit program is to ensure buildings are not substandard and to correct that condition if it exists. The majority of the granny flats have not extended the area, volume or size of the existing building. They have merely been converted to conditioned space and per your example, (paragraph 4, pages 2 and 3) would not need to demonstrate compliance with the current Energy Code. Because the city has lost or damaged an unknown number of permits, the 2nd unit may have been permitted at some time in the past.

    In closing, I pray the city’s primary concern is to ensure that our housing is safe. Making the 2nd unit ordinance equitable, accessible and affordable will ensure that more participants enter the program, hence Ventura will be a safer city. We can avoid the loss of our homes, the evictions of low-income tenants and ensure more safe housing by making findings that the climatic conditions justify a waiver of the modern energy codes. I implore you to take this path by implementing the flexibility offered by the state to avoid making participation more difficult than necessary and causing us to lose our home.

    Very respectfully,
    Barbara Pedziwiatr
    Ventura Taxpayer

  114. admin November 8, 2013 at 8:26 pm

    This was received from Michael Sullivan in response to a press release we ran:
    Subject: Sign This Petition to protect California students- hurry- deadline approaches

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Michael
    To: ‘Citizens Journal- Ventura County’
    Sent: Tue, Nov 5, 2013 4:01 pm
    Subject: RE: [readers] Recent Postings on

    I think you are off base with your “feel like a girl or boy” statement. I read over the law and clearly states “gender IDENITY” which means, that is the gender by which he or she and others identify him or her as. Not a regular boy walking into a bathroom and saying “I feel like a girl today so I am going in here.”
    I spoke with allegedly owner of this paper at a media event and he said Citizens Journal just delivers the truth. That petition signing request doesn’t seem to be very truthful at all.

    Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan
    Managing Editor
    Ventura County Reporter
    805.648.2244 ext. 202
    fax 805.648.2245
    [email protected]

    Check out my blog at
    From: Citizens Journal- Ventura County [mailto:[email protected]?]
    Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 12:39 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: [readers] Recent Postings on

    editor’s note: We ran the contact info, since it is already public information via VC Reporter

    • admin November 8, 2013 at 8:30 pm response to Ms. Sullivan. We await the author, Logan McFadden’s response

      —–Original Message—–
      From: Citizens Journal- Ventura County
      To: michael
      Sent: Wed, Nov 6, 2013 1:58 am
      Subject: Re: [readers] Recent Postings on

      Hi Michael!

      1. The piece you are referring to is clearly marked “Press Release.” It is not our news product. The “you,” who you referred to is Logan McFadden, a Citizen who has taken it upon himself to help the campaign, along with thousands of others, which is news in itself. You will note his name down near the bottom of the press release. Such material is funneled to our Editor through various and growing sources.

      2. We will pass your opinion along to Mr. McFadden. Why don’t you post it as a reader comment so more people will see it?

      3. Your confusion is understandable, since, unlike most other publications in the region, we know the difference between news, editorials, event announcements and press releases. For example, the material from Rep. Julia Brownley we publish is also marked “Press Release.” It takes a great effort, but we usually pass it through with no comment. It is newsworthy because it reflects the views of a powerful person who was somehow elected to represent over 700,000 people from Ventura County in Washington DC. I don’t believe anyone seriously thinks we write that stuff either.

      4. Editorials are marked “Viewpoint.” As you can see, there is a whole spectrum of opinions, more of them Conservative or Libertarian than Liberal right now, because only a few Liberal pieces have been sent our way so far. Our regular news is just classified as news. Items not originating from us or our writers are marked accordingly.

      We also run event announcements, marked as such. As soon as we get enough of them and someone to handle them, they will be promoted to their own section- Events. Then, there are a few miscellaneous “columns” and book reviews.

      5. Who is the “allegedly owner” (SIC) of this paper you spoke to and at what “media event?”

      6. Do you not find it extraordinary that 25% of the Senate wouldn’t even vote on this bill? I suppose the people who pushed this bill had good intentions, but wow are they creating more problems than they solve- typical of CA “social engineering.” By the way, nowhere in the bill are “gender, gender identity, and gender expression” defined. It is virtually guaranteed that there is huge confusion and disagreement about what these mean and that there will be much turmoil, injury, lawsuits and more over this gigantic Frankenstein experiment in a state of 40 million people.

      Citizens Journal- Ventura County

  115. admin October 4, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Sent by Ray Holm …..

    Dear Editor,

    Many forget that ObamaCare was jammed through our government by one single man and that man,who had the deciding vote, was Supreme Court justice John Roberts. Even more insulting is that he is the “Chief Justice”.

    Finally, It was President Obama who came up with this mysterious complex Health plan that even today nobody know what’s in the plan or what it will do. Oh, yes, some will get free and low cost insurance (we hear that daily), but did anyone tell us that most Americans will find increased insurance bills and that this massive program will tragically suck the air out of the economy, the government’s treasury, and small businesses.

    Why is it that newspaper and television reporters have taken sides? Why don’t they agree whether or not it’s really good for Americans?

    Answer: Because nobody knows what it is, what is going to happen or what effect Obamacare will have on you or me. Reporters just babble away, day after day with the same baloney.

    When the increases show up in your taxes, insurance premiums, and doctor costs it is time to throw elected officials out the door!

    Ray Holm
    Thousand Oaks

  116. admin September 24, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Fred S. forwarded us this exchange …


    Tea party members of Congress profess to be loyal Americans who cherish the Constitution. Yet at every turn, a few members of the House of Representatives act in a manner that flies in the face of the very process they profess to cherish.

    Tea party members in Congress are so focused on derailing health care reform that they are willing to circumvent the elective process in favor of getting Obamacare anyway they can.

    Let’s be clear, health care reform has issues. The constitutional process is to elect a majority of representatives who can pass a particular political agenda. Instead, a few members of Congress are willing to hold the government and citizens hostage to a political ideology.

    The governing process is supposed to be adversarial — to a point. When a majority of one political persuasion exists, that majority controls the political agenda. If the opposition is so intent on changing the agenda, then work hard to elect a majority of candidates with a similar view.

    Holding the government hostage flies in the face of defending the Constitution. If you want change, do it at the ballot box instead of at the barrel of a political gun. Jack V. Cohen, San Diego

    Dear Editor Union-Tribune (9/23/13)

    Jack V. Cohen makes some interesting points under the headline, “Tea Party Strategy is Unconstitutional” (U-T Letters 9/22/13). He asseverates “The constitutional process is to elect a majority of representatives who can pass a particular political agenda.”

    First, so-called Obamacare has no Constitutional legitimacy. Its 2,700 pages were passed into law with not a single representative having read it. Recall, Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.” Glenn Hubbard & Tim Kane in their new book, Balance, point out the framers did not believe the government had authority to grant rights. They recognized governments incessantly try to curb rights. Hence, the Bill of Rights misnomer, which is a series of prohibitions against the government. The Tea Party is defending the Constitution when few others will do so.

    Second, The Congress is out of control borrowing trillions of dollars that are economically impossible to pay back, even by our children and grandchildren, variously estimated at $68 trillion to $200 trillion when fully accounting for the full off-budget items. The Tea Party is yelling, Stop!

    Third, The electoral process is broken and gamed by Democrats and Republicans through Gerrymandering, whereby in Elections typically less than 60% of Registered Voters turnout, whereby President Obama only received only 31% approval from those registered to vote (VEP), and where local candidates receive 5% to 27% from those registered to vote. This can hardly be considered majority voting. One Senator represents about 19 million people in California but only 288,000 in Wyoming, which also makes it hard to contend that voting is equal representation or majority vote.

    Furthermore, the founders intentionally implanted gridlock, or “checks and balances” in the Constitution in order to “pit ambition against ambition,” with the purpose of intentionally “holding the government hostage,” against unconstitutional misadventures. The Tea party simply is holding politicians to their “Oath of Office.”

    Fred Schnaubelt, San Diego

  117. Thomas Scott Nelson September 8, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    I would like to propose two amendments to the upcoming Syria legislation.

    Because our country has been repeatedly lied into military adventures, my hope is that the following will raise the level of legislative responsibility by demanding consequences from the upcoming vote.

    Please demand that any legislation to attack Syria be amended to provide for the immediate removal from office and criminal prosecution of anyone involved in tampering with the intelligence and misleading our country to war. So that, when and if the evidence turns out to have been a ‘false flag’ or ‘black’ operation, or any other attempt to mislead our representatives into a vote of support, and it is consequently shown to be a war of aggression and opportunity built on misrepresentations and lies, those involved will be immediately prosecuted for treason.

    The authorization should also be amended to included a provision to the effect that, evidence received from any other country or source that is shown to have been tampered with, will require Congress to inform the public and to withdraw all military and economic aid from those countries or other sources.

    Please call your representatives today.

  118. Thomas Scott Nelson September 6, 2013 at 9:19 am

    An attack on Syria now, will be a war crime.

    It will be a war crime for all involved.

    It will be a war crime for those that encourage and propagandize, enable and order, and for those that carry out those orders.

    It will be a war crime for Representatives and Senators who think it is patriotic or in our national security interest, for those that are bullied into participating by president, party, and intelligence agencies, or out of personal cowardice, and it will be a war crime for those supporting the cynical ‘Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention’.

    Syria is in an ongoing brutal sectarian and geopolitical struggle, fueled by outside ‘interests’, countries and players. We are told to, “Do something, now!”, based on evidence that can only be presented in secret sessions; gathered and presented by those agencies that criminally involved our country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Yes, it is awful. The deaths are horrific. They always are.

    For those of you that profess to be religious, who will throw the first stone…

    For those of you that condemn the weapons used, look at our use of depleted uranium in Iraq providing birth defects for centuries to come, and half a million children born with birth defects in Vietnam from the twelve million gallons of herbicides containing dioxin used by the US Air Force, or our use of white phosphorus as an offensive weapon in Fallujah to avenge the deaths of four contractors.

    If the reason to attack is the use of chemical ‘weapons of mass destruction’, don’t our leaders often threaten a nuclear attack with, “All options are on the table”?

    The hypocrisy is stunning.

    This is an international issue. If the “intelligence” is good. It is time to present it to the world in its entirety. If that evidence is conclusive, our partners in the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly will have to work together to defuse and control the situation.

    It will be a war crime for our country to act out of revenge or pride.

    I urge you to participate. Call your representative today.

  119. admin August 21, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    From Christina Powers, Simi Valley
    Re: City Council Presentation on “Smart Meters”

    Good evening Mayor and City Council Members. I am Christina Powers and I am here tonight to speak in opposition to the forced installation of Smart Meters. I am an opt-out customer for the following reason, they have not been proven safe. There are proven health problems, fires and deaths, and data privacy issues associated with Smart Meter use.

    With the recent revelations of mass personal data collection and spying by our own government, surveillance cameras and drones watching us, the proven ability for hackers to gain control of your vehicles while driving and accessing our personal data, identity theft and the increased likelihood of that data falling into the hands of unaccountable strangers, it is beyond alarming for decent, law abiding Americans to be faced with such difficulty in defending our privacy, property and physical welfare.
    Doubly alarming is the realization that our own representatives don’t have our backs. With the introduction of legislation on July 11, 2013, HR 2685 the Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013 by Rep. Jerry McNerney [D-CA9] which would mandate Smart Meter installation among other things. It so happens McNerney is currently a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Considering Electric Utility companies spent $145,695,468 on lobbying Congress last year, it looks as if they are attempting to force Smart Meter use with this corporate sponsored bill.

    It is unconscionable that a virtual monopoly of a vitally necessary and life sustaining commodity such as electricity, should be allowed to subject the entire populace to technology that puts their life, property and privacy at risk without their consent. Thank you City Council for supplying this forum to speak our concerns.

    supplememtal links sent to

    editors’ note: Ms. Powers may write an article on the subject.


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