City of Camarillo Donates Former Library to kidSTREAM

The former Camarillo Library, located at 3100 Ponderosa Drive, will soon be donated to kidSTREAM for the establishment of an interactive, hands-on children’s museum.

“This will be a one-of-a-kind educational experience in Ventura County, serving the Camarillo community through hands-on exhibits,” shared Camarillo Mayor Charlotte Craven. “It will fulfill a long-standing community desire for the children in our City, while serving children and families County-wide.”

On March 24, 2021, the Camarillo City Council unanimously approved the Second Amendment to Term Sheet for Former Camarillo Library, which donates the former Library at 3100 Ponderosa Drive for the development of a children’s museum by kidSTREAM. The original Term Sheet, in June 2018, anticipated a sale of the property at an appraisal cost of approximately $900,000.

Working with kidSTREAM for reuse of the old library site is one of the City Council’s Community Enrichment Objectives for Fiscal Year 20/21, one which has been carried over as an objective for Fiscal Year 21/22. The City Council recognizes that kidSTREAM has been engaged in fundraising efforts for the purchase and development project, but recent events have impacted philanthropic efforts. The donation of the building allows kidSTREAM to focus its continued capital campaign on the development project with a grand opening date scheduled for January 6, 2023.

“kidSTREAM has reached tens of thousands of children across the region with hands-on learning over the past few years, and continues to move forward in great strides – most notably by hiring a seasoned children’s museum veteran in Michael Shanklin to lead the museum toward becoming operational,” explained Kristie Akl, Founder & President of the Board of kidSTREAM. “The City Council’s recognition of the value that kidSTREAM will bring to our City and our region is not only a vote of confidence in the foundational work that so many have poured into this project, but it is an affirmation of the direction we are going. kidSTREAM will be an economic driver for our region, and by securing the location we will be able to exponentially increase our reach and help bridge the learning gap that has become even wider during the pandemic.”

For more information on kidSTREAM, please visit their website:

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