City of Port Hueneme Purchases Beds for Homeless Shelter

The homeless issue in the City of Port Hueneme and City of Oxnard is a concern we have all been dealing with and remains the most demanding call for service amongst our police agencies. The City of Oxnard has recently opened the temporary regional housing shelter at 351 South K Street. One of their identified needs is acquiring permanent beds for the facility which currently utilizes air mattresses for their guests.  The current maximum occupancy is 110 people. The purpose of the shelter is to assist homeless individuals with basic needs, social services, and to uncover a pathway towards a sustainable housing opportunity.

The City of Port Hueneme identified this as an opportunity to be a part of the collaborative process and solution as we all strive to end homelessness in our communities.  As is the mission of the Ventura County Continuum, we are dedicated to promoting a safe, desirable and thriving community with the goal of making homelessness a rarity.  The Regional Homeless Shelter in Oxnard provides a safe and clean space where the homeless can find the resources they need to inevitably place them in a more comfortable and permanent housing situation.  

The City of Port Hueneme has struggled over the past years to be financial partners in the collective progress to address the homeless issue in our region.  With the recent passing of Measure U along with the sales revenue generated from cannabis, the City of Port Hueneme is in a better position to be contributory partners in the regional effort to address homelessness.

Many of the cannabis dispensary applications the City of Port Hueneme has reviewed over the past two years had a recurring theme – they all wanted to contribute to the community to help address the homeless issue. The City of Port Hueneme reached out to its local cannabis businesses and the response was overwhelming. Within two days, the City of Port Hueneme had received $25,500 in monetary commitments from five (5) different retail dispensaries. They included Skunkmasters, Safe Port, Hueneme Patient Care, Emerald Perspective, and Tradecraft.

In contacting the bed manufacturer, it was revealed that 100 permanent beds could be purchased for $35,000.  The City of Port Hueneme had set aside $10,000 to address homeless issues within its city through the Community Benefit Fund which was established through an Agreement with the Port of Hueneme. In the October 2015 Settlement and Release Agreement between the City of Port Hueneme and the Oxnard Harbor District, the Community Benefit Fund(CBF) was created for the purpose of funding projects or programs that benefit both the City and the District, and the communities that they serve.  The CBF funds may be expended on Community Development: Implementing joint initiatives that foster the community’s economic, social and environmental well-being including but not limited to, public infrastructure improvements, sponsorship of special events, support of civic organizations, and similar activities.  

After meeting with and conferring with Oxnard officials, the City of Port Hueneme placed the order for 100 permanent beds. 

On Monday, February 25th at 8:00 a.m., the Regional Homeless Shelter in Oxnard will be receiving delivery of 100 permanent beds for their facility.  The Southwest Carpenters Local 805 Union has agreed to assemble the beds as part of their continued efforts to be partners in our community and will be onsite to start assembling beds on this date. The City of Port Hueneme and City of Oxnard officials, along with Dispensary Owners, will be on-site to receive this delivery.

The City of Port Hueneme is dedicated to being a committed partner in this regional approach as we address homelessness in Ventura County.

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