City of Port Hueneme Sees a Violent Crime Reduction of Nearly 30%.

The Port Hueneme Police Department collects data and crime information as part of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program coordinated by the FBI.  Each year these reliable set of statistics are reported to the FBI and subsequently used for evaluating the overall crime rate in a city.  

The UCR crime categories and the reported crime data for 2019 are listed below:

The City of Port Hueneme saw an overall crime reduction of 6.3%, with a decline in violent crime of 30% and a decrease in Property Crime of 3.0%, as compared to the previous year. Violent crime declined by 30% with no homicides and notable reductions in robberies and aggravated assaults.

Property Crime decreased by 3% with a total of 13 fewer property crimes with significant reductions in burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Larceny continues to lead the property crime category with 25 more thefts than the previous year.

Police Chief Andrew Salinas said about the reduction in overall crime:

“Larcenies remain the driving force behind our crime rate with thefts from vehicles and shoplifting leading this category. The decriminalization of theft for repeat offenses has made it difficult to keep criminals from re-offending in this category”.

“With cannabis taking effect in Port Hueneme in 2017, many believed it would be a contributing factor and a source for criminal activity. This remains one of the biggest myths about cannabis today. Illegal dispensaries are a hotbed for criminal activity, not licensed dispensaries who are following the rules. With over 50,000 customers visiting Port Hueneme dispensaries every month, the area around these businesses have remained safe and clean.”  

“The decrease in the robbery category can be attributed to making key robbery arrests in 2018 and 2019 early-on in the investigation. Making swift arrests with these types of violent crimes prevent the suspect from repeating this act and thus lowering the number of robberies in our community.  When you average 23-25 robberies a year, the arrest of key robbery suspects can make a tremendous impact in your robbery category. The great work by our patrol officers and detectives have directly contributed to this crime decrease. Over half the robberies in Port Hueneme in 2019, have resulted in an arrest.”   

“Thanks to the combined efforts of our community members, city partners, social media outreach, and the dedication of the men and women of the Port Hueneme Police Department, we are striving to create innovative solutions and engaging our community in making the City of Port Hueneme a safer place to live.”

“In 2020, the Port Hueneme Police Department will continue to engage the community and implement new strategies and outreach efforts with a focus on responding to and preventing crime.”

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