City of Ventura 2015 Employee and Supervisor of the Year announced

viagra dosage arial, sales sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>On February 11 the City of Ventura held an awards ceremony and recognized fourteen employees nominated for 2015 Employee or Supervisor of the Year. These awards acknowledge city employees who are role models for public service and who exemplify the City’s commitment to excellence.

ampoule arial,sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>The nine nominees for Employee of the Year were:

Dori Boyer – Community Development
Tim Dunn – Community Development
Edward Rodriguez – Finance & Technology
Steven DeFratus – Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships
Laura Robinson – Police Department
Jose Dirzo – Public Works
Keith Fowler – Public Works
Kristie Frederickson – Public Works
Debra Martinez – Ventura Water

The five nominees for Supervisor of the Year were:

Kevin Cook – Finance & Technology
Thomas Hoffman – Fire Department
Luis Manzano – Fire Department
Stacey Zarazua – Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships
Kenny Welch – Police Department

Keith Fowler was selected as Employee of the Year. Keith has worked for the City of Ventura for 9 years and is a Public Works Supervisor. He was the Project Manager for the Community Development Block Grant federally funded projects including the Westpark Community Center kitchen remodel. Keith manages citywide renovation projects and is the project manager for the Pier maintenance. Through his expertise, the Pier project was a success and visitors could walk the pier during the pile driving and maintenance activities. Keith is a great City ambassador and he’s proud to be living and working here.

Kevin Cook was recognized as Supervisor of the Year. Kevin has worked for the City of Ventura for 6 years. Kevin is the Enterprise Systems Development Supervisor and ensures that city staff receive excellent IT customer service. His expertise and skills are invaluable and result in solutions that enhance staff use of technology in performing their jobs. Kevin is a trusted and respected member of his team and an invaluable City of Ventura employee.

City Manager Mark Watkins said, “We are blessed in the City of Ventura to have a dedicated group of employees who bring a positive spirit and a professional attitude to work with them every day. Kevin and Keith exemplify that spirit with a can-do attitude that motivates others and creates a great work environment. I am proud of all of our city employees and especially proud to congratulate Keith Fowler as our Employee of the Year and Kevin Cook as our Supervisor of the Year.


Keith Fowler  Kevin Cook
Keith Fowler, Employee of the Year                  Kevin Cook, Supervisor of the Year



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