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    Climate Fanatics Slashing Tires In 18 Countries, Including U.S.

    Climate fanatics have turned their agenda against the civilization they live in into a war, more or less.

    Their latest protest involves their campaign to slash the tires of SUVs.

    But there’s a lot more these days, too.

    A report from One America News documents that one “far-left international organization” now has expanded its operations to 18 nations.

    Part of that is the encouragement for radicals to “puncture the tires of parked sports utility vehicles” in order to “fight global warming.”

    Of course, replacing those tires actually generations more industrial activity. And the slashed tired likely end up in a dump.

    The report cited the U.K.-based organization known as the Tyre Extinguishers, which has boasted of tire-deflation operations in American cities including Boston, Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco, as well as locations in England, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

    “Reports coming in of very angry #CarShaggers who are upset they can’t drive their massive tanks around Lisbon. Oh no!” the group said. “Welcome to the fun, Portugal! Now that we’ve had our first action in Lisbon, where’s next?”

    They reportedly leave notes on cars they vandalize saying, “ATTENTION – your gas guzzler kills.”

    The group claims to have vandalized 10,000 vehicles already.

    Other vandals have put paint on pieces of art, or the have glued themselves to that art, in a campaign whose goal seems less than clear.

    Image by <a href=httpspixabaycomusersScozzy 5694254utm source=link attributionutm medium=referralutm campaign=imageutm content=2432059>Scozzy<a> from <a href=httpspixabaycomutm source=link attributionutm medium=referralutm campaign=imageutm content=2432059>Pixabay<a>

    And report from the Daily Mail warns that “climate activists” are scheming to inflict a “large-scale civil disobedience campaign” that could include highway blockages, hunger strikes and various “disruptions” at federal properties in the U.S. later this summer.

    That warning comes from officials with a group known as Extinction Rebellion.

    “In a videoconference, which attended, the Europeans taught their U.S. allies how to raise money, boost membership and recruit scores of ‘arrestable’ members to spearhead the most aggressive protests.”

    “What we want to do is create a large-scale civil disobedience campaign on the climate catastrophe in the United States,” Roger Hallam, a spokesman for a related group, XR, said.

    To date, they been involved in protests in Maryland and outside the home of Sen. Chuck Schumer in New York.

    Following an attack at the National Gallery of Art, where vandals threw paint on a Degas status, organizer Tim Martin said, “We struck a chord there … so that’s a good thing.”

    In Europe, numbers of radicals have chained themselves to aircraft, blocked runways to prevent jets from taking off, and more.

    One of the more extreme measures is an agenda to kill cattle in Ireland.

    Fox News reports Elon Musk responded to the agenda put forward to eliminate 200,000 cows “to meet the European Union’s climate change goals.”

    “This really needs to stop. Killing some cows doesn’t matter for climate change,” Musk tweeted Saturday, responding to author Ashley St. Clair.

    St. Clair had tweeted an editorial in the Cowboy State Daily that said< “Ireland Looking To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change; Are US Herds Next?”

    Brussels reportedly had pressured Ireland to begin the campaign.

    A report said the Irish Department of Agriculture was considering ways to cut emissions from farming.

    Killing 65,000 cows a year for three years would help, the scheme charged.

    “Reports like this only serve to further fuel the view that the government is working behind the scenes to undermine our dairy and livestock sectors,” Tim Cullinan, president of the Irish Farmers’ Association, told The Telegraph.

    He said beef production simply would change locations.



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    Caitlin, Sue and @realjesse, Enrique
    Caitlin, Sue and @realjesse, Enrique
    3 months ago

    Haven’t these tire slashers heard? Our planet Earth, which they claim to want to protect, is GREENER than ever in several lifetimes! Why? Because of all the CO2 spewed by these off-road vehicles and all the other CO2-spewing vehicles. So if you catch one of these tire slashers, do the Earth a favor and kill them on the spot. They are dangerous to life on Earth.

    3 months ago

    Disappointing that the Journal would perpetuate the labeling and equating of criminal groups and their criminal activities as “left wing.”

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