Clinton corruption and our 2 ‘justice’ systems

ColumnLogo-1By Larry Klayman

The president of Brazil, having been impeached for far less than the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by President Bill Clinton, the Wicked Witch of the Left Hillary Clinton’s equally felonious hubby, was convicted Thursday for mismanaging and lying to the people about the Brazilian budget. The Brazilian people now have thrown Dilma Rouseff out of office. And, on top of this, previous Brazilian President Lula da Silva is now being tried for taking bribes with regard to the state-run oil company, Petrobras. Not long ago, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was also tried for bribery and then convicted. He is now serving time in an Israeli prison, while Bill Clinton and his wife are poised to retake the throne in our White House.


For those in the general public of this nation who have been led to believe that the United States has the most honest justice system in the world, as lawyers say, “res ipsa loquiter,” meaning “the facts speak for themselves.” To the contrary, as typified by the recent dive taken by the FBI Director James Comey – as orchestrated by his superior, “Obama in a Skirt” Attorney General Loretta Lynch, by looking the other way on the rank bribery and racketeering enterprise commonly known as the Clinton Foundation, much less the admittedly “extremely careless use” of her private email server – our disgraceful justice system is so infected with sleaze that it smells worse than an open and putrid septic tank. Brazil, Israel and a number of other nations frankly are more honest when it comes to holding their political elites legally accountable.

While leftist networks such as CNN and MSNBC like it that way so long as Hillary Clinton is not held to account for her crimes – clearing the way for her election to the presidency and finishing Obama’s legacy by implementing a total socialist takeover of the United States – ethical Americans, no matter what their political persuasion, now see our justice system for what it is. Tragically, 240 years after our Founding Fathers declared independence in Philadelphia largely over a corrupt justice system administered to by the British Crown, the nation has come full circle. One of our greatest Founding Fathers and third American president predicted this moral, ethical and legal decline and advocated revolution at least every other generation to drive the cockroaches from our body politic before they figuratively kill all of us in a “sea of black fever,” as occurred in the City of Brotherly lover during the years in and around 1776. And, we are indeed at that point again, with the majority in this country now seeing that we have not one but two corrupt justice systems: one for the beautiful “elite” people that are part of the Democrat and Republican establishments, like Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton (not to mention the Muslim King Obama), and another for the rest of us peasants.

And, it is not just that the mask has been removed from the false notion of an “equally just” justice system, it’s the constant and rank lying that continues by our elites, including most of our so-called “independent” politically appointed federal judges, that is most disgusting and fatal. Let us, just as a case study, dissect one aspect of the way the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal has been handled by the FBI and its master, the Justice Department.

The bottom line is this: If the director of the FBI had been serious about investigating the crimes of Hillary Clinton and retrieving all of those 30,000-plus emails that were criminally deleted permanently and professionally by her lawyers in the firm of Williams and Connelly, he could have ordered his agents to obtain them under subpoena from our intelligence agencies, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As Edward Snowden and another whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, have revealed, these agencies have everyone’s emails without exception, and can and have accessed them for nefarious and coercive purposes undoubtedly to do the bidding of our political elites. But when the tables are turned and this “collection” of emails can be accessed to further justice, with probable cause concerning the alleged crimes of the Wicked Witch of the Left and her ilk, they suddenly become off limits.

Clearly, Director Comey and Attorney General Lynch have legitimate “probable cause” to gain access though the NSA and CIA to all of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Having obtained preliminary injunctions on two occasions against Obama and his NSA’s illegal access to hundreds of millions of American’s telephonic metadata, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the unconstitutional violations of our Fourth Amendment when it suited our corrupt government.

In short, to put it simply, obtaining the Wicked Witch’s email would not violate the Fourth Amendment, particularly given Comey’s forced admissions that there is at a minimum probable cause that Clinton had acted “extremely carelessly,” that is, likely committed crimes, with the unauthorized use of her private email server that exposed national-security classified information – including but not limited to the whereabouts of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and my clients’ sons, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith, now all dead at the hands of Muslim terrorists – to certain hacking by our nation’s enemies, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose mullahs and supreme leader are terrorists.

So when FBI and Obama Justice Department officials seek to explain how difficult it is to get at the truth about the alleged crimes of Hillary Clinton, they not only lack all credibility, they are also insulting the intelligence of the people who actually believe in justice.

It is now apparent that the elites in government have totally broken away from any accountability for equal justice, when their ax is likely to be gored. And, when officials like Director Comey are asked to lay their legal heart and soul on the line, notwithstanding the sleazy head of our Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, they simply circle the wagons and exit stage left. They know that if they go against Hillary Clinton, their own careers, much more the personal safety of themselves and their families, will be put at risk.

And, this is why our disgraced republic is now on death row, and this is why We the People must now rise up, a la Jefferson, and remove these cockroaches legally from our body politic!

The die has sadly been recast, and we must summon the courage and idealism of our forefathers to reclaim our beloved nation. We cannot at present expect our “justice system” to do what now regrettably is our work!

See Larry’s recent interview on Fox News about the Clinton email scandal.

Republished with author’s permission

Larry Klayman is the Founder of Freedom Watch USA and Judicial Watch, specializing in public interest litigation

Media wishing to interview Larry Klayman, or for more information, contact Freedom Watch at [email protected].

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