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    CNN Continues To Be The Mouthpiece Of Progressive Liberal Politics

    Greg Albaugh | Citizens Journal Contributor

    As I was walking through the hotel lobby, I saw the anchor on CNN speaking about the independent audit of Maricopa Co. in Arizona. The firm that was hired to do the forensic audit is a little-known group called the Cyber Ninjas. They have been doing an audit of the county to evaluate the 2020 presidential election results.

    They are evaluating the voting machines, hand counting ballots, and evaluating the ballots for depression marks to make sure the marks oval were not created by a printer. This is what I would call an extremely fine-toothed comb.

    This type of audit has never been done before and the fact that they are not only recounting the ballots but actively looking for signs of tampering has put CNN on full alert. The audit results should be made public soon so to head off any verdict that would put President Joe Biden’s position in question, they have begun the character assassination of the firm conducting the audit.

    To better position themselves, the phrase “the big lie” are consistently on the television screen. That way, the left leaning viewers do not have to have the sound on to know they are taking the righteous high ground.

    A fairly liberal election official was interviewed and gave testimony that this type of audit is beyond what has ever been done before. In an almost mocking tone, the audit was downplayed as overkill.

    Brianna Keilar, anchor of the CNN morning show recounted that the company, Cyber Ninjas, has supervisors walking the counting floor with cell phone jammers so that the entire process is shrouded in secrecy. The reporter who was let into the facility to observe had to stay in a viewing stand far off the counting floor. She said she had to use binoculars to see what was going on far below.

    When they approached workers outside the facility to find out what was going on the supervisor with the cowboy hat interrupted the encounter and the worker escaped.

    Since they could not get the scoop on what the Ninjas were up to, they began discrediting the company and the CEO personally.

    Reports somehow linked Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas, and former president Donald Trump however this was not explained well to the viewers. The link, however flimsy, is enough to discredit the entire process in the eyes of the typical CNN loyalist. Confirmation bias via conjecture outweighs fact every time in the legacy media business.

    Why is the integrity of the election still an issue?

    In the last 9 months there have been several instances of newly elected president Joe Biden’s incompetence. The border crisis, inflation, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and his inability to speak clearly and coherently to the press and foreign leaders to name a few. The true believers should start questioning a little bit when they put the $5 per gallon gas in their Land Rovers.

    The question still remains; what happened in November 2020? Well, to be accurate it probably started in January 2017 when Donald Trump took office. He threatened the entire Beltway establishment proudly proclaiming, “I am an outsider”! He made it perfectly clear that he was working for the American people and would not make nice with those that did not agree with his agenda. The professional politicians who mostly were democrats feared for their political lives and began an all-out assault on his character.

    The battle cry from the democrats was he was a threat to democracy. I have asked many zealots how he threatened democracy. No tangible answer to this question is currently available but the CNN faithful will argue that point vigorously.

    Was there either election fraud or some type of partisan manipulation in the 2020 election? Those in power would deny this vehemently. When the claims of election fraud were publicized on mainstream and social media following the election, nothing was done about it. Lawsuits were filed and sworn affidavits were collected. Firsthand accounts of fraud were posted on Facebook. Novice citizen reporters outside Maricopa polling places had people saying that the poll workers made them use Sharpie markers to fill out the ballots. (This would invalidate the ballot and allow the ballot official to adjudicate them by hand in secrecy).

    The most frustrating part of this process, minus the prospect of a Biden/Harris administration, is the fact that they did not even entertain us with a sham investigation. Millions of dollars were wasted on the Russian collusion hoax which was fabricated by the Clintons.

    President Obama weaponized the NSA to spy on the Trump campaign. These gross violations of the law and others will never be spoken of again by an anchor on CNN. All of this subversion is required to maintain the status quo.

    After the appropriate time interval claiming there was no undue influence on the election, Time magazine published a heroic report on the “Shadow Campaign that saved the 2020 election”. This was the cooperation of big industry, the labor unions, big tech and the mainstream media on an all-out character assassination and polling manipulation to discredit President Trump. Almost everything he claimed and was ridiculed for was confessed in this tell all tribute to the heroes who saved democracy. They also saved their jobs and reputations because having a president who was not on the take could have threatened both.

    CNN likes to call it “the Big Lie” however they ignore the bigger lies and vow never to speak of the biggest lie. Some of the bigger lies include the fact that liberal democrats, especially the squad, pushing Green Socialism, hate America and everything that it stands for. This is evident in the nonstop assault on almost every institution that hasn’t taken a vow of wokeness. Another is the fact that democrats who claim to be the protectors of Blacks in America, have not improved their situation in the last 50 years. I know this sounds evil, but it seems if they really cared about the blacks in America, they would quit treating them like they were 2/3 of a human and hold them to an acceptable standard. Democrats have been actively suppressing the black population in the inner cities for decades. If they lose their oppressed class, they will lose that cause to champion.

    The biggest lie however, is who is running our country? Joe Biden obviously is not. Leaked videos showing him walking through the bushes to get to his office is proof of this.

    His handlers will not let him speak without a script and they tell him which reporters to call on in White House press conferences. Yesterday’s disaster with British prime minster, Boris Johnson is an excellent example. In addition, Vice President Kamala Harris has been conspicuously absent for the past few weeks. This leaves the question, which non-elected government officials are running the country? That question should scare the hell out of us.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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