Cohabitation Lowers Marriage Probability/Quality, Child Well-Being

“‘We liked to be together, so it was cheaper and more convenient. It was a quick decision but if it didn’t work out there was a quick exit…[Then] we had all this furniture. We had our dogs and all the same friends. It just made it really, really difficult to break up.’”
NY Times, “The Downside to Cohabiting Before Marriage.”
Cohabitation Decreases the Odds of Marriage
A study using the 2006–2013 National Survey of Family Growth reveals that cohabitation in the first year (when most couples move in together) decreases the odds of future marriage.
Cohabitation Weakens Marital Quality 
A report by UVA indicates that living together before a clear commitment is established decreases future marital quality.
Cohabitation Perpetuates Social Inequality
A new article in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows that disadvantaged children have greater odds of experiencing relationship transitions. In turn, family instabilityincreases the likelihood of being in cohabiting relationships that do not end in marriage.
Cohabitation Increases the Risk of Marital Dissolution
An assessment examining data from the 1970- 2015 National Surveys of Family Growth, demonstrates that cohabitation continues to increase the risk of divorce.
Cohabitation Lowers
Child Wellbeing
A review of the latest research on cohabitation concludes that children in cohabiting relationships have lower levels of wellbeing. An articlein Sociology of Education specifies that changes in a mother’s residential partner decreases children’s verbal ability, increases attention problems and externalizing problems (especially for boys).
 Explore more research about the effects of cohabitation on financial and marital stability at Marripedia.
BLOG: Sex, Fathers, and the Future 
The total population of North, Central, and South America is less than a billion.  Europe’s population is much less. Africa’s population is about one billion. 
In the last 100 years the world has eliminated one billion children through abortion. In other words, whole continents. World War II was a walk in the park compared to this. The US alone has aborted 58 million infants (the whole population of the US as it came into the twentieth century) and almost the same as the total populations killed in World War II the bloodiest war in human history. Clearly, we “do sex” the wrong way, in a very wrong way. Humankind has never “done it” so wrong.  Continue reading here…
For the good of the child — the future of America,
Pat Fagan, Ph.D.
Director of the MARRI Project
Catholic University of America

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