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    Colleges Cannot Require the Needle



    You have authority over your own body

    My in-box was flooded with messages from parents frantic over hearing that colleges and universities would be requiring the Covid vaccine in the fall.

    Friends, why are you relying on the headlines?

    The mainstream media is there to stir you up into a frenzy.

    You need to dig deeper.

    Or, watch the videos where I dig deeper.


    • Covid vaccines are not approved by the FDA.
    • Covid vaccines have an “emergency use authorization” (EUA).
    • That means the covid vaccines are medical experiments.
    • Masks and covid tests are also medical experiments.
    • No one can force you or your child to participate in a medical experiment.
    • You have the right to refuse consent.
    • Medical and religious exemptions to covid vaccines, masks and tests must be accommodated by law.

    WATCH my NEW VIDEO below to see why and how to be exempt from covid vaccines

    Click on the image above to watch my video about NO CONSENT TO THE NEEDLE or click this link below:

    Mask-Free Resources

    Religious exemption letters to submit to your employer, school or general use

    Religious Exemption Badge

    UPDATED! U.S. Civil Rights Protection against masks, tests and VACCINES
    (#5 at the link below)

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    New videos are added nearly every day to my ad-free, censorship-free, exclusive video platform here:

    • Krispy Kreme and JAB!
    • Arrested for trespassing and taken to jail by the cop she called for HELP!
    • Freedom Learning Success Story!
    • Where are all the people?
    • I will Never Comply
    • SPARS Pandemic Prediction Coming

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    Thanks to those HEALTHY AMERICANS who are on board with us here. It helps me continue to do this important work.

    Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

    “Greeting from San Mateo, California, I’m in the deepest darkest part of California… the Bay Area, where people are so brainwashed. It’s so sad and I pray as I pass the masked people, for their eyes to be opened. So happy you’re on this private platform, Peggy. Thank you for all your encouragement. Keep up the good work! God bless you and all the other HEALTHY AMERICANS.”

    — Eddy A.

    “Oh my, this platform is awesome! Congrats on getting it up and running! I’m tuning in from a town near Houston, TX. I’m super grateful for all of your and your team’s hard work!” — Kerry

    “Peggy I just came across your work from another video on another website and I watched it start to finish and now I’m hooked! So I’ve subscribed and think it was a solid decision on my part.” — Sandy H.

    Get your state laws that defend your rights!

    Click here to get the laws for your state — instant download!

    Peggy, I already gave these to a manager at my health food store and I was able to shop with out a mask. They are really well-prepared and I feel smarter now!” – Linda S.

    “I was grocery shopping at Aldi this morning and saw an Amish woman wearing a mask beneath her nose/over her mouth. The Amish community has been pressured to conform.

    I gave her a copy of the federal non-discrimination laws that you’ve compiled and explained that she is perfectly legal. She WELCOMED the information. She does not want to mask! Amongst other things, I told her I have been mask-free at the weekly County Commissioners meetings, the Indiana Statehouse on February 3, and frequent the Goshen post office with NO ISSUES.

    Thank you for all of your effort. It is GREATLY appreciated.”


    Choose which state laws you need and they are available as an instant download for your personal use or to make copies to leave with business establishments to educate them on your rights and the laws that protect them.

    Thank you for saving me hours of time on this research! I want to know what these laws are so I can be confident in my rights. I printed them out and carry them with me on a clipboard and it looks official, so people don’t bother me.

    Don R.



    Went to Walmart today and walked in without a mask, of course. The security guard walks up to me signaling me where’s my mask as her nose 👃 was sticking out of her mask. Lol I told her I have a medical exemption and religious exemption card, (which I always wear around my neck in public stores) she walked away and I went in to shop. Thank you Jesus! The stores that allow me to to shop so far without a mask when you show them your religious exemption card are Walmart, Lucky’s, and Rite Aid.
    Shelly Babick


    I am grateful for YOU!

    Your prayers, donations and kind words of encouragement help me persist in this battle.

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    I could not do this important work without your help.

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    Every email from you is read, and appreciated.

    Thank you for your patience as we reply, as it can take several days or weeks, with the volume of inquiries we receive.

    Pastor David and I are BLESSED beyond measure by knowing you.

    Our heart and soul are filled with gratitude for your advocacy, and please know that YOU ARE PRAYED FOR and CARED FOR in our constant work.

    with the warmest well wishes for brighter days ahead,


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    1 year ago

    If feel so strongly about your right you should go live in the woods where you won’t be bothered by the rest of us.

    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    1 year ago

    I see one of the fearful mask-Karens has already been here to one-star this article…

    Fearful sheep or Bidenators, who hate America and love the Chinese way of life….

    1 year ago
    Reply to  George Pattone

    Exactly, they will all be arrested or fired for pushing a MNRA synthetic experimental gene therapy, Why? Does it have fetus tissue in it, making big money pushing poison! It’s an experiment, cant be forced why 2 and another after 12 months good doctors and nurses coming forth from around the globe!

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