Come to Tuesday Oxnard City Council meeting re: 1st year 56% utility rate increases

EditorialBy Phil Molina 

Mr.Aaron Starr, CPA and I spoke today about the Oxnard’s proposed 3 utilities rate increases. We agree that there are issues with those proposed rate increases that are significant so we oppose the rates increases.
We ask that you join us this Tuesday to voice your opposition to the rate increases Oxnard is proposing.  Tell the city officials a truly  “transparent democracy”, one that wants the people to participate, should mail out a self addressed postage paid ballot so Oxnard citizens can more easily submit their vote.
We also agree that everyone who reads this email must take the time and COME to the council meeting this Tuesday to voice your objection to the rates increases and to ask…ordemand that the city of Oxnard issue a mailer with a self addressed postage paid return ballot in order to get citizen participation in this important decision.
Please join Aaron and me at the next council meeting this Tuesday to demand that our right to vote on whether the city goes forward or not with the increase be provided and not minimized. Tell your neighbors and friends to join us too.
We call on every business and residential user in Oxnard to come to the council meeting to both voice their concerns about the rates  increases and to demand that the city use a self addressed postage paid return ballot to  every residential and business in Oxnard to obtain our input.
Phillip Molina, CPA
Aaron Starr, CPA
NOTE: This item is not on the agenda, so pick up a blue speaker card, enter your name and Agenda item “F,” which is public comments on items not on the agenda. Give it to the City Clerk up in front, on the left. You will be called to speak. Here is the AGENDA.

Good article by Mr. Aaron Starr. There is one small correction that might be important: the text of the law is that if 50% plus 1 vote against the rate increases determined by the total of the votes cast the city must stop the proposed rate increases. That doesn’t mean that 20,000 +1 must vote against the increase to stop the city. For example, if  the city receives 5,000 total responses and 2501 respond (50%+1) against the rate increases, the city must stop the increases. My concern is the article could make it sound impossible to stop the city, but that is not the case! (SEE ACTUAL LAGUAGE BELOW.)


If we work to make sure everyone who receives a notice actually votes, I am sure we can stop the city from increasing our utilities rates!


If the city actually wanted public participation it would send the notices with a self addressed postage paid envelope.


Ca. Constitution Article XIIID:


Sec 4

(e) The agency shall conduct a public hearing upon the proposed assessment not less than 45 days after mailing the notice of the proposed assessment to record owners of each identified parcel. At the public hearing, the agency shall consider all protests against the proposed assessment and tabulate the ballots. The agency shall not impose an assessment if there is a majority protest. A majority protest exists if, upon the conclusion of the hearing, ballots submitted in opposition to the assessment exceed the ballots submitted in favor of the assessment. In tabulating the ballots, the ballots shall be weighted according to the proportional financial obligation of the affected property.


Sec 5

(a) Any assessment imposed exclusively to finance the capital costs or maintenance and operation expenses for sidewalks, streets, sewers, water, flood control, drainage systems or vector control. Subsequent increases in such assessments shall be subject to the procedures and approval process set forth in Section 4.


Phillip Molina, CPA, MBA, Certified Court Mediator​


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