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By Ronda Kennedy

I am grateful for your support during my 2020 campaign for Congress. I am running again in 2022 but, there is a much bigger campaign in Ventura County that needs immediate attention. I ask your support to Recall Linda Parks, Ventura County Supervisor-District 2.

For nearly a year Linda Parks has been acting outside her authority, making decisions on behalf of and taking money from the Gavin Newsom who is being recalled. She was elected to serve the people in Ventura County. She was NOT elected to serve Sacramento. Linda Parks should not govern. Ventura County cannot afford it! Our county should not be synonymous with lawless and unconstitutional acts.

Linda Parks is chair of the Board of Supervisors. She and her colleagues have acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally. They violated the First Amendment when they sued the “non-essential” Godspeak Church and violated the 1st and 5th Amendments when they sued the “non-essential” small business owners for turning on the lights, giving people jobs, and customers service. (The big box stores continue to thrive!)

I know the damage Linda Parks’s decisions has caused because I have stood alongside those that have been sued. I have listened to countless tales of heartbreak and despair from parents, children (including my own!), teachers, doctors, nurses, janitors, restaurant workers, hair stylists, fitness experts, and even CEOs.

None among us argues that COVID does not exist or that there was a time, a short time, at the beginning when abundant caution was necessary. But, long ago that “emergency” ended and the tyranny began.

We do not elect civil servants to govern our health. Nothing in the US Constitution nor that of California gives elected officials and unelected bureaucrats carte blanche to turn our worlds upside down by closing churches, schools, small businesses, public parks, nature trails, beaches, and the ocean itself! The absurdity of what they have done would be hilarious if the results had not destroyed lives and livelihoods, crippling our local economy. Can we recover? We do not know, but we must try.

The first step is ridding our government of unlawfully and unconstitutionally acting elected civil servants. Linda Parks is the first.

The recall campaign is much bigger than simply “firing” her. Doing so begins restoring our faith, family, and freedom, and the prosperity promise enshrined in our American way of life.
Please visit the website:

Whether or not you can sign the petition depends on whether or not you live in Linda Parks’s district. BUT, everyone can help rid our government of elected staff, (Linda Parks), who are not doing the job she was hired (elected) to do! Your time helping collect signatures and/or financial support are essential!
Some Notes

The swamps in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C. are fed by the swamp here at home. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors is the headwaters, fed by local tributaries flowing from city councils and school boards. The most perplexing question centers on money. All of the swamps get their money from our tax-paying pockets, so why do Linda Parks and her colleagues seek to destroy small businesses, crippling the owners, demoralizing families, leaving communities tatters.


What does a County Supervisor do? (Click to read more.)
A. Leverkuhn | Last Modified Date: February 06, 2021

“A county supervisor is a member of a local government board that helps to provide local legislation, budgeting and more by voting on issues in public meetings. The supervisor is a rural equivalent to a city council member.”

Board of Supervisors (Click to read more.)

“Unlike the separation of powers that characterizes the federal and state governments, the Board of Supervisors is both the legislative and the executive authority of the county. It also has quasi-judicial authorities.

Board Structure

Government Code Section 25000 requires each county to have a Board of Supervisors consisting of five members. The section applies to general law counties and to charter counties, except where the charter provides otherwise (e.g., San Francisco City and County has eleven members and one mayor). A board member must be a registered voter of, and reside in, the district from which the member is elected. A county charter can provide a local method for filling vacancies on the Board of Supervisors. In the absence of such a provision, the Governor appoints a successor.”

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William Hicks

My personal experience with Parks is ……she spends more time with open space and mountain lions than she does for her constituency that voted her into office. It seems like it’s longtime overdue to replace her.