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    Commentary | An open letter to Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul

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    by Naomi Fisher

    Senator Cruz: My friends and I are horrified at the conditions at our borders and we sympathize with and applaud you for fighting to get help for our Border Patrol, for the immigrants, to get necessary covid supplies and help for ICE — and most of all please, to get Biden to close the borders! You are correct this is a definite threat to our Nation in so many ways.

    It is our firm belief that the Dems in power of our Government are PURPOSELY causing the borders to collapse which will then bankrupt our Health and Human Services.

    Senator Paul: We also sympathize with and applaud you for fighting for gun rights and agree that is a direct assault on the Second Amendment allowing us having the right to self defend.

    It is also our firm belief the Dems in power fully intend to remove our human rights to self protection and having say over what we can and cannot do with own bodies; to completely strip us of all rights. Too many States in our Nation will not allow us to own switchblades, swords, and other identified self defense items as well as guns. Did you know there is a movement to remove Martial Arts from our Country? Other than Police, that would leave any kind of weapon only in the hands of punks and criminals.

    However, we strongly believe all of your problems are part of a much larger picture. You see, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, et. al., have publicly stated for years that they believe in the One World Order — or whatever the catch phrase for today.

    And that is what Biden and his cohorts want. A part of the big, One World Order, aka Agenda 21, Agenda 30: One Government, one currency, one language with an “Advisory Committee” overseeing the whole thing.

    As you know, President Trump withdrew us from the dreaded TPP. One of the first things Biden did was sign us back up. Some of my mathematical genius friends predict that by November our Health and Human Service will indeed be bankrupt. Others are predicting the banning of paper money so that everything, all bank transactions, all purchases, etc., will be done electronically. Therefore, all our finances available at a moments glance by the Government.

    It gets worse: Now, since covid 19 corporations will not hire or provide jobs if the applicant is not vaccinated. Also most of the HOA’s are demanding proof of vaccinations to enter the club house! Senators, the vaccine is A TRIAL. It has NOT been approved by the AMA. Many of us fear the side effects and/or do not want to be lab rats! Now Biden’s trying to order all hospitals to only admit vaccinated people!

    Biden doesn’t care about the borders, the immigrants, the crime, the riots, us. It’s easy to rule in chaos. He and his cadre are despots.

    A friend asked if I was going with her to our usual, local, big 4th of July fireworks celebration this year. I replied, “No, because there is no longer any need to celebrate our Independence. We are no longer the United States of America Sovereign Nation. We are now just one of many countries with open borders.”

    Senators Cruz and Paul — I believe with all my heart that that destruction is what our Country is experiencing today.

    I wonder if there is something all of you can do if you get together as one united front? Can you rid our Government of these Destroyers? When the courts refused to look at the ballot fraud I pretty much lost hope. And Trump’s plans for 2024? Great idea, but there is not much of a chance we will have a Nation for him to preside over by then.

    We were lucky, you and I, Senators. We lived in some of the best years of our Nation.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

    Naomi Fisher is a local resident

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    Michael A...
    Michael A...
    1 year ago

    Thanks Naomi. NEVER TRUST LIBERALS The reason? Simply put they are deluded by their perception of their own righteousness. Black Lives Matter? Accept bad behavior, it’s the skin color that matters! Climate change? Of course, us Godless liberals will save the world! Marxism taught in public schools? Of course! Chinese style group think, group control is the future! Covid virus started by a Chinese person eating a bat? Of course! The Fauxi told us so! (you get the picture)

    PH Beach Girl
    PH Beach Girl
    1 year ago

    Naomi Fisher,
    Do not give up hope on getting to the bottom of what happened on Nov. 3. A lot is happening “behind the scenes” The audit is continuing in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire. Do you watch Warroom Pandemic? They are the only media covering it.!!

    1 year ago
    Reply to  PH Beach Girl

    Thanks PH Beach Girl
    I’ll check it out.

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