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by Naomi Fisher

Recently I watched a Netflix video “Cowspiracy”. What a shock that was. And yet it is so fully and carefully documented as to leave no doubt that its message is true.

In a nutshell, the video proves that we cannot continue our eating habits. The world can no longer sustain what is known as “animal agriculture”, i.e., the raising of food, and the animals themselves that will be slaughtered, for human consumption

The rain forests, so vital to the world’s eco system are being decimated at an alarming rate to raise crops to feed those animals. Half of the land used for agriculture in our U.S. is used to grow food for animal agriculture. The video stressed over and over that animal agriculture is destroying our earth much faster than anything else we humans are doing. In 2012 there were 7 billion people on the planet and…70 billion farm animals! Just think what it is today because according to John Jeavons, Author of “How to Grow More Vegetables”, 216,000 people are born on this planet EVERY DAY. And the animals are grown to feed them.

One man interviewed said, “Our planet is being eaten alive in front of our eyes.

For instance:
1.  Nearly half of all the water used in the United States goes to raising animals for food
2.  Animals raised for food produce approximately 130 times as much excrement as the entire human population and animal farms pollute our waterways. This pollution goes into rivers and oceans. Therefore, animal agriculture is the number one cause of water pollution. It is responsible for more water pollution than all other industrial sources combined.
3.  Cattle consume so many gallons of water you’d save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you would if you didn’t shower for six months
4. Specifically, we lose 55 square feet of rain forest for every single meal with meat.
5.  Every six seconds, an acre of rain forest is cut down for cattle farming.
6.  About 260 million acres of U.S. forests have been cleared in order to create cropland to produce feed for animals raised for food.

Creating this video took a tremendous amount of personal courage. Thanks to a hidden pork barrel “Food Disparagement Law” buried in the Patriot Act, it is illegal to say anything TRUE OR FALSE that is disparaging to the food industry.

So he could be sued!

After all, Oprah Winfrey and Howard Lyman, a guest on her show were sued for discussing Mad Cow disease. Mr. Lyman said it took five years and hundreds of thousands of dollars before the court ruled in their favor. Ms. Winfrey will not discuss it.

It has gotten so bad many activists that are dedicated to clean and whole food living with plant and non-animal proteins are targeted by the food industry as criminals because they speak out.

Wait a minute! What about Article I of the Bill of Rights, guaranteeing us Freedom of Speech?

Under the Bill of Rights, That Food Disparagement Law is illegal. That case should never have been brought to court. Yet that law is being rigidly upheld. It seems big industry does not want their “cash cow” disturbed in any way. Specifically in our eating less beef or chemically altered foods.

Yet, in reality, we MUST alter our diets to save our earth. Please, do yourself a favor and watch that video! It is possibly THE most important thing you will do this week.

Here are links to the video and some other sites that state facts:

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Patriot Act and Food Disparagement Law links:

Rebecca Turano April 2010 prepared an academic requirement for agricultural law course at  Pennsylvania State University’s Dickinson School of Law. The Winfrey/Lyman law suit cited.

Patriot Act n Food Disparagement Law = HG.ORG legal resources “Disparagement Law, the Patriot Act and the Food Industry”

Before The Flood

Also see: Wikipedia,

Notable cases

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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  1. William Hicks September 30, 2018 at 12:32 pm


    We can all become India and have a high percentage of our population starving, just like many people that choose to not eat meat.


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