Commentary | Colonial Pipeline: Destroyer, EPA Non-Existent, DOT Ineffective


by Naomi Fisher

From 2019 to present there have been 38 gasoline spills in North Carolina — 31 of them were from Colonial Pipeline.

This last spill was 1.2 million gallons in a natural preserve. It took Colonial eight months to announce that figure and a news report said there is new info suggesting that amount is actually higher. Also in much of the East Coast the price of gasoline soared because gasoline became scarce.

One video (link below) shows gallons of gasoline from a previous spill floating down a river and workers trying to control it to keep it from spreading.

The Colonial Pipeline goes from Texas through South and North Carolina all the way to Maine. It crosses rivers, including the Mississippi. In the last 20 years, Colonial has had over 200 leaks! Colonial says those leaks are the result of former repairs — that exist all along the pipeline — and are known to fail! But nothing is being done, just DOT’S (Dept Transportation) orders to list all similar repairs and improve detection! Unbelievably, Colonial said they are doing “…some of what DOT wants”.

All the above facts are available in the videos and articles, links below.

That whole scenario is mind boggling.

First of all, Colonial makes money off of the public for its product of gasoline. One would expect that  Colonia would make sure their product was safe and reliable for their customers, that they would ensure protecting the environment so they could keep drilling.

That leaves only one conclusion: Colonial has strings to pull that guarantee they will not be closed down!

Is this only the jurisdiction of DOT? Or, where is the EPA? Supposedly our other protector. Supposedly the protector of our environment.

Instead of protectors are both agencies simply paper-pushing machines that are either afraid to exercise their muscle or have been and are, being paid to let that muscle atrophy?

I’m going to quote the gentleman on Redacted Tonight  (link below): “Pipelines are a critical part of our infrastructure, somebody needs to take control, make examples, and be able to close them down and give to another company….” He also stated that Colonial’s business license be revoked and I totally agree with him on both counts.

As with all other graft occurring in our Nation we must start standing up and fighting for honesty, concern for our fellow humans, preservation of this Earth, preservation of our Constitution and our Nation.

Please: Call your Federal Senators and Representatives. Tell them to shut down Colonial until it can safely transport its product.

Redacted Tonight, Keep your Eyes on Colonial Pipeline w/ Robbie Jaeger, 4/22/21
FOX 46 News shows river w/gasoline on river in previous spills, then update of NC
CBS News: Update on Colonial Pipeline Spill
Largest Gas Spill in Years

WAFA 90.7, BBC World Service

Naomi Fisher is a local resident
The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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