Commentary | Gruesome Newsom

By John Jay

There are many, many reasons why voters should vote for someone other that our current governor, Gruesome Newsom.  Here are just a few of the more
significant reasons out of the dozens of reasons:
1.  Dictator Newsom issued a decree, over a year ago, that all cities in California must, repeat must, build high density housing on every acre of open space throughout each city.  Low cost housing was the objective, but there is no low cost housing anywhere in California except for tents, small trailers, and dog houses!!!  This massive, mandatory building decree has caused all  of the following horrors in our cities:  crowded streets, hundreds of pot holes  in every street, crowded freeways, more pollution, higher taxes, more diseases
and so forth, ad nauseam!
2.  Forrest fires everywhere:  Why?   No manned watch towers in any area the way it was a long time ago!!   So, with no one watching, the fires get out of control before anyone gets a clue like “Hey that looks like it might be a fire!  There is a lot of smoke; maybe someone should investigate to see what it is!!”  Also, there is no real, truly effective fire prevention program
under Newsom’s dictatorship!
3.  High speed rail costing over a billion dollars:  Nice idea but the cost is far too great and Gruesome Newsom knows it!!  Japan, and European nations, including Russia, have massive rail systems with hundreds of high speed trains, that they built for one 5th  of that cost, for each system!
4.  Dictating the closure of thousands of businesses due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  Flu has killed far more people than Covid 19 each year, but that does not matter.  The king has spoken!  Let the peasants obey, or else!
I could go on and on, with a dozen other reasons, but I have to stop, since space is limited, in this forum.
The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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The whole project was a lie from the get go. The supposed passenger carry rate was almost that of the Japanese rail line between Tokyo and Osaka. That line is fed by hundreds of convenient-to-use feeder lines. The trains are truly high speed going from one truly major population center to another major populations center. There is no way any rail line even going from downtown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco is going to equal the passenger carry rate that the Japan shinkansen has. Even that speedy, clean, on-time train did not have the first-year carry rate that was projected for the Brownsdoggle the first year.

C. Collier

The only real error that I see in this is the cost of the “high speed” rail system. It’s now over 62 billion and, to the best of my knowledge, they’ve not even laid any track for it. The original cost was to have been something along the lines of 11 billion for the completed route. Newsolini loves throwing more money at the waste that was originally known as the Browndoggle.

And do we even need to remind people that it’s not even a true hig-speed train?

Erlich King

Well put Gruesome Newsome has got to go.