Commentary | Hillary Clinton A Dangerous Foe



by Naomi Fisher

Hillary Clinton should be never again be allowed as a nominee for President and should be denied any future role in politics. She is unbecoming a leader who’s job is to unite a nation. Instead she is encouraging a complete division in our Country, i.e. Republican against Democrat.

This divide started when she was Senator. Remember, President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” With a lot of help from Hillary, we now have an escalating civil war in our Congress impairing our Government’s ability to function. It appears she and DNC SuperPACS see dividing our nation as fun and joyous actions.

Hillary Clinton was nominated as candidate for President of the United States by citizens of our Country because they believed in her, believed she would do her best to take care of our Country and our people. But Hillary is not taking care of us or taking care of our Nation as she promised. She is guilty of Dereliction of Duty as a candidate who is no longer promoting unity for a Nation.

Example, while Hillary was Secretary of State she had a duty to follow procedure, which included security protocol. By destroying her emails – which, by the way, I have been told are still housed on NSA email servers because there is no way to destroy these emails – she did not follow protocol and tried to cover up her flagrant disregard for security.

Hillary is doing her best to derail the operation of our Nation’s government. Heaven knows it’s bad enough now. Just think what it would be like if she, and therefore only Democrats, had complete control over our Administration and worked only with other like-minded Democrats.

Our forefathers founded this Nation and wrote our Constitution with the express purpose of FREEDOM. Freedom of religion, of speech, of free elections and to live our lives as we wished as long as it did not infringe on others life or freedom.

Yet Hillary is taking those very freedoms away from us by using her office to bend us to her will. She is attacking and undermining our Republic; undermining the promise to our people of Democracy. Her very actions are attempting to destroy our Bill of Rights, throw our precious U.S. into chaos, therefore leaving us vulnerable to the One World Order. Hillary has publicly stated multiple times she believes we should become a part of that hideous concept.

Just think, no difference in culture, in beliefs, in actions, word or deed, the world over. All uniqueness destroyed. Only the rich and the peons. And, in such a restrictive world where would be the fairness? How would the peons live or survive? Does anyone out there truly think the rich would take care of the poor in such worldwide conditions? Would they really care or take the time to examine how the poor live or understand their daily problems of survival or even conceptualize their financial difficulties? Hasn’t history proven otherwise?

Now, her divisive leadership is encouraging Congress to destroy American ideals of acceptance of each other and what it means to work together as a people of the United States, work for good leadership with a strong staff that understand their roles within D.C. to protect the American People. Hillary’s voice does not speak for the people of the United States. Hillary speaks for foreign Nations who disrespect the law and Constitution of the United States, Nations which are bent on destroying our people’s ability to know the truth, tell the truth and remain a sovereign Nation.

CNN debate moderator Anderson Cooper asked the presidential candidates last October which enemy they were most proud to have made during their political careers. In addition to the National Rifle Association, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, and the Iranians, [Hillary] Clinton said, “probably the Republicans.” link:   ;

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Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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