Commentary | In response to the shooting at the Borderline of Nov 7th 2018



By Bruce Boyer

Pray for the victims and the families. Honor our heroes. Prepare so as to prevent other acts of evil.

We have a situation with what appears to be a deeply troubled young man. His rage and anger drove him to commit an act of great evil. It is evil done by men. To combat evil, we must first recognize evil. That means to acknowledge that there is evil in the world, evil as defined by God, not defined by the men who commit the evil acts.  To stop evil we must reach out and love our neighbor; that will defeat evil. This we must do more of, we have fallen far short. We must create the mechanisms to provide help and intervention, not prosecution, to those who will accept help.

When they refuse help, as we understand the shooter did, and they act out in evil ways then we must fight and defeat the evil doers. We have fallen short here as well. Fight means first being willing, courage. Then using our weapons and skills. It is OUR duty to defend ourselves and one another from those who wish to do evil. That means not just our military and law enforcement are to fight, to shoot back. It means you, every citizen.

We must make the choice of courage. With courage we are to have the best means. That which each man or woman feels will best fit their need to defend themselves, their loved ones and neighbors. In making the choice of the means; if a person wants to carry a stick, that is their right and their choice.   Clear thinkers do not think a stick is very effective, it is only better than, nothing.  What clear thinkers know is the most effective is a gun.  It is your right to choose the means you wish. To carry a stick, a gun, both or neither.  Trusting our fellow citizens to make their best choice. We must uphold that basic right of self-defense. I ask all to understand that if you choose to not have the means to defend yourself. that means that you also lack the means to defend others, your neighbors, your loved ones. 

One cannot imagine what it would feel like to have someone harmed that one could have protected had they chosen to be equipped and to act. Do not shirk this duty.

Had any of the people at the Borderline been equipped with the means to defend themselves last night; It would have turned out much differently. If in knowing that they could be armed, the killer likely might not have even attempted the crime. He was a coward. Cowards are afraid to face those who can and will shoot back. They target defenseless victims. Take note that he chose to NOT come and have a shoot-out at the Sheriff’s station of at the gun range.  Deterrence is the best outcome. No one would have died. Had he still chosen to attack; armed citizens there would have stopped him, and yes perhaps getting themselves shot and killed in the process as our courageous Sgt. Helus was. That is a risk one chooses to take. Stopping the evil doers will not happen unless those with courage act and have the means to do so. All have the right to run and hide. Cowards who care nothing for others run or hide whether they have the means to fight or not. Running and hiding will not protect anyone else. Good men and women fight back, we shoot back.  I and many would prefer to be killed resisting rather than running or hiding. Being without the means to fight back makes most men cowards. Some will ‘lets roll” and go after the evil doers regardless, some. I ask you to understand that it is morally wrong to deny those who will fight, to shoot-back, the means to do so. Make the choice to be courageous. If you will not; then stand aside and do not prevent the rest of us from having the means to do so.

Evil is the world we live in; accept that and work to overcome evil. And stop those who do evil acts.

The views in this commentary are those of the author and are not those of Citizens Journal.

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff in the upcoming 2019 statewide special election for all 58 County Sheriffs

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