Commentary | Israel and Hamas Terrorists in Gaza


By John Jay

During WWII, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941), did everyone tell us “Don’t attack them back?” Hell no!!   After we started pounding them hard in 1942, did anyone tell us to stop? Hell no!

We spent 20 years going after Al Qaida.  We spent that long going after the Taliban, and 5 years going after ISIS.   So why is everyone complaining because Israel is taking just a few days to get even with Hamas? Why?

Hamas fired the first shot, just as the Japanese did in WWII! They have fired over 3,000 rockets into Israel killing innocent civilians, including children!! Why don’t we give Israel a few more months to blow the hell out of those dozens of tunnels under the buildings in Gaza?

Why are the people in Gaza allowing Hamas to use them and their  children as shields?  These are tough questions begging for answers, and you will not find them on CNN. CNN is pro Hamas.

Furthermore, let me say the following in closing: Arab countries occupy millions of square miles of territory.  Israel owns just a few hundred. If the Arab nations love their Palestinian brothers in Gaza so much, why don’t they give them a few hundred square miles in their own countries, or in the largely unoccupied Sanai?    A forgotten fact; the Jewish people owned all of the land (Canaan, Judea, Galilee), later called Palestine, 3,000 years ago, a long time before Arabs arrived!!! They even had parts of Lebanon and Syria, before and during the Roman occupation.


The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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Michael A...

Some Jewish lefties now hate Israel. Get a physiatrist and figure that one out. This ethnic slugfest is so old why should anyone not Arabic or Jewish care? I mean really. Trying to solve this diplomatically is like trying to train cayote’s to ‘respect’ lambs. It’s pointless. The slugfest was here yesterday it will be here tomorrow. YAWN.

Michael A...

oops, make that psychiatrist