Commentary | Oxnard Police and the Need for a Race Track

By John Jay

Oxnard Police:   I have lived in Oxnard for 35 years now.   I have been on the west side, in the Marina west neighborhood, for past 20 years. During all of this time, I have never seen the Oxnard police mistreat anyone or abuse their authority, except for one time, long ago, during a shootout between one suspect and 15 police.   They are courteous to nearly everyone, even those who sometimes argue with them or curse at them, at least over here on the west side. I have met several of them during neighborhood meetings, and one time (long ago) when I received a speeding ticket. We are lucky to have such a great police force. The only problem: We need at least 500 officers, and we have less than 300 (only counting those who patrol our streets both night and day)!

Urgent need for racetrack: Young men, in Oxnard, race around all of the streets in the city, making loud noises with their “twin pipes” sports cars.  They are all hell bent on committing suicide (suicide jocks) or killing others during their suicide attempts (kamaze pilots). They move fast, far above the speed limits, zig zag in traffic (very dangerously), and make noise  above the 95 dB limit (set forth in the state Vehicle Code). SO, what is the solution you may ask?   Build a race track, somewhere in Ventura County, so these young, reckless men, can burn off all of their excess testosterone safely, without endangering themselves or other drivers, or scaring residents to death with their loud pipes. A racetrack would also generate some needed revenue, via admission charges for tickets with city or county taxes added.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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Maybe way south Oxnard, raceways are very noisy and the insurance for the person running it would be insane



Reread my statement carefully. I said “VENTURA COUNTY”, and not
just Oxnard alone. Certainly there must be one place somewhere
(best to build it near a freeway) in VC. It is badly needed, since these
young, foolish, daredevels are using the streets of Oxnard as a
raceway, as I said. No comment about insurance. How do the
other raceways in SoCal operate??? The Oxnard police are trying
to keep them in check, but we do not have enough police to really
keep them down permanently.



Love this article cus I myself have a problem with the loud car noises and am glad I wasn’t being a ” Karen ” about it. Cus others feel the same and have noticed it
Thank you