Commentary | Oxnard Police Department the Best in California


By John Jay

We have all heard horror stories about the police in Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, and New York.  But we have not and will not hear any bad things about our great police department here in Oxnard,  My wife and I have lived here nearly 40 years, and during that time I have seen some of the Oxnard police officers in action.  They have been courteous and highly professional most of the times I have watched them.  The only  times they may have been rough on someone was when they were dealing with gang members, like the highly dangerous Colonia Chiques a few years ago.  They are rough  on gang members and they should be so, because gang members do not deserve any  special consideration.
Even chasing perps around town (high speed chases) they are very cautious and careful.  They do not shoot unless someone shoots at them first.  They only time they got carried away was over 5 years ago, when they stopped an armed suspect at the corner of Victoria and W. Hemlock Street.  The Oxnard PD, along with the Sheriffs Dept, and Port Hueneme PD, stopped the suspect at the corner of Victoria Ave. and W. Hemlock  Street around 11 pm.  They really unloaded on that poor dude!!   They filled his black car  with at least 50 bullet holes, and even hit some nearby houses.  I was amazed that it took  at least 20 law enforcement officers to corner and kill one armed suspect.
Anyway, the bottom line is this:  We are damned lucky to have the police we have, who are willing to risk life and limb to protect us.  The sad thing is that they are under
manned.  They need at least 100 more officers here to maintain law and order, due to the extremely rapid rise in population.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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Breeana brooke

Oh yeah they are so wonderful so ur telling me the lil girl they shot was a gang member ?! They use that gang bulshit for everything… they are bad judges cause thats their first defence nd now that they no longer have a gang injunction they still try using it on people without people knowing their rights . But oh yeah my family feel so safe around the opd . If anything its them im more scared of then a gang member they kill people and get away with it . Wat makes them so special? They are public servants but they forget that . Cause they love posting everyone’s pictures that they arrest nd putting some bulshit story out there but of course they leave all the wxtra details out that even look bad on them … who knows whos telling the truth they dont even have their body cams on more then half the time . But yes opd GREAT job . Like i said my family doesnt even feel safe around yu.

Michael A...

Oxnard had a case similar to George Floyd. A young man had overdosed on meth and was out of control. His family called 911 and police were presented with a wildly out of control young man in a psychotic state. They did their best to control this kid and ended up killing him by over restraining him. The family sued of course and were awarded a large sum. What were the police to do? He probably would have died just from the amount of drugs ingested anyway. Terrible situation.


No one is saying “special treatment” for gang members how about treating people like people not animals….no matter if they are a gang member or not.
Just that one time of over doing it, is one time to many….and f.y.I there are many many many more times of opd “over doing it”….

John morris

Fuck the OPD.. Dirty cops

VC Surfer

While OPD is excellent, it is not without blemishes. There have been multiple high profile accidental deaths of residents and perps at the hands of OPD. The city has paid out millions in settlements.