COMMENTARY | Protecting Negligent Homicide in Nursing Homes

By John Jay
I STRONGLY, STRONGLY oppose ANY measures or actions to protect nursing homes against lawsuits for their deliberate negligence, which has resulted in the  deaths of many thousands of elderly patients from COVID 19 exposure.  Protecting  their GROSS NEGLIGENCE is  tantamount to granting them a license to kill.  Again,  PLEASE oppose any attempt to protect these “killers”.  Protect the elderly by  PROSECUTING the “killers” in the nursing homes.
I have already sent this message to my state reps (Hannah Beth Jackson and Jacqui Irwin).  I did NOT include the Governor, because he wants to protect the nursing homes from being sued for the foregoing.
I urge ALL of you who read this, and who care about our valuable elderly citizens, to write or call (or both) your state reps to urge them STRONGLY to vote against ANY attempts to protect the perpetrators of negligent homicide in all California nursing homes.  Protect the VICTIMS (elderly patients) and NOT the perpetrators (nursing home administrators and staff members).
JOHN JAY, Voice of Truth 
Oxnard, CA
The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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Dear Carlos:

I guess the 20,000 seniors who have died in nursing homes
in the past month from COVID 19 must have died due to
their own fault rather than gross negligence on the part
of staff members in the nursing homes. I guess all of
the law suits filed against nursing homes in the past
few years were done for frivilous reasons. Hundreds
of ex-nursing homes employees have testified, in private
and public and court forums about the GROSS negligence
in many nursing homes. I guess they are all liars!!

You cannot dispute the foregoing FACTS, and hundreds
that there is GROSS NEGLIGENCE going on in many
nursing homes, nationwide and here in California.
When the negligence leads to death, that is called
NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE! So, chill out Carlos and face
the facts.

In ANY forum, where everyone is under
oath, under penalty of PERJURY, any competent
attorney can EASILY prove the allegations I have
made in this forum, from witness testimony and
discovery. DISCOVERY, when properly used, can
be a major weapon in civil suits and criminal

John Jay
Voice of Truth
Former paralegal
and Vietnam vet.
Chill out


Skilled Nursing Home Administrators and staff are NOT guilty of Negligent Homicide.

In the State of California and within the other 49 states, skilled nursing facilities (SNF’s) have had their share of instances of law suits, many frivolous and some legitimate.

During this time of pandemic it must be clear that it never was staff that killed residents, in your words “ negligent homicide”.
It is COVID-19 and medical complications from pre-existing medical conditions and other Co-morbidities that have led to the death of residents in SNF’s across the USA.
In some counties here in California, the public health officer gave a mandate “requiring skilled nursing facilities to NOT refuse admission of COVID-19 positive patients” to their facilities.
SNF’s in California are often the only safe place for many Californians of all ages to receive Long term health care and short term Rehabilitation.
Before posting slanderous remarks against Administrators and staff of SNF’s, please look at all facts without prejudice.
I know for a fact that nursing staff and health care staff at SNF’s are frontline health care heroes putting their lives in the line for the health of their patients during this pandemic while many Americans ate Shelter in place, Staying at Home, while essential health care workers are working 24/7 to provide the primary care and skilled nursing care to all of their residents with care while following policy and procedures outlined by each SNF, County Public Health and CDC guidelines.
The problem during this pandemic was not enough COVID-19 testing and lack of availability of PPE, as this was reserved for Acute Care Hospitals and SNF’s operate at the mercy of available supplies/testing that each state, County Public health officials, local mayors and state governors allow them access to.
Therefore, labeling SNF administrators and staff as guilty of “negligent homicide” is not only slanderous libel but also the extreme case of gross prejudice assuming that SNF administrators and owners are getting rich making megabucks from these facilities when in fact during the past 2 decades CMS, Medicare and other insurance intermediaries have cut reimbursement so much that most SNF’s operate at a loss.
In some states in the south and back east, individual states had to take ownership of SNF’s because those SNF’s went bankrupt from all the insurance reimbursement cuts but yet those same SNF’s were still full of patients that had no other place to go to receive health care.
Before passing judgment against other get ALL of the facts.
Thank you.
Stay safe, stay healthy.
Recognize frontline healthcare providers and heroes as this month of May celebrates National Nursing Home Week and National Nurses Week.