Commentary | Recalling Supervisor Linda Parks Is Exposing Who She Is


By Mark Savalla

Linda Parks is supporting the Recall Linda Parks movement by displaying her WOKE, BLM, SOCIALIST tactics.  She is calling the group names like extremists because they are invoking their rights as citizens. 

She is also lying about them.  She says, “They want to Recall me because they object to the State’s Public Health Orders and our County’s role trying to keep people from getting COVID and dying.” The Recall Linda Parks movement is not against protecting the health of citizens. They are tired of County supervisors managing to the whims of the state.  They are tired of the County supervisors acting as pimps and prostituting the taxpayers to the demands of the State.

Initially the County, based on the County Health irector’s recommendation, declared that masks would not be mandated in Ventura County.  When Governor Newsom announced that ONLY counties that forced continued compliance with Newsom’s “emergency” mask orders, business closures and disruptions, school closures, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing, would get any of the money provided by the federal government for COVID. Then Ventura Supervisors did a complete reverse of their position and mandated masks be worn and businesses that they thought were not necessary be closed.  To make matters worse, when the people and businesses demonstrated their displeasure and even protested these actions, Linda Parks voted with the majority to sue those businesses after fining, threatening and pulling city and county permits. She did everything to destroy hard working small business so she and her cohorts could get blood money from the state. This also guaranteed that the supervisors would continue their six-figure salaries. When they were elected, they were hired to govern for Ventura County, not Sacramento!

Linda Parks would rather provide illegal aliens with COVI money than support tax paying small business Citizens.  The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to give $1.5mm to a third-party organization to help distribute COVID services/relief to farm workers.  The organization is the United Farm Workers Foundation.  In their mission statement they write: the UPW Foundation is the largest federally accredited immigration legal service provider in the state of California.  Their TAKE ACTION tab has three entries.  The second one is “Register to vote”.

A 1997 Supreme court decision established that “You the elected civil servants, are required to govern only for the proscribed areas of the body-politic you were elected to.” Ventura County elected officials are to govern for Ventura County, not for Sacramento, as the Board of Supervisors has been doing.  The Board of Supervisors has  been making decisions outside its members’ authority.  That is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful. Linda Parks is in jeopardy of committing criminal unconstitutional crimes.

Linda Parks tirade against the Recall group fails to cite any of her allegations regarding donors and tries to use WOKE politics of fearmongering.  The next time you see her ask which businesses donated to her cause.

One last example of Linda (WOKE) Parks was her publication of PROOF OF SERVICE BY CERTIFIED MAIL documents which contained addresses of signers.  If this is not using BLM, WOKE tactics I do not know what is.  Try to instill fear instead of supporting a rational position is the tactic of a communist.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Mark Savalla is a retired LAPD officer

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23 days ago

Follow the money trail. We all know the hospitals and medical centers received extra $ for listing deaths as covid…even though they weren’t. If you do your own research (without Google and the media leading you where they want), there’s plenty of normal people who don’t agree with the fanaticism of control, these elected officials started to implement. What’s more startling, is when these “officials”, resort to the same tactics that the radical left uses, to dismiss, discredit and ban your views.

25 days ago

Mr. Savalla is clearly suffering from PTSD as a result of working for the LAPD. This article is a clear example of America The Ignorant. Stay WOKE don’t slip or face the fascism on display in this piece

23 days ago
Reply to  Michael

Obviously, it appears your “woketopia” has clouded your vision. Nothing in this article, displays ignorance or fascism. I know facts don’t matter to your kind (even though a few are listed in this article), so I wonder at the purpose of your post? Odd, that you imply that LEOs that worked for LAPD, must be suffering from PTSD. Then, you launch into “America The Ignorant”. Once again, painting with a wide stroke of the brush. Not a word from you, citing parts of the article, that support your allegations. What are you doing on a website, that I assume, does not support your wokeness. You are not woke…you’re just another troll BLM supporter, asleep at the wheel.

Last edited 23 days ago by Steve
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
26 days ago

That’s not an argument, David Lowe.