Commentary | Republicans don’t seem capable of Education Reform


By Dan Reynolds

There are Republicans who cannot even remotely consider ideas that will bring reform to education.

Some Republicans will not work with anybody who the Republican Political operatives have falsely accused people of Communist or Socialist. These people are in fact pushing for changes that will end common core, end CRT theory, and end lack of civics being taught in our education, have also been at the forefront of free speech in our nation when the Republican Party needed help with Free Speech! So who is putting forward ideas that actually support what the Republicans want in education. What about a Libertarian, Green or Constitution Party member? Would they also be rejected and called a Communist just because it is funny or makes the Republican Party’s Member Chest thump out feeling more important or egotistically arrogant???  Look I come from a Military Family. If this attitude and game was played under my command these people would be booted out of the Military overnight.  I don’t mesh words and I don’t play games. I call it out like it is.  If you don’t like it, then shut up and get out of the way of those who are doing the work. Period.

Perhaps some people are too afraid, for who knows what reason that some people outside and inside of the Republican party can have similar views as those of a die-hard Republication.

Just to be clear, the Democrat Party kicked some of these people out of the Democratic Party because they refused to go along with Critical Race Theory, because they refused to support censorship and yet Republicans who need these peoples’ help to get anything done in this Country are calling these people Communists. Why? Because, these people have been spearheading the fight for Free Speech in our Nation for over 20 years! 

So are those Die Hard Republicans truly Democrats when they call someone or accuse someone with this background a Communist?

If you’re feeling the heat of this BS that is being spread by both parties then this is just the fringes of the Cold War.


The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Dan Reynolds resides in Ventura County

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