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    Commentary | Stay Hesitant My Friends!


    By Al X

    If you’re refusing to take the covid “vaccines” constantly being rammed in our faces by the government, mainstream media, Big Pharma and deceived, misguided or corrupt medical officials, I commend you. Chances are that despite the propaganda and pressure from all angles, you rightly suspect something just isn’t right about what’s going on. They’re pushing too hard, and facts don’t backup the balderdash incessantly heaved our way. Maybe you were one of the many who sniffed fetid corona bologna right from the start? As soon as tyrannical politicians at the behest of venal health officials started shutting down businesses and locking down the healthy, instead of protecting and quarantining the most vulnerable, your BS detector started flashing red and honking like a wounded goose. I’m over being called “vaccine hesitant”. Join me in the NO WAY camp.

    Pat yourself on the arm for not caving to the vaccination bombardment blitz. You understand that herd immunity has never been gained through injections and what they’re spouting is herd buffoonery. Roughly 40% of our citizens have blindly taken both shots. So Dusty Baker or the Foo Fighters haven’t yet convinced you to surrender body sovereignty and possibly your health to what will no doubt be a perpetual potentially perilous parade of reformulated concoctions to “overcome” more waves and dastardly strains. Not swayed by a free donut a day for the rest of the year to take the plunges? If you’re young and living in West Virginia, the governor there is trying to buy your compliance with savings bonds, at taxpayer expense. Concerned true believers are even going door to door now to “win over” hesitant country dwelling folks.

    Do they not realize that trying too hard makes critically thinking, healthy people wary and is a big turnoff?

    Joe Biden keeps berating us that it’s our patriotic duty to get vaccinated. Since when is patriotism defined by being a gullible guinea pig for experimental  gene therapies given only emergency use authorization for a virus from which 99% of the nonelderly recover? If you’re hesitating, you understand that it is impossible to know what long-term effects could be in store for recipients since mRNA inoculations have never before been pumped into human beings. Even Phase 3 medium-term 24-month trials will not be complete until 2023. Yes, if you get the jabs, you are part of the long-term clinical studies. I don’t have that kind of foundational trust in our government and Big Pharma to do the right thing. Hesitant people have likely read about the thalidomide drug and swine flu vaccine disasters of the past – and they know a capricious spotlight wallower when they see one.

    Why have the vaccine manufacturers been shielded from all liability from adverse effects? Both vids here should be required viewing.

    Hesitant folks know that some German doctors were hanged after WW2 for experimenting on humans, and the Nuremburg Code will always be the gold standard.

    Why are Pfizer and Moderna conducting vaccine studies on babies who are at no risk of popping out with covid? Since pregnant women were excluded from the rushed Operation Warp Speed trials that were done, how could someone in their right mind recommend they, too, get the shots?

    Why were recovered coronavirus patients not included in the early trials? And since they’ve developed natural immunity to reinfection, why are they not being advised to skip the jabs?

    So the media is now crowing how Moderna and Pfizer have amazing protection rates among children aged 12-17 and are gushing that the FDA will soon give EUA to the Pfizer experimental brew for children in this age group. These kids were not getting sick from Covid-19 in the first place. This is a potential crime against humanity.

    The hesitant ones haven’t placed blind faith trust in our federal government since the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, 911 or the weapons of mass destruction lies involving Iraq.

    Hesitant folks look at the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and are shocked by weekly escalating numbers of nasty reactions and deaths after people take what many believe are unnecessary “vaccines” that don’t even promise to deliver immunity or prevent spread, just keep the recipients protected from harsh symptoms. Why won’t Anderson Cooper mention that more than 3500 people in the USA alone have perished within days of taking the jabs? All coincidental? Only healthcare workers may input data into VAERS. Yes, there are flaws in this reporting mechanism, but is it not at least worth mentioning? Tucker Carlson finally did a VAERS segment on his 5/5 show! If that dampens enthusiasm for rolling up sleeves, so what?

    Hesitant people have done the risk-reward calculations and decided to pass. Many have checked out what countless doctors are warning on numerous alternative websites – sources that Big Tech and government do not want open-minded people to see. They’re feverishly at work trying to purge and nullify any and all dissident voices of the prevailing narrative, actions eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four’s Ministry of Truth. What some experts are saying about these injections is beyond startling; it’s horrifying! If there is indeed a depopulation / reset agenda in play by the Davos / Bill Gates crowd, as many assertions out there lend credence to, then potentially deadly, rushed through vaccines used as bioweapons would be a perfect vehicle for implementation.

    The more the government and mass media tell us we have no right to question the safety and effectiveness of these inoculations, the more curious non-zombified people become.

    Hesitant people refuse to be bullied, coerced, bribed, blackmailed, or threatened with reprisals or segregation into taking these shots. Making experimental therapies mandatory and demanding proof of same is against the law and will not hold up to legal challenges. We’ll fight vaccine passports.

    Take your vaccine and shove it – into someone else’s arm.

    Stay hesitant my friends! Your lives may depend on it.

    Al X resides in Ventura County

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    David Puu
    David Puu
    1 year ago

    Well stated and researched piece.

    Trusting the same entities which were behind gain of function studies and connected to dissemination of the SARS2-CV19 viral contagion to deliver an antidote for such, is madness.

    The former CEO of Pfizer came out against it, and approximately 40 percent of Moderna employees rejected it.

    The Mfgs of the serums themselves list that there is no conferring of immunity and that symptoms are generally going to be lessened or eliminated VIA THE INOCULATIONS, thereby removing efficacy of three of the most effective treatments for CV-19, as each requires early application within the disease arc in order to be effective.

    I guess we are witnessing a new paradigm in global culture, with people consenting to be part of the test group in this experiment. We could call it “misinformed consent”.

    Sixmillion Moonwalks
    Sixmillion Moonwalks
    1 year ago

    I guess we forgot about pneumonia and influenza, magically disappearing

    Sixmillion Moonwalks
    Sixmillion Moonwalks
    1 year ago

    If you trust the government you don’t know history.

    1 year ago

    Well said! I’m not putting that crap in my arm! Besides I have horrible reactions to many kinds of medications. I’m not sentencing my own death from a reaction even if i did believe all this hogwash

    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    1 year ago

    Al speaks the truth and for us…..

    1 year ago

    What an idiot! The number of fatalities from taking the vaccine is .001% ! Gamble you life away by being in company with 560,000 dead people.

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