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    Commentary | Ventura County COVID-19 Report:  Propaganda or Reality?


    by Judy Bruce

    How can the public determine if the Ventura County Covid Report is a psychological operation using propaganda or is IT reality?

    Is the public being put under a spell?    Are certain words repeated?  Are they showing bias as to what they want; and are they using terms like “vaccine hesitancy” and “misinformation” to put a false spin on critical thinkers?  Are they using chicanery and fraud?   They have an Orwellian sounding  “Complete Reach Committee”.   The Committee’s purpose, they say,  is to educate (indoctrinate).   Their mission will not be easy, however, because their targets  are freedom-loving  people who have taken responsibility for their own health and know better than to take an experimental poisonous cocktail.   Good luck “educating” those that still have a brain, i.e., that hasn’t been “washed”!!   

    Are they using a technique called neurolinguistic programming (NLP)?    NLP is a form of hypnosis; and it is being used in government policy.   The government has put together a team of applied behavioral psychologists to promote ideas to make the population fearful around the so-called pandemic.   Every recent Ventura County Covid-19 report –written and verbal –has a reinforcing psychological message.  It is deliberate and calculated.  It is very easy to see in all their reports and the media.  But for the vulnerable, they don’t even know it is being used on them.    In the 6/8/21 Covid report, the psychological message reinforced was: “get vaccinated”(repeated 44 times!).   Repetition is a form of mind control. 

    The Public Health authorities’ script includes buzz words and terms and phrases like:  “vaccines are in demand”,  “vaccines are the most prudent way to protect our community”, “vaccines have saved a lot of lives”,  “vaccines have prevented a lot of hospitalizations”, “we must continue vaccine deployment”; “we will be able to return to normal as people become vaccinated”.     

    Robert Levin ended the Covid-19 report:  “No doubt vaccines will stop the spread of Covid by saving lives”.  “Vaccines are the most important prudent way to protect our community.  The community will be able to return to normal as people become vaccinated.”  

    The behavioral science engineers indicates that people are more likely to adhere to vaccine recommendations when they believe they are susceptible to the illness, when they want to protect others, and when they believe the vaccine is safe or at least safer than the illness, and when their concerns and questions are managed respectfully by “doctors and experts“.

    NOW, WHAT IS REALITY?    It is clear you are conditioning Ventura County residents to ignore reality.   The reality is that you are lying.   This is not a vaccine that is going to be a ticket to freedom;  it is a poisonous experimental pathogen that is designed to kill them—if not now—it could be 9-12-18 months from now (according to many independent doctors and scientists)!   Of course, when that happens, it will be called the third wave, or the “variant” or better, the unvaxxed will be blamed.      

    Why no mention that the injection is experimental and of the potential downsides?   That is unconscionable!!    Transparency is the crucial to medical ethics because it is a life-or-death decision..   People have the right to know the potential harm because every drug has potential adverse effects from aspirin to chemotherapy.   

    Why are you all hiding the massive increase in deaths?   There has been a shocking jump in vaccine deaths reported this week at CDC-linked VAERS tracking website. There are more US deaths related to vaccines in 2021 in less than 5 months than there was the entire past decade.   The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data, in 2021 in the first 3 months, the VAERS website recorded over 1,750 deaths due to vaccines in the US.  That number is now at 5,997.

    There is a moral obligation to tell the public about the adverse effects and high risk of death.   Why is there such a demonstrative obsessive push to inject as many in Ventura county as possible with an experimental gene-editing biological agent?   Never in Ventura County/world history has this happened on such a scale.  Pushing this kill shot is a species-ending event—the human species!  This is outrageous. 

    Hopefully, people are waking up because we hear that the vaccine centers are like a ghost town.   And why are there so many bribes by the government– everything from donuts to free air miles?    And why the encouragement to take the PCR test?     The reality is that scientists know it’s useless; its only purpose is to sustain the myth that Covid-19 is a threat. 

    How can you sleep at night knowing you’ve got blood on your hands every time you push this poison cocktail?   You all have turned the annual flu into a pandemic.   Bring forth the truth of this deception, right this wrong!!.   You will be held accountable.

    Judy Bruce is a local activist

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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