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by Gail DeMario

On September 12th Juan Williams (on The Five) was arguing a point with Jesse Waters and said, “Diamond and Silk” are a Minstrel Show.  I watched Fox all day to see if there would be fallout. Nope.  Not a word.  Juan Williams was fired from NPR for saying he got nervous when young black men followed him while walking at night.  Roseanne was fired from her television show for saying Valerie Jarrett was the child of Planet of the Apes and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Valerie said Roseanne was calling her a monkey because she’s black which Roseanne didn’t even know.  No one on the mainstream and Leftist television channels has been fired or even castigated for any of the following comments:

Diamond and Silk are a Minstrel Show.  Most people who knew what a Minstrel Show was have already passed away, but there are still many who remember with shame the grinning, black-faced, white-lipped and white gloved white people who danced and sang in a parody of black people. 

President Trump is Hitler.  Do any of those “pundits, broadcasters and anchors” know anything about Adolf Hitler?  Hitler ordered the murder of over 20 million people.  He promised to rid the world of Jews.  He planned a Master Race by using Eugenics.  He “bred” people with blonde hair and blue eyes.  These are just a few examples of Hitler’s plans and philosophy.

Separating children from their “parents” at the border is just like what they did at concentration camps during the Holocaust.  Didn’t these wannabe Stephanopoulus’s even see Schindler’s List?

Did they never read a book or see actual films and photos of the concentration camps?  I can assure you that the children taken from their parents at those camps were not taken away, fed, clothed and kept safe while their identities were being investigated.  And, by the way, the parents did not take their children to those camps voluntarily and without papers.

I’m a strong person with a good sense of self worth, but when I hear this kind of rhetoric day after day, I become sick to my stomach.  It has become acceptable to talk this way.  This was Goebbels’ plan.  He said if you say something over and over, it becomes true.  The Democrats don’t think Holocaust survivors might be negatively affected by the comparisons to Hitler and the genocide?  Black people shouldn’t be upset over being told they are parodies, jokes and slow-witted like Step ‘n Fetchit, Willie Best and ManTan Moreland?

And yet, I keep hearing from Republicans, including Federated women, that they “don’t like Trump.  They don’t like his tweeting.  He’s mean.  He’s not Presidential enough. etc. ad nauseum.”  What exactly is left for these people who don’t like Mr. Trump?  A vote for Hillary? Nancy Pelosi? who said MS 13 are God’s people too? Leaving blank the place on the ballot for President?  That’s a vote for the other side.  The side that babbles and agrees with all of the twisted, upside down, pretend moralistic garbage mentioned above. 

The Democrat Party has become perverted.  It’s no longer just a matter of loving and promoting abortions and caring for illegal aliens rather than citizens.  They are now following a path developed by Communists and Nazis.  It’s time to man-up and defeat them.  Stand up for Republican principles.  If you don’t like Mr. Trump’s tweets or demeanor, don’t invite him for dinner, but vote Republican!

The views expressed in this editorial are those of the author and not Citizens Journal

Ms. Gail DeMario is a member of the Woodland Hills Republican Women Federated club.  She is a Californian, and have lived here all but 3 years of my life.  Her  goals are to get Republicans elected both locally and nationally.

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