Commentary | Year 2030 – The Ocean Food Chain Breaks

Thanks to major U.S. and International Corporations by Naomi Fisher & M. R.




By Naomi Fisher

Sea birds and fish are dying by the thousands because of getting wrapped up in plastic and suffocating, or their stomachs are so full of plastic their digestive system is blocked and they die of starvation.

It has been proven that the whales washing up dying or dead on shore have bellies full of plastic. They cannot swallow or digest any more food because their stomachs are full and their digestive system is blocked. They also die of malnutrition.

This is caused by the plastic trash that now fills all the oceans of our world. The plastic is almost indestructible. It finally breaks down into small, plankton size pieces of very colorful plastic. Birds and fish cannot tell plastic from their real food. They swallow but cannot digest it.

Larger fish eat small fish full of plastic, bigger fish eat the larger fish and their plastic, then humans eat the bigger fish and their plastic. People get sick from eating marine life because the plastic is toxic which infects the people.

Plastic molecules have even been found in the blubber of dolphins.

In Manila all the fish in one river were dead, again from plastic. When people started cleaning the river they dredged plastic TEN FEET deep. They finally had to give up because the plastic was too deep to continue digging. They covered the remaining plastic with earth, ground up coconut shells, mulch and then plants, hoping to give the river and the fish a chance to recover. That was ten years ago. The fish and river are recovering but the water is still not drinkable. The size of trash sites full of plastic in Manila and around the world are astounding.

Germany issued an ultimatum. Any corporation/company producing or selling plastic in Germany will have to recycle their plastic so it is completely or 99% destroyed or they can no longer produce or sell it in Germany. The plastic firms found a way. And it is working.

Why doesn’t the USA follow Germany’s example? Good question.

The answer is that the large corporations/companies have a stranglehold on our USA. Let’s face it: Our Country is controlled by greedy capitalistic corporations/companies that cannot see past the almighty dollar. Their administrators are so narrow minded they are incapable of realizing the earth and all living things on this earth are more important than money. They are so impressed with themselves and their prowess they cannot comprehend they are killing everything our descendants will need to survive!

They know how dangerous their plastic products are. But they continue production without a thought toward what it does to fish, animals, birds – people. Yet these are the very large donors that keep cancer research alive, knowing that ingesting their plastic causes cancer.

The corporate/company attitude toward damaging or destroying the sanctity of life cannot be chalked up to just greed. No, it is Immoral. Inhumane. Perverted. Depraved. Satanistic.
The only way corporate America is going to clean up after themselves is if we, the public, force them to: Stop polluting our waterways and oceans. Stop killing marine life and poisoning the inhabitants of earth. Clean up the mess they have made of our whole beautiful planet.

Unfortunately hassling our politicians probably won’t garner any results. They are just as guilty by giving and allowing the corporations/companies to wield such power.
WE, the Citizens, must DEMAND that the corporations/companies take responsibility.

Information learned from the below movie made by scientists, biologists, professionals and conservationists. This movie needs to be in theaters, on TV and talked about on the news.
See Netflix movie: Plastic Ocean




Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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