Common Core 11-6-13 opt-out session video now available

CommonCore11-6-13By George Miller

Concerned Parents of Conejo Valley just released the official video of the 11-6-13 session, click at Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park, diagnosis CA, remedy which rolled out a regional strategy for fighting the New Common Core standards now being implemented in schools in 45 states across the USA. Opponents have objected to: de facto federal control, a tiny oligarchy controlling the standards, texts and training materials; overall approach; certain methodologies; recommended texts; intrusive data collection and assessments. updated its original event report to incorporate the video. Go to event report:

Concerned Parents Of Conejo Valley  Founder Tony Dolz ( ) told us: “Concerned Parents Of Conejo Valley educates California parents on their legal rights under California statutes to opt out of school administered privacy snooping surveys, state and federal assessment tests and all manner of psychologically profiling schemes used by government agencies to collect private information about the children and their families.  The ONLY safe data is data you and your children do not surrender.  All data is hackable and no one can guaranteed anonymity.”


George Miller is a Citizen Journalist and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.




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William "Bill" Hicks

I worked for 43 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District and was a product of the same. During all my years as a student I received a world class education. Shortly after my graduation, 1963, form High School I began to see changes that transformed a world class education system into a third world class education. Drop outs and poor world standard grades are measurable results of continued failure.

Without making this a long response, let me assure you that “Common Core” is a quantum leap into a dumbed down education system that will be indoctrination rather than education. If allowed, this will be the place where there will be no return.