Common Core expert to speak on October 19

DunbarTracy2Event announcement (Views expressed here not necessarily shared by CJ)

Common Core, the controversial new standard being implemented in California schools, will be the subject of the Saturday, October 19th meeting of the Conejo Valley Republican Women Federated.  The luncheon meeting will be held at Los Robles Greens, 299 South Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.  Registration and social connections begin at 11:00 am and the program and luncheon at 11:30. $25 includes a buffet luncheon with dessert. Please RSVP to 805/379-0036, or email [email protected].
Co-founder, Citizens United for Education Reform (CURE)

Are you an activist or one of the “ladies who lunch”?  We are Federated members because we know educating ourselves, friends and family is what we must do to make a difference.  Common Core is now a reality in our schools. Did you know that children in Louisiana are now being taught about “pimps and mobstaz”.  Read about it here  Think it can’t happen in California?  This is one more far Left plan to dumb down, control and indoctrinate our young people and it is happening in California schools!

Ms. Dunbar, who has presented her fascinating program to many groups in California, will speak on the Common Core Standards Initiative, the looming federal Trojan horse represented as education reform for schools across the nation.
Writing and lecturing extensively on this “new curricula and testing system, Ms. Dunbar will show the agenda behind proposed nation-wide standards, the origin of the federal initiative and long-term intentions affecting publicprivate andhome-school education.
With degrees in microbiology and psychology from Virginia Tech and 24 years spent successfully home-schooling her five children, Tracy Dunbar’s assessment of the education transformation intended by “ObamaCore” if a must for every parent, grand parent and concerned citizen.

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