Common Core: Do our kids feel like lab rats?

Editor’s Note: C. J. is a local high school student.  This is his story and his experience.  Unfortunately, what is happening to him is not uncommon.  It’s symptomatic of a failed curriculum which is detrimental to our children, a grim indication of where we are headed.

Throughout my years of school I have always had trouble with math. Common Core math began for me in my Freshman year. At the beginning of the year Common Core started out as workbooks. Everything seemed to be fine, my math teacher gave us notes to copy. What I noticed in the Common Core workbook was that the problems seemed to be much more complicated. That quarter I got a D, I failed that year and overall it took me five semesters to finally pass Algebra l. Four of those classes I had to take during the summer.

Four classes of Algebra l later I’m studying Geometry in my Sophomore year. On the first day of that class my teacher announced that he wasn’t going to give notes anymore. He claimed nobody wrote down his notes. Not only did I fail Geometry that year, I failed two other classes. I failed those two classes because I stopped doing the work in Geometry which created laziness and that laziness spread to my other classes.

The last summer that I had to retake Algebra l, the teacher told my class we were lucky we finished because starting next year students are to teach themselves. Sure enough when I went to get my Geometry book this year I only got a textbook sized workbook. Since I got this “textbook” I am to study/read through it and to then do the homework through it.

Overall I can confidently say that I’ve been treated very much like a lab rat. Because of Common Core I can’t participate in school activities or go to a major college. All because the government wants to try out a new, untested teaching program.



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