Community Groups Applaud LA County Sheriff Introduces Plan To Support DHS PEP




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We The People Rising

Date: September 23, 2015

LA County Sheriff Introduces Plan To Support DHS PEP 
Community Groups Applaud His Effort

6/18/15 File Photo – We The People Rising and The Remembrance Project members attended the LA County Sheriff’s Department Community Meeting – Immigration & the LA County Jail

According to KPPC,  a letter to the county’s governing board, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said deputies in county jails would continue to abide by California’s Trust Act when determining how they cooperate with federal immigration agents who seek to deport individuals who don’t have legal immigration status and are found guilty of crimes.

Robin Hvidston, Executive Director of We The People Rising and CA Director for The Remembrance Project, was a participant at the LA County Sheriff’s Department June 10, 2015 focus group that explored the role of Immigration Customs & Enforcement ICE within the county jail and she, along with members of her organization, attended two subsequent community forums in order to provide community input.

“Sheriff McDonnell’s proposed plan to the LA County Board of Supervisors is carefully devised and adheres to the California Trust Act and the guidelines set forth in the Department of Homeland Security Priority Enforcement Program. The plan is supported by the citizens of LA County,” Hvidston said. “The ICE 287g Program was dissolved in May of 2015 by the LA County Board of Supervisors but that is the program that should be reinstated in order to ensure public safety within the communities of LA County. The new plan only allows the Sheriff’s Department to contact immigration authorities if the individual in custody, who in the country illegally, is convicted of a serious felony. That allows for criminal activity that does not rise to that level to go undetected by Department of Homeland Security and is ultimately a public safety hazard for the county.”

The plan has been labeled a common sense approach to enforcement of the law according to local community groups.

“Although those who are illegally present in our state, and then go onto commit further crimes, should all be reported to ICE, I do applaud Sheriff McDonnell for working with Department of Homeland within the structure of the PEP program. This is a step in the right direction toward protecting the community and serving the county,” Hvidston said.



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William "Bill" Hicks

Keeping a close eye on this issue is important to those that oppose the reconquista of California. The question now is….will the L.A. Board continue to bend to the will of the invaders or be effective at protecting our State and Nation?