Concern for the Truth- a Panel Discussion on Fake News

By USA-Focus

USA-Focus Is Dedicated To Providing Reliable Facts And Insightful, Morally-Based Solutions To Today’s Challenging Issues. We Welcome You To View A Panel Discussion On The Serious And Growing Problem Of Fake News.

  • When and how did this negative trend begin?
  • Who is to blame?
  • What damage does it do?
  • Is there any way to solve the Fake News problem?

This 2-Part Video Of The Panel Discussion Will Hopefully Provide You With Answers And Additional Questions On The Topic Of Fake News.


Michael Josephson Founded The World-Renowned Josephson Institute Of Ethics. Since Its Beginning 30 Years Ago, The Institute’s Mission Has Been To Improve The Ethical Quality Of Society By Changing Personal And Organizational Decision-Making And Behavior. Michael’s National And International Work Has Reached And Influenced Millions Of People, Including Public Officials, School Administrators, Military And Police Officers, Journalists, Corporate And Nonprofit Executives, Judges, And Lawyers.


George Miller Is The Publisher And Co-Founder Of, An Online Newspaper In Ventura County, California. A Lack Of Local, Accurate News Sources Compelled George To Come Out Of A Retirement From Business Consulting And Start A Non-Partisan Daily Paper Whose Reporting Could Be Trusted.

Stephen Frank Is An Experienced Political And Public Policy Analyst. He Publishes California Political News And Views, A Daily, Digital Newsletter With Tens Of Thousands Of Subscribers In Politics, The Media, Policy-Making, And Political Activism.

Dan B. Wood Reported For The 7-Times Pulitzer Prize-Winning Christian Science Monitor For 39 Years. He Served As The Newspaper’s Los Angeles Bureau Chief, And Also Reported From Africa And Southeast Asia. He Won First Place In The National Press Club Journalism Awards For Humor.

USA-Focus Thanks All Of Our Panelists For Their Participation.

We Hope This Panel Discussion Is Helpful And Inspiring In Supporting The Highest Degree Of Accuracy And Integrity In The Media. Our Nation’s Future Greatly Depends On This.


00:03:35– Enhance Understanding Of The Nature, Prevalence And Impact

00:03:48– Provide Tools To Identify Fake News

00:04:04– Consider Ways To Reduce The Impact Of Fake News

00:04:18– Defining Fake News

00:04:57– Truth Vs. Truthfulness

00:05:20– Misinformation Vs. Disinformation

00:05:44– Credibility

00:06:11– Propaganda

00:06:26– Facts

00:06:41– Opinion

00:06:58– Mainstream Media Vs. Alternative News

00:07:18– Disputing Vs. Debunking

00:07:46– Bias And Confirmation Bias

08:06:33– Personal Responsibility

00:09:16– When Did “False News” Begin?

00:10:00– New Capacity To Introduce And Repeat

00:10:27– Attacks On Journalistic Credibility And Character

00:10:38– Imposter News Sites

00:10:49– Memes

00:15:12– Can Journalism Help Readers Separate Emotions From Facts?

00:15:45– Bias In Reporting

00:16:22– What Can Journalism Do To Help People Acknowledge That Bias Can Alter Their Perception Of The Facts?

00:17:33– “If I Believe It, It Must Be True.”

00:20:22– Is Objectivity In Facts Important?

00:20:56– Is Journalism’s Role To Educate?

00:22:30– What Is The Purpose Of Journalism, To Educate Or Advocate?

00:23:36– What Is The Difference Between Reporters And Columnists?

00:24:18– Have Editors Lost The Distinction Between Fact And Opinion?

00:24:58– Has The Distinction Between Reporter And Columnist Been Lost?

00:25:47– Have Editors Allowed Opinion T Leak Into Reporting?

00:29:14– Should Opinion Shape Reporting?

00:30:55– What Is The Harm In Having Opinions Not Based On Facts?

00:31:14– Does Inaccurate Reporting Impact The Actions And Decisions Of The Readers?

00:33:37– What, If Any, Are The Best Sources For News?

00:37:02– To What Degree Does Bias Affect Credibility?

00:38:47– Snowden And Assange: Heroes Or Criminals?

00:40:37– Is A News Story’s Credibility Lost If Not 100% Accurate?

00:43:36– Which Publications Are Your Most Trust Sources For News?

00:46:35– How Much Do You Use And Trust Poll Results?

00:48:50– How Should Journalistic Organizations Responsibly Use Polls, Or Should They Not Use Them?

00:53:32– Are Fact-Checking Organizations Nonpartisan?

00:54:30– What Are The Fact-Checking Organizations That You Find Trustworthy Or Unbiased?

00:55:46– Do We Need Better Fact-Checking Organizations?

01:00:48– How Do We Detect What Is True Or Not True?

01:02:48– Should Facebook Allow False Posts To Remain On The Site?

01:04:33– What Are The Ten Basic Forms Of Fake News?

01:04:45– What Should A Reader Do To Identify Fake News?

01:08:53– Does Repetition Of A Story Increase Credibility?

01:16:12– What Can Journalists Do To Meet Their Responsibility Of Providing Credible Information?

01:22:26– What Are The Motives For Fake News? is committed to providing concise factual BRIEFS on current national challenges that offer solid facts and insightful solutions from the same perspective of moral values and Christian principles endorsed by our Founding Fathers… Read MORE

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