Conejo Unified School District Punts on Board Member Censures, Discusses Sex-Ed Curriculum, Changes

By George Miller

Headquarters of the Conejo Valley Unified School District

Since no Citizen Reporters have sent us anything yet on this important meeting….


Sources who were present at the 8/20-21, 2019 (it went on until the wee hours) Conejo Valley Unified School District Board meeting told us the following:

Board decided not to pursue the process of censuring Board Member Sandee Everett for comments allegedly made at the 8-10-19 education conference at Godspeak church, concluding that it wasn’t justified. The conference organizers took the unusual step of releasing a video of Ms. Everett’s presentation there “to exonerate her.” See video below:

Per board meeting attendee Amy Chen and other sources, Board President Betsy Connolly was adamant about blocking Everett’s attempt to show the video at the meeting. We were told that Everett insists she has every right to do so. and would contact the District Attorney on the matter.

Other board members had nothing good to say about her, but in the end, they determined that there wasn’t sufficient cause to pursue the censure process. Only Fitzgerald didn’t seem to agree.

This was addressed in agenda item 5F- Shall the Board of Education create a Board Ad-Hoc Committee to write a censure resolution regarding Board Member Everett’s conduct as reported by community members? This agenda item was accompanied by no backup/substantiation.

Jenny Fitzgerald Censure

The meeting ended (very late) before the board could take up discussion on a censure process (Item 5G) for board member Jenny Fitzgerald, who made inflammatory and allegedly false comments about Everett and the event on social media.

Sex-Ed Curriculum Opt-Out

Agenda Item 5E covered the CA law changes:

Instructional Services – Approval of Amendments to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6142.1 – Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction

It was clarified that under CA law, that parents would have to opt-out of the sex ed curriculum. if they did not wish their children to participate.

Per attendee Dr. Amy Chen, Sandee Everett was critical of the verbiage and made numerous suggestions for changes. Since this was an information only item, there was no vote  held on approval.

Chen also said that Board President Betsy Connolly illegally permitted students to conduct off-topic attacks on Sandee Everett (your votes DO count).

Attendee Rolando Chinea told us that over 100 people showed up for the meeting, were mostly in support of Everett and overflowed the meeting room., He also said that CVUSD no longer allows the public to comment on agenda items in the general comments section. He said that because the censure items were held so late, most people left before that.

This was the event where Ms. Everett spoke:

Education Conference Delivers Broadside to Public School Sex-Ed (“Gender”) and Other Curricula, Presents PS Alternatives.

Education Conference Delivers Broadside to Public School Sex-Ed (“Gender”) and Other Curricula, Presents PS Alternatives.

By George Miller- Newbury Park, CA  Conejo Valley opponents blasted increasingly radicalized sex-ed in public/charter schools and presented alternatives at a conference-“Local, Private and Homeschool Alternatives to Public School”  in Newbury Park (Thousand Oaks), CA on August 10, 2019. The conference addressed why they thought alternatives were needed in the first place and what they […]

George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard and a member of Calvary Chapel Godspeak.

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