Conejo Valley Public Schools: Resident claims spending excesses, weak results

Former Financial Analyst, Auditor lays out the numbers ....

By Barry Gabrielson

Let’s address the facts regarding Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD)  Deputy Superintendent’s statement “Expects 7M in annual loss over the next 3 years”.  These facts are based on California Public Education and Districts reported numbers below:
1)      Received 187.1M Funding in 2016-17, Actuals of 181.7M, added reserve of 5.4M
2)      Reserve 2015-2016 total 22.215M + 5.4M, Reserve Total 26.615M in General Funding
3)       2017-2018 Funding  180.6M, Estimated Spending  183.9M, 3.3 loss due to losing another 313 students in attendance.  (Average in 5 year loss of 305 students per year)
4)      2016-17 Funding extra 3M based on no loss in Attendance, 2.4M Extra (1M Donations, .4M interest, 1M in other Local Income), total 5.4M, put into reserve.
CVUSD is not losing 7M a year. It receives funding based on Attendance.  District will have a reserve of 23.315M (General Funding) going into 2018-2019. District needs to answer why it is losing over 300 students per year.  Salaries are up 3%, Benefits 7.4%, Supplies up 23.4% for 2017-2018. They have a spending and curriculum problem.  Test Scores down, Attendance down, expenditures up, a good question to ask is a justification of each category?  Another good question, why are we spending an additional $300M (bonds) in infrastructure twice, to move all money into highest salaries and free multi-million dollars pensions not helping students test scores? Why are the  School  Board members mismanaging district taxpayers’ hard earning dollars with no accountability or consequences from the voters.  Phelps and Connolly need to go. 
Some references:


Mr. Gabrielson is a retired 30 plus year Senior Financial Analyst, Auditor, Behaviorist, working as a community advocate in Newbury Park regarding children, parents and elderly legal, social, political and educational issues. 

He sued the school district on a civil rights matter involving a mentally challenged child in 1994 and says that he managed to get them to agree to his conditions prior to going to trial.

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