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    Goodbye Constitution Freedom America by Don Jans

    Conference Explores Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions” Takeover

    By George Miller

    On 5-5-19, the American Freedom Alliance (AFA)  Long March Through the Institutions The Left’s Revolution by Other Means” Conference explored the Left’s ongoing multi-decade takeover attempt of numerous public and private institutions to effect a radical transformation of America. About 200 people participated in the event, held at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles.

    From THIS:

    The Long March of the defeated Chinese Communists

    To THIS:

    The conference title namesake is the 1934-5 Long March by Chinese Communists after being defeated by the Nationalist Chinese. They lost most of their number, but later regrouped, bulked up and returned to sweep their opposition off the mainland and install a totalitarian Communist regime. A hounded and isolated Communist band transformed into the victors. Gramsci/Dutschke adapted that to the “Long March” of Cultural Marxism through institutions. The American Left is now on the same course, which is what this conference was about. The Leftists hounded into hiding by the 1950’s “Red Scare” have rebounded with a vengeance and heavily impacted American society.


    The event packed 26 general session speaking slots into a single day, which did not leave time for Q & A, or for speakers to really expound on their ideas sufficiently. But it provided an excellent, if compressed and redundant, smorgasbord of contemporary Judeo-Christian Conservative thinking on the Left’s so far successful in-progress takeover attempt of American life- government/politics, society, education, entertainment, healthcare, industry, NGO’s, even science and religion. Read speaker bios and final conference program: Long March programme finalX. Go to their pages and read their books. A look at their bios and work will show you that they are consequential people.

    The conclusions were: this has been going on for decades; is based upon Communist, Socialist, Frankfurt School, Alinsky & Cloward-Piven concepts and strategies; it’s totalitarian in nature; forerunners and current players were identified; their strategies were outlined; successes and some failures acknowledged; and at least some counter-strategies were advanced.

    More session videos here when they are available.

    About 200 people attended the AFA Long March Conference in LA on 5-5-19. Photo: George Miller/



    There were quite a few Conservative stars in the lineup. All speakers are noted in their specialties, but some are widely recognized, such as David Horowitz, Bill Whittle, Brent Bozell, Trevor Loudon, Michael Walsh, Charlie Kirk and Rebecca Friedrichs. Speakers and bios


    Conference sessions focused on an overview, then aspects of the “Long March” war on the USA and Western Civilization in general and included sessions: “The Long March,” Give Me Four Years to Teach the Children (Lenin), Battlefront: The Academy, The Revolution … and the Resistance, Trapped in the Scheme of Fires in the Long March, Turning Left: Undermining the Cornerstone Institutions, Weaponizing Western Civilization, Destruction of Personal Identity, The National Media: Public Enemy #1, Hollywood and the Revolution, and Charlie Kirk (on Turning Point USA).

    American Freedom Alliance (AFA)

    So, what is AFA? It’s a nonprofit NGO focused on identifying and educating the public on threats to Western Civilization. According to its web site, the greatest such threats are: global governance, radical environmentalism, Islamization of the West, biased media and destructive academia. All were addressed at this conference. The group has quite a few high-powered members and seems to possess the resources to conduct thorough research and organize events such as these which attract strong speakers.

    Conference Proceedings

    A huge and varied volume of material was covered by the numerous speakers. We’ll not attempt to describe each one exhaustively, but rather will summarize where it went and provide some highlights. We’ll leave it to you to explore the sessions of interest to you via the videos (as they become available). If you are really serious about studying this subject, it is worth your while to watch all the videos. 

    AFA President Dr. Karen Siegemund chairing a previous conference. Photo: George Miller, CitizensJournal,us

    AFA Pres. Dr. Karen Siegemund kicked the session off by describing the scope of the takeover underway and some of the potential implications, which she described as the loss of our constitutional republic, truly free enterprise and Judeo-Christian Conservative guiding principles. She had these words to say a few days after the event:

    Well, Sunday’s conference was, quite frankly, an astounding event!  The day began with David Horowitz in a tour de force speech, and closed with the always-powerful Charlie Kirk.  And the speakers in between covered topics from art to medicine, the law to education, Cultural Marxism and the Hegelian Dialectic to National Security, plus a whole lot more.  The reach of the Left, their commitment to undermining every aspect of our civic and political life, and their tactics for doing so, was, I think, made abundantly clear.  The day, in short, was amazing

    The videos are being put up on our YouTube channel  – check back often!

    So Sunday was spent informing on this destruction.

    Monday, I myself became a casualty of it.  On Monday, I was informed that my teaching contract won’t be renewed because of my “widely publicized views.”

    You know, I’d always known I was vulnerable – of course.  We on the right all know how vulnerable we are.

    But when it happens – when you actually become a victim, a casualty of this Long March, of the Left’s silencing tactics, it’s truly breathtaking.  I’ve been reeling since Monday.

    And what this shows is, the topic of the conference couldn’t have been more on-target.  And the messages and the lessons couldn’t have been more pertinent.

    Over the decades we’ve ceded far too much to the Left – we’ve let this “Long March” happen without interference, and here we are – teachers let go for our non-Leftist views.  And again, that’s just one tiny piece of all they’ve subverted; I’m just one of countless who’ve lost our livelihoods because of “viewpoint discrimination.”  AFA’s conference was right on-point, and we need to build on it.

    So here’s the thing.

    We at AFA need your help.

    If we’re to continue as an organization, and if we’re to do the fighting we need to do, we need your help.

    So please, please show your support for AFA, for the fight that we’re in, and frankly, for me, who’s been doing this part time while teaching.

    Become a member. 

    Or Donate any amount.

    Or join our exclusive “FREEDOM CIRCLE” for donors of $10,000 and above.  Benefits of the Freedom Circle include:
    – exclusive opportunities to meet speakers from each of our events
    – excusive dinners and/or cultural experiences at least twice a year
    – special seating at each of our events
    – your name on our website as Freedom Circle members, if you choose

    If you’re interested in becoming a Freedom Circle member, please don’t hesitate to call (401-965-9440) or email.

    Memberships and donations at ALL levels make a tremendous difference – be part of the fight to preserve Western Civilization.  I know, it sounds so over-the-top, but it most certainly isn’t.  My own experience is one of countless, countless ones where conservatives are shut out of the workplace and most civic spaces, as precisely part of this attack on our culture and civilization.

    Now, more than ever, we need the American Freedom Alliance to fight this fight.

    Lance Izumi said at the conference that AFA is a megaphone for those fighting for what’s right – help us be that megaphone.

    Join today.

    Thank you.

    Most sincerely,

    Karen Siegemund
    American Freedom Alliance

    P.S. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all our videos!


    Note: People are already writing about Dr. Siegemund’s chilling firing.

    The speakers made it clear that the Left’s war starts in the schools (Dr. Siegemund’s firing emphasizes that) and is further waged in the communications media: TV, movies, videos, print media, Internet and now computer/video games as well.  The war is fought in almost every sector of society- public and private, political, socials, education, politics, media, healthcare, energy, environment, transportation, land use, food/agriculture, etc,

    Lead speaker David Horowitz, a former Communist turned Conservative, told us: “my Jewish Commie parents admired Stalin”. He has become an institution- one of the leading chroniclers, trackers and enemies of the Left via his research, speaking, writing and organizing. He heads the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Front Page magazine and much more. His most recent book, of very many, Is Dark Agenda:The War to Destroy Christian America. Watch his information-packed and insightful speech:

    Horowitz’s greatest accomplishments are having researched, chronicled, communicated and informed/motivated what is happening to many people to oppose the “Long March” by the Left in America. He has made it impossible to deny what he has exposed, which helps short-circuit the Left’s well-worn trick of labeling accusers “conspiracy theorists.” Horowitz seemed sad about the success of the Left and disappointed at the slow and weak reaction to it by the public. He noted the “hostage like” demeanor of many Conservatives- definitely not him. It looks to us like he is getting ready to pass the torch to others/the next generation of patriots, while remaining scholar emeritus.

    Horowitz said that the Red Scare was beneficial, that it drove the Left underground. But, over a half-century (some say they have been there much longer), they ended up taking over the universities, media, cultural institutions and permeated them with their “Cultural Marxist totalitarian” ways.  They have become effective “anti-anti-Communists,” whose chief weapon is character assassination.

    He gave a lot of credit for the finer ideas of Western Civilization to the Protestant Reformation.

    In the “Give me Four Years to Teach the Children (Lenin)” flight, Larry Sand, Rebecca Friedrichs and Lance Izumi established how heavily the Left already dominates and that they and other patriots are reduced to merely “The Resistance” at this point. But, they’re all fighting back. Ms. Friedrichs prevailed in a lawsuit preventing mandatory teachers’ union participation. Sand is always calling out the acedemic left (but that’s redundant) and often prevailing.

    Speaker Jim Simpson of “The Revolution and the Resistance” flight remarked on how Conservative patriot nationalists (made into a curse word by the Left) were being demonized. At one point, he exclaimed:

    I’m a White Nationalist (sweeping his hand in an arc around the room), you’re ALL White Nationalists, even he’s a White Nationalist (pointing to locally well-known black Christian Conservative Keith Hardine, who smiled broadly).”

    Simpson also named some of the Leftist thought leaders who helped to make the Long March possible, remarking that many were spoiled rich kids.

    Trevor Loudon continued, expressing joy and gratitude for President Trump and his agenda, including Conservative judicial appointments, foreign policy, pulling out of UNESCO and the UN Human “Rights” Commission. He said that it is vital that Trump be re-elected, House retaken and the Senate fortified with more actual Conservatives, not simply Republicans. He attacked Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger and her less well-known cohort, Joseph Fletcher, who gave her much of her academic theoretical cover with his so-called “medical ethics.” 

    Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins are two high powered intelligence officers and attorneys who offered  the military-themed “Trapped in the Scheme of Fires in the Long March.”

    Coughlin  lamented that our grandfathers were smarter and that we are now “insurgents in our own homeland.” He highlighted the Hegelian dialectic materialism approach, along with ruthless criticism of the existing order, with an eye toward tearing it down and ultimately replacing it with a Marxist world. He also warned about the flawed Leftist “multicultural” narrative. He said that Trump has only bought them some time to rebound and that the US survived its first coup attempt (referring to efforts of the last 2 years to remove Trump). He credited Trump with refusing to give into PC thinking and helping to destroy the Leftist narrative, with logic, ridicule and humor. An example he gave is Trump was asked about something AOC said. His response: “who? and moving on.

    Higgins repeated the old saw “to learn who rules, learn who you can’t criticize” (Karen Siegemund learned that the day after this conference). He reminded us of “PC enforcement” via the  “multiculturalism” narrative and the filter of Marxist thinking and was thankful that Trump won’t yield to those. He emphasized the importance of the Hegelian dialectic  and Scientism as tools of the Left. He described the Leftist takeover as now in “pre-violent” status, with some violence increasingly occurring and  the stage being set for more future violence.

    Peter Wood and Pete Peterson’s “Battlefront: The Academy” further reinforced the knowledge of domination of academia by the left. Per Wood said that fully 80% of campus faculty identify with the left, but the actual number is likely greater. Administrators now outnumber faculty by 50% and appear to be even more militant. Scientific articles are validated by consensus rather than empirical evidence. Institutions prepare students to vote Democrat, go out into the “gig” economy or graduate school. Invited Conservative speakers are shouted down, if they are even invited. Incredibly, some portions of academia are even being re-segregated, by consent of the segregated.

    Pete Peterson cited statistics that 75% of Conservatives polled claimed punishment for their views, with 50% downgraded for them. In a survey of 7243 faculty in leading schools, 3623 admitted to being Democrats and on 314 Republican. Not sure about the others. Faculty in USC are 26:1 Leftists., but only 1.2:1 in his Pepperdine U, where he is Dean of the Public Policy School. He maintains that students “walk on eggshells,” hesitating to expose their real views. In schools like Pomona College, only 3% of students are Conservative and faculty is Leftist dominated.



    Pundit Bill Whittle gave an electrifying speech, definitely the most upbeat, optimistic and humorous one. His premise was that Conservatives and Constitutionalists have not at all lost, like some speakers opined, but in some respects are winning. How so? He asked the audience how much time they thought people spend watching TV/movies/video games. He said it’s 1200+ hrs, which approaches the 1750 hours spent by typical employees in a full time job. it’s like having another job.

    Then he added that some people believe that if only Millennials, who are America’s future, voted in the 2020 election, that the Left would win 532-6 electoral votes. He remarked that Millennials only seem to have a 2-3 minute attention span for videos, or so it is thought. He confessed that he is a big video game player himself and has tried them all. However, Whittle remarked, Millennials seem able and willing to play video games for 30 hours until they drop from exhaustion. Therefore, attention span is not at all the problem, but rather what they choose to pay attention to is the issue. His conclusion was: don’t try to make Millennials come to us, go to them in a way that they will pay attention to- speak their language. He noted that TV, movie and computer game views are far, far higher than Conservative communications, and even all political communications (he didn’t mention that porn was higher still than any of those).

    Then the clincher- what are these video games that Millennials play? Well they mostly involve weapons, beautiful women and fast cars, something he said is what Conservatives like. So, he concluded, Millennials are trying to escape their boring “Social Justice Weenie World” and go to what Conservatives like. So, Whittle’s side has already won the real cultural war :-). Watch his actual presentation below, with its impeccable timing, humor and insight which tells it much better than this report. He didn’t really address the female take on this in any depth.


    Young superstar Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA gave the keynote at the end and it was likely a foreshadowing of what the younger generation of Conservatives has in store for their opposition – positive, upbeat, aggressive, relentless and innovative ….

    Kirk started off stating his support for term limits for politicians- one term in office and one term in prison. He observed that what happens on college campuses will soon happen in the halls of Congress and is already happening in the Democratic Party.

    He warned about Social Media censorship, which is tightening as I write this. He believes that the big tech companies should be able to make their own decisions on how to operate, but the situation now is that their Internet platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, are virtual monopolies that have the power to censor and are impeding First Amendment rights.

    He says that the Left will NOT allow itself to lose the next election and will use the media and control of Internet platforms to help ensure that. He thinks the colleges will drive election results and that they want Sanders. But Biden’s ahead by 30 points among Democrats now.

    Kirk observed that even though academia supposedly has its biggest influence on  a child’s early years, that the big political conversions a la AOC, Hillary and Obama (but he was a”red diaper baby”), seem to happen on the college campuses. He is focused on organizing there and in high schools. He is most concerned that academia is teaching the wrong values, world view, politics and history.

    He discussed the infamous Hayden Williams at Berkeley incident earlier this year, when Williams was punched out by a leftist thug on camera. The campus police were uninterested in doing anything about it, until they were pressured by a “manhunt” campaign pushed by Turning Point USA. It ultimately resulted not only in law enforcement action, but helped spur on President Trump to sign an executive order to threaten defunding colleges which don’t allow free speech. They were invited to CPAC to talk about it. Kirk introduced Williams, who was in the audience, along with about 30 other students.

    Kirk also did a rant against the broadcast/news/commentary media. To illustrate its power, he observed that 44% of people STILL believe that Trump “colluded” with the Russians on the 2016 election, even though the hostile Special Counsel/Deep Stater Robert Mueller concluded that there was NO evidence of that. Two years of 24/7 media brainwashing helped make that happen.

    He remarked on leftist theology in the churches, which are  being “taken over rapidly” and that even “the Pope is more concerned  about climate change than eternity.”


    Some wisdom/insight extracted from the conference:

    The Left:

    • Is systematically co-opting/taking over many major institutions of Western Civilization, including government, private, even religious organizations, at all levels in many countries. The USA is a prime target, because it is/was such a powerful bulwark of freedom. This has been going on for many decades.
    • Consists of Communists, Socialists, Democrats, Democrat Socialists, Marxists, Stalinists, the Frankfurt School and fellow travelers. The Democrat agenda is more and more aligned with Marxist thought.  The “moderate” wing of the Republican Party sometimes effectively enables the left’s efforts. The moderate wing of the Democrat Party hardly exists anymore.
    • Gave up on violent revolution in First World Western nations. Instead, they now favor approaches such as Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Cloward-Piven methodology, which are tools designed to destroy Western Civilization governments so that they may be more easily be taken over.
    • Picked education and communications media as its top targets. They have gone beyond infiltrating their agents and messages there and are now aggressively trying to stamp out conflicting thought via education (starting as early as possible), media brainwashing and outright censorship- especially Conservative, Judeo-Christian influence and thought. Their opposition cannot win back the country without effectively countering and reversing this.
    • Emphasizes identity groups, deliberately creates and/or wedges issues to worsen divisiveness, unrest, entitlement and conflict. The race card is one of their prime weapons, as well as gender, ethnic and political divisiveness.
    • Is also going after healthcare, transportation, energy, social services and other sectors.
    • Targets a takeover of religious thought and organizations, even as it tries to purge religion from government and counter its teachings via the media and academia. Perversely, it is simultaneously helping to promote Islam (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?). Religion is attacked as mythical, made-up, sexist, racist, patriarchal and ignorant. Nominal Christians who are evil are attributed to Christian teachings. Biblical and Torah/Talmud writings are deliberately twisted, misrepresented, lied about or made to say the opposite of what the books intended. The current, evidently Marxist, Pope seems intent on destroying much of the Catholic belief system. The Left has established secular Progressivism/Marxism as a de facto “religion.”
    • Undermines traditional family units, family values, with particular attention to erasing the primacy of the nuclear and extended families and natural sexual roles, loyalty, chastity and marital/family bonds, substituting the primacy of the state.
    • Attempts to create a narrative to demonize, demean, discredit, misrepresent, isolate and eventually eliminate Judeo-Christian Conservative thought and influence.
    • Attacks the foundations of our constitutional republic- especially the US Constitution. This is done by supporting unconstitutional legislation, regulations, and court rulings by activist judges who legislate by precedent. For them to succeed, many ideas and constitutional protections, checks and balances will have to be removed. The First and Second Amendments are top targets. They are either twisted from what they say or demonized as outdated, dangerous and inappropriate for modern society.
    • Uses the fallacious, vastly exaggerated and unvalidated “Climate Change” narrative to justify a drastic reordering of society, reallocation of wealth and priorities, taking more and more power over society and the individual. Any resistance to this is dealt with harshly.
    • Arbitrarily promotes major Globalist strategies for destroying nation-states, such as open borders, “free” trade, regional and world government, “treaties” which infringe upon national sovereignty, gun control, control and tracking of “money” and credit, debt slavery, extensive surveillance and data collection of private information, communications censorship.
    • Tend toward statist, totalitarian rule, even as they pay lip service to a collective “Democracy,” which is definitely not the same thing as a constitutional republic designed to protect individual rights.
    • Abuses IRS 501C3 non-profits as faux charities, used in part or whole to advance their Leftist objectives, a la Clinton Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Tides Foundation, Ford Foundation. It has enormous financial resources, compared to Conservatives.
    • Uses the UN to push its global governance and leftist strategies.

    The intellectual underpinnings of the Long March

    • Incorporated work of the mostly German and Russian Communists, Marx, Engels, Hegel, etc.  Sergei Nechayev developed the “Catechism of a Revolutionary” for revolution by any means- was used by Lenin for ideas.
    • The Frankfurt School which made its way to the US when Hitler, a different breed of Socialist, scared them out of Germany. They came to NY. Places like Columbia U are their hotbeds- Herbert Marcuse, known as the father of the New Left, who inspired SDS, influenced Black Panther Party, and is credited with starting the sexual revolution. (Some others were Theodor AdornoMax HorkheimerWalter Benjamin, and Erich Fromm).
    • Willi Muzenberg
    • Critical theory attempts to use social sciences/humanities to criticize institutions, drawing upon Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.
    • The Institute for Policy Studies was cited as a particularly dangerous example of an influential think tank helping to drive the Long March.
    • The SPLC, which Marcuse was affiliated with, wages war on Conservatives, constitutional organizations, via conflating them with actual hate organizations and effectively blacklisting them.
    • “Fact-checking” sites such as Wikipedia, Fact Check, SNOPES, have biased political and social issues sections. These usually seem to show up on page 1 or two of Internet searches.

    So, What to DO about it?

    It seemed that all the speakers were very good at describing the problems, the perpetrators and even the cause of various aspects of the Left’s takeover. But they were much lighter on solutions and strategies to effectively implement them. For example, “taking back” the schools and churches sounds like a good idea to those on their side. But, convincing a critical mass of people, developing plans, strategies, teams, then motivating and leading them to do this is another matter.

    What we heard at the conference about what to do about it:

    • Continue educating the public, exposing Long March evidence and recruiting activists.
    • Directly oppose objectionable policies such as the misguided sex education, open borders, etc. via writing, speaking, legal action, pressure.
    • Communicate with young people where they go. Do not expect them to come to what are to them boring Conservative forums. Bill Whittle’s idea to use computer games, Charlie Kirk’s campaign to organize campuses, Rebecca Friedrich’s initiative to sue the bastards (and win), all look like the right approaches.
    • Legal actions can work even when you’re outnumbered electorally. Trump judicial appointments of constitutionalists are making that more practical now.

    What we DIDN’T hear and needs attention:

    • How to oppose leftist control of campus hiring/promoting committees, curricula development, union domination
    • How to take back the churches/synagogues (Mosques weren’t even discussed). We know pastors who are organizing to do some of this. Some are even running for office.
    • How to raise funds on the par of the left’s many and huge NGO’s and political fundraising.
    • Significant campus organizing/recruiting campaigns on a par with what the Left is doing (Charley Kirk+).
    • Anything resembling a master plan to reverse all or even part of the takeover’s progress.
    • Major organized campaign to call out fake News (MRC on steroids).
    • Conservative alternatives to Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, TriLateral Commission, Club of Rome, etc.
    • Better identifying/reacting to left media bias.


    This article was designed to report the viewpoints of AFA and its conference speakers, not to look at both sides. We welcome responses. We may add to this article later, as time permits, including new articles on various speakers/topics.

    George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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    Some highlights from the AFA Long March Conference – American Freedom Alliance
    4 years ago

    […] The conference was tremendous: A full day including 24 stellar speakers. Conference Explores Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions […]

    Conference Explores Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions” Takeover
    4 years ago

    […] Conference Explores Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions” Takeover […]

    Michael Miller
    Michael Miller
    4 years ago

    Go George! Thanks for exposing something that is inexorably creeping through our society, almost invisibly. It has already taken the Millenials. This has progressed to a dangerous point where the freedoms implied in our constitutional republic are in grave danger.

    The channels of communication have been coopted and the voice of Conservative or Libertarian thought censored via false “hate speech’ designation on big tech sites. There are few venues available for debate due to the complete capitulation of MSM of their duty to inform.

    The task of confronting this is enormous and I am grateful to American Freedom Alliance and the others for stepping up.

    (Disclosure: I am Brother of the author of article)

    Far Left’s “Long March” Taking Over Institutions in the USA – CDR Kerchner (Ret)'s Blog
    4 years ago

    […] Conference Explores the Far Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions” Takeover in the USA over the last generation: http:s// […]

    Socal patriot
    Socal patriot
    4 years ago

    Outstanding report. Must have been an awesome conference. Can’t wait for more of the videos. This is like a free university course. Minus the leftwing bs, of course :-).

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