Congratulations Lame Stream Media



By Michael Greer

The media has been incredibly successful in slandering President Trump to the point that a large percentage of the population (low information voters) don’t just hate him, they despise him…..irrationally. They want him (and his supporters) punished. They want him in prison. For what, I keep asking? What exactly did President Trump do to harm any of those calling for punishment? I keep asking, I never get an answer.  

So, how did this happen?  

May I remind everyone the media both television news and newspapers, is owned by six companies with Liberal CEO’s.  Is it any wonder we hear nearly the exact same words spoken on every news channel? 

The two largest investors in the New York Times are George Soros and Mexico millionaire, Carlos Slim. Truth and objectivity is something hard to find in that paper. Just yesterday the New York Times said the “Great Reset” trending on social media was a conspiracy theory being spread by the Right with no basis in truth. It is certainly a conspiracy, but it isn’t “theory”.  Justin Trudeau, John Kerry, Prince Charles, Angela Merkel, Han Zheng (Vice-Premier of CCP) and the hundreds of other countries attending are apparently in on the conspiracy theory.  Check for yourself. 

And here is Justin Trudeau speaking about it. 

I have spoken to many Democrats and when I mention Biden not knowing who he is running against (George?) or that he thinks he’s running for the Senate, they have no idea what I’m talking about…..because the LSM (Lame Stream Media) doesn’t show them those little “gaffs”.  The LSM doesn’t report on anything that hurts the Liberal agenda. For example few on the Left ever heard of Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor who delivered live babies and snipped their spines. The LSM didn’t report on it because they won’t report anything negative about abortion. Gosnell’s malpractice was SO egregious, his office (with baby feet in jars) so dirty, his abortion suites (with cats wondering through) filthy, bags of aborted babies pilled up, and patients dying was ignored to protect abortion.  

Hollywood loved Trump when he produced “The Apprentice”.  Black leaders loved Trump when he was giving them free office suites on Wall Street, paying for their Conventions, loaning them money, donating to their candidates. But the minute he announced he was running for President as a Republican they hated him with a burning passion.   

From the moment Trump announced his candidacy the media twisted everything he said in the most negative light. “All Mexicans are rapists and murderers”. He didn’t say that and they know it. But they don’t just report what he says and does in a negative light, they speak with hostility and distain.  They flat out LIE about him, his motives and intentions. They have convinced many that Trump is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, fascist, and Nazi, but they have also convinced them he is a danger to the country and the world.  

They tried to give Obama credit for Trump’s booming economy and the lowest unemployment in history. Every President since Clinton had promised to renegotiate NAFTA but when Trump actually did it, they didn’t like it. Every President had also said they would move the American Embassy to Jerusalem but when Trump did it, they said it would lead to war (it didn’t).  Obama started three more wars, destabilized the Middle East, and armed ISIS but was awarded the Noble Peace Prize. When Trump actually brokered peace in the Middle East and deserved the Peace Prize, the media yawned.  

For three years the media accused Trump of colluding with Russia to win the election with not a shred of evidence (Russia apparently wasn’t interested in interfering in this election). With a video of Biden laughing about how he extorted the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a company  that was paying his son millions, the media said Biden did nothing wrong. But Trump asking the Ukraine to “look into it” was extortion. Even when Trump released a transcript of the call, the media kept supporting the 2nd hand “whistleblower”, who lied about what Trump said.  

The media is never interested in suspicious activity from the Left, like Obama’s sealed records, Illan Omar’s marriage to her brother, the Clinton’s selling influence, Hunter Biden’s business dealings or Joe’s lies about knowing about it and profiting from it. But they will go to ANY length to find something against the Right and if they can’t find something they will make it up.   

When someone says, “move along, nothing to see”, when they say, “Believe me, not your lying eyes”, I’m going to look closer because I know they are LYING! The fact that the media immediately came out and said there is “no evidence” of voter fraud, when they say this was the most secure election in history, when they KNOW there is every reason to question the results, they reveal how dishonest they are. First they said there was “no evidence of fraud”, then they said there was “no evidence of widespread fraud”, now they are saying “there isn’t enough evidence to overturn the election”. They are gaslighting us.  

The Carter/Baker Commission concluded absentee ballots were the most vulnerable to fraud.  The New York Times (before Soros and Slim) also reported on absentee ballots being used to commit fraud. So did Jerry Nadler. Both Warren and Klobuchar expressed concerns about Dominion and other computer systems. They pointed out the ability to manipulate the results, hack the systems and the danger of these systems being owned by foreign countries.  

Then add to this changing our election system for the FIRST time and so close to the election to mostly “mail-in” ballots. These ballots are not requested by individuals like absentee ballots but are mailed out to every registered voter when we KNOW the voter rolls are not verified. With millions of people voting by mail for the first time there is also reason to believe many will make mistakes that will disqualify their ballot. Not signing it, not filling it out correctly, not putting it in the right envelope, etc. Add to that many states rushing to courts last minute to change election laws to make voter integrity less secure, not more and there is PLENTY of reason to question the integrity of our election. This is why the media saying there is NO reason to question the results, that they are the most secure in history you KNOW they are LYING!  

The media is responsible for the division that has happened.  They said all through the Obama administration that if we objected to a policy it was because we were racist, not because we thought the policy was bad for the country. When Michael Brown was killed they called us racist for believing the evidence.  When we see businesses burning in the background they tell us the protests are mostly peaceful. 

They support BLM (run by Marxists), ANTIFA (an idea), the protests, 1619, Critical Race Theory, open borders, Sanctuary Cities, gun control, censoring the Right. They call the Right conspiracy theorists, haters, racists, fascists, homophobes, xenophobes, White Supremacists, Nazis and worst. They have lied about President Trump and those who support him and now say it’s time to “unite”??? On what basis?  

We have known for a long time the media leaned Left, certainly they have claimed every Republican President in my lifetime “stole” their elections. But they went from being Left leaning to being an arm of the Democrat party.  

They influence us in subtle and obvious ways. They own entertainment companies, music companies, news and sports channels, magazines and newspapers. They don’t just hate Trump, they hate us.  

Just to give you an idea how far reaching their influence is, the following is what the six companies own.  

Time Warner 

  • Home Box Office (HBO) 
  • Time Inc. 
  • CNN 
  • Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. 
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 
  • CW Network (partial ownership) 
  • TMZ 
  • New Line Cinema 
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • Cinemax 
  • Cartoon Network 
  • TBS 
  • TNT 
  • America Online (not majority shareholder) 
  • MapQuest 
  • Moviefone 
  • Castle Rock 
  • Sports Illustrated 
  • Fortune 
  • Marie Claire 
  • People Magazine 
  • Boomerang 
  • Adult Swim 
  • DC Comics The Walt Disney Corporation 
  • ABC Television Network 
  • Disney Publishing 
  • ESPN Inc. 
  • Disney Channel 
  • SOAPnet 
  • A&E 
  • Lifetime 
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment 
  • Buena Vista Theatrical Productions 
  • Buena Vista Records 
  • Disney Records 
  • Hollywood Records 
  • Miramax Films 
  • Touchstone Pictures 
  • Walt Disney Pictures 
  • Pixar Animation Studios 
  • Buena Vista Games 
  • Hyperion Books 
  • Lucasfilm Viacom 
  • Paramount Pictures 
  • Paramount Home Entertainment 
  • Black Entertainment Television (BET) 
  • Comedy Central 
  • Country Music Television (CMT) 
  • Logo 
  • MTV 
  • MTV Canada 
  • MTV2 
  • Nick Magazine 
  • Nick at Nite 
  • Nick Jr. 
  • Nickelodeon 
  • Noggin 
  • Spike TV 
  • The Movie Channel 
  • TV Land 
  • VH1 
  • Epix 
  • Atom Films 
  • Viva 
  • The Music Factory (TMF) News Corporation 
  • Dow Jones & Company, Inc. 
  • Fox Television Stations 
  • New York Post 
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures 
  • Beliefnet 
  • Fox Business Network 
  • Fox Kids Europe 
  • Fox News Channel 
  • Fox Sports Net 
  • Fox Television Network 
  • FX 
  • My Network TV 
  • MySpace 
  • News Limited News 
  • Phoenix InfoNews Channel 
  • Phoenix Movies Channel 
  • Sky PerfecTV 
  • Speed Channel 
  • STAR TV India 
  • STAR TV Taiwan 
  • STAR World 
  • Times Higher Education Supplement Magazine 
  • Times Literary Supplement Magazine 
  • Times of London 
  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 
  • 20th Century Fox International 
  • 20th Century Fox Studios 
  • 20th Century Fox Television 
  • BSkyB 
  • Wall Street Journal 
  • Fox Broadcasting Company 
  • Fox Interactive Media 
  • HarperCollins Publishers 
  • The National Geographic Channel 
  • National Rugby League 
  • News Corp Australia 
  • News Interactive 
  • News Outdoor 
  • Radio Veronica 
  • ReganBooks 
  • Sky Italia 
  • Sky Radio Denmark 
  • Sky Radio Germany 
  • Sky Radio Netherlands 
  • STAR 
  • The Sun 
  • Sunday Times 
  • Zondervan CBS Corporation 
  • CBS News 
  • CBS Sports 
  • CBS Television Network 
  • CNET 
  • Showtime 
  • The Movie Channel 
  • FLIX 
  • CBS Radio Inc. (130 stations) 
  • CBS Consumer Products 
  • CBS Outdoor 
  • CW Network (50% ownership) 
  • Infinity Broadcasting 
  • Simon & Schuster (Pocket Books, Scribner) 
  • Westwood One Radio Network 
  • Charles Scribner’s Sons 
  • Pocket Books 
  • Simon & Schuster Comcast 
  • NBC Universal 
  • Bravo 
  • CNBC 
  • E! Entertainment 
  • NBC News 
  • MSNBC 
  • NBC Sports 
  • AT&T 
  • NBC Television Network 
  • Oxygen 
  • SciFi Magazine 
  • Syfy (Sci Fi Channel) 
  • Telemundo 
  • USA Network 
  • Weather Channel 
  • Focus Features 
  • NBC Universal Television Distribution 
  • NBC Universal Television Studio 
  • Paxson Communications (partial ownership) 
  • Trio 
  • Universal Parks & Resorts 
  • Universal Pictures 
  • Universal Studio Home Video 
  • Golf Channel 
    Now the Murdocks have taken the mask off FOX News and they are censoring the Right too. There are few places to find the truth now, few objective reporters, few willing to face the harassment and threats for telling the truth. We are in a very dangerous place. God Bless America.  

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:




The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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Thank you for this bit of comedy and farce. You are trying so hard to be the Mad Magazine of the 21st Century. I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work. We all need a bit of levity in our lives.

David Puu

The Industry has been co opted. Thank you for taking the time to explain how the details sync.