Congress: The Swamp in The Mirror — Drain or Be Drained



By Mike Smith

Every member of Congress is captive to his and her constituents. They are, to be blunt, never able to outrun their fear of the electorate. No lawmaker can go beyond the will of those who hired him or her without risking electoral firing by those same people. In other words, they are not mere “representatives”—they are us. Go ahead, call them cowardly for not standing up to us as we use them to make the already-too-big federal government bigger. But understand that doing so is hypocritical. Congress is the mirror of society. And no, it’s not merely because it’s 50/50 divided like the electorate is. Congress is welfare entitlement addicted. And why is that? Because we, the people are welfare entitlement addicted—the future be damned.

Nowhere is this truer than in the GOP Congress’ painful, tortured deliberation over the American Healthcare Act (AHCA). Our Republican lawmakers have had seven years to defund Obamacare. The news that Congress “must” now go on recess over its inability to pass the AHCA before July fourth is being criticized. But where were we when the time came to remove and replace Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell and their ilk in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016? Did it not occur to most Republican voters that maybe, just maybe, all these people are as dangerous as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble. But we didn’t; we handed the Republicans the purse strings to Obamacare, and then did nothing. Those who do not vote, who vote irresponsibly, and who “go back to bed” after voting responsibly are all creatures of the swamp too many of us think is only on Capitol Hill. It is not—it’s here too, and we’re all in it. And the more we try to deny this and maintain our entitlement-minded living, the more we will get pulled in. If it seems Congress is ignoring us now, just wait until national bankruptcy hits.

Of course, Congress is not ignoring us: we are ignoring our own best interests vis-à-vis Congress. The Democrat Congress is a given —no need to explain who they reflect or why— but the Republican Congress is equally a mirror, one that half of America is staring right back at. The problem is either most of this half doesn’t know it, or they do but don’t want to make the federal government smaller. Either way, both are dangerous to democracy just as fake news and corruption are. But trading needless welfare dependency for free market living is just too much to ask, isn’t it?

And this brings us back to the American Healthcare Act debacle. Before we condemn Congress for going on recess at the wrong times, we must stop going on recess at the right times—whenever failing politicians are up for non-reelection. Otherwise we will fail to drain our own swamp, and not only will Congress not get better, but we will be what gets drained. Our options are free market Americanism or welfare state tyranny—not both. What we hate about Congress comes from us, folks. The changing of what we stare at in the mirror of society can only be borne of a genuine, mass awakening to truth. Without a moral, religious revival —and soon— our children and grandchildren will inherit a country they will not forgive us for. Most cannot be expected to survive the basket case tyranny we are weaving for them.


Mike Smith is a writer, Millennial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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