Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Townhall 9/14/13


By Michael Greer

Saturday, September 14, 2013 Congresswoman Waters had two Townhalls.  I went to the one in Gardena, California.  Her subject was the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

I thought it was obvious from the start that she had never read the bill.  She spoke in general terms and talked about the “lies” being told, that there is a Death Panel, that premiums will go up, that you won’t be able to keep your doctor or insurance plan if you like them.  She had a panel of people who spoke one at a time about how wonderful it was going to be.  Members of the panel represented groups being paid to “sell” ObamaCare to the people, there were at least four just from AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).  They all had power point presentations that told us we were going to get “quality” care for next to nothing.  According to their information a single low income person would pay about $35 a month and a low income family of four about $300 a month.  We were told Medicare coverage was going to be expanded and the “donut hole” filled.  I wonder how that was possible when $750 Billion was cut from Medicare. How will that be possible when more and more doctors are not taking new Medicare patients?

“Covered California” is what California’s healthcare exchange is called. We were told it will be like a supermarket for health insurance. You can just pick and choose what you want.  I wonder how that’s going to work since the Affordable Healthcare Act requires you to have “approved” coverage.

One panelist told us it was a fallacy that young people wouldn’t buy insurance.  He said when coverage was expanded to allow children to stay on their parents policies up to the age of 26,  enrollment increased more than 100%. (Yes, because their parents are paying for it!).  They talked about how young people think they are invincible but that they have accidents (Yes, again, but if they are in a car accident, their car insurance pays, if an accident happens at work, workers comp pays for it).  I assume they were trying to convince us that young people would buy insurance rather than pay the penalty. But why would they buy insurance when the penalty the first year is only $95?

When they opened the Townhall to questions and comments I was first up.  I told them I had actually read both the Affordable Healthcare Act and the Stimulus Bill and they were correct, there is no “Death Panel” in the Healthcare bill……it’s in the Stimulus Bill.  I told them even Howard Dean and numerous news sources admit it’s true.  I told them it says in the Stimulus bill that the government will “monitor” your doctor’s treatment of you and if the doctor is not a “meaningful user” (follow their recommendations) he/she would be penalized.  I told them that the healthcare bill prevents doctors from telling you there is a treatment for your condition if it isn’t covered.  The Congresswoman’s response proved to me she had no idea what was in either bill.  She looked at the panel and asked who could respond to what I said.  One man said the only thing in the Stimulus bill he could think of was money for studies on the most effective and affordable treatments (Yes, and for the 15 member panel to decide who gets those treatments…..or doesn’t).  A nurse who spoke for AARP saying that she always provided the best care possible.  But none of them were able to refute what I pointed out.

The next question came from Keith Hardine.  He stated illegal aliens are exempt from buying insurance and from the penalties but we still have to pay for their medical care.  Keith told them he had been cut to part time due to ObamaCare.  He then said he would have liked to see a diversity of opinion presented at the Townhall.  That it would have been beneficial for people to have heard arguments against ObamaCare.  The Congresswoman indicated she was presenting the facts and those opposed to it in Congress were not.

I have this to say to Congresswoman Waters: if those who oppose ObamaCare are being less than truthful then why not have a Townhall that presents both sides and put it to rest?  It should be apparent which side the facts support.  The majority of the country doesn’t want ObamaCare.  Wouldn’t it be advantageous to calm their fears?


Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 

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Stefan Djordjevic

If people in that district were the type who could understand your points, they would not re-elect that lady year after year after year.
But much respect to you for trying.