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    The Gray Man

    Conservative American have been on attack for some time, but it intensified on January 20, 2021. Throughout the Trump presidency, supporters of the “America first movement” were thought of as undereducated deplorables by such high-ranking politicians as Hillary Clinton. We have been marginalized to an extent in the mainstream media and many of my friends on social media proudly claim that they have been in Facebook jail. Social media has a defined agenda to promote the woke beliefs of the progressive liberal party.

    Around the country our country is taking down statues of historic figures because the mysterious “they” claim that is it wrong to memorialize people who held slaves, promoted slavery, or fought on the confederate army side which defended slavery. Recently the statue of Robert E Lee was taken down in the Capitol of his beloved state of Virginia. He was the commanding general of the confederate army and was against the secession from the union but was a Virginian first and foremost. He led the Confederate army and eventually surrendered at Appomattox. Whether his involvement with slaves was good or bad is inconsequential. He is a historic leader and important to the culture of the south. Liberals need to get over it. Taking down a statue of someone who helped created the American story is truly selfish. Denying somebody something because you don’t like it is the most childish thing I can imagine. The true dolts involved with the process are the elected officials who are either too shallow to understand the importance of history or too cowardly to do the right thing. Every one of them are whores who pander to the special interest groups hoping to get reelected.

    For those of you who realize that cancel culture is a ridiculous liberal campaign aiming at transforming our society, it is time to awaken from your coma. Conservative habits include not getting involved and just wanting to live my life and be left alone. The truth is, that approach to life is becoming unsustainable. You will not be able to just live your life the way you want to. The new movement toward the great reset will ultimately limit your options significantly. You can do whatever you want within their limits, which really isn’t whatever you want. The socialist, really Marxist, movement is upon us and has momentum. The pandemic assisted isolation of the church is an example of the Marxist movement. Marxists are natural atheists. Faith brings hope and resolve and that would make their job harder. Also, the church is a place for citizens to congregate. That is why they call it a congregation. When citizens are together, they talk and interact. That creates a mass of humanity, and the group is stronger that the individual. Similar phenomenon is seen in fish when they swim in large schools. To predator fish the school looks like one big fish and something not to be trifled with. We need to congregate, we need to talk and interact, and we need to speak with one voice.

    The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was tragic and irresponsible. The Biden administration was sent into overdrive damage control and if there was some good to come out of it, I would say it slowed the momentum of the transformation. That machine will fire up again and continue tramping on basic freedoms. Some liberal talking heads refer to conservative thinkers and pro-lifers as the American Taliban. Apparently, those Pro-lifers are taking ancient scriptures and contorting them to say abortion is bad and a woman’s body is not hers to control. I would offer to the abortion argument that abortion is an irresponsible form of birth control. There are numerous forms of preemptive birth control and they have been around for years. There is a “morning after pill” which causes the pregnancy to abort before it gets going. The new Texas bill relies on the heartbeat as the cutoff for acceptable abortion. Surely six weeks should be enough time to figure out that you are pregnant, and you don’t want a baby. The idea of aborting a late term baby may have been a political victory in New York city but the chance of psychological damage of the mother is highly likely. Rarely do women abort babies without some level of guilt. An increased level of responsibility from both parties involved must be the goal.

    All these topics are the liberal playbook for transformation of our society. The secret weapon is incrementalism. Disengaged citizens will justify the latest move as no big deal and it won’t change the way that I live. But the beauty of incrementalism is that many “no big deal” moves will add up over time and the citizens will look up and nothing will be familiar. At that point there will be no going back.

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