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Dear Fellow Conservative,

As many of you already know, I am organizing Conservative Action Alliances in many cities across Ventura County. Along with Simi Valley, both Thousand Oaks and Camarillo are beginning to organize groups in their city, to work together in bringing like-minded conservatives together.

I would like to invite you to attend our next meeting of the Simi Valley Conservative Action Alliance, next Thursday, August 27th at the “The Junkyard Café” at 6pm-Dinner, 7pm-General Meeting. I encourage conservatives across the county to attend our meeting. Great training and experience for anyone planning on getting involved within their community.

The 2016 elections, starting with the June Primary and then the General Election in November is the time that we can affect change in the political make-up in Washington and our own cities. There are a number of “National” issues, illegal invasion of our country, the exploding size of government, excessive regulations and the un-controlled spending by both parties. There is a similar number of issues facing our cities and we must begin to take back our cities and country from establishment type politicians who are protecting the status quo while destroying our economy.

If we are to make a difference, we must first bring like-minded conservatives together at the “Local” level to deal with “Local” issues, educate the voters and seek out like-minded conservatives to run for office. Remember – All Politics are Local!  We need to pay attention to our elected official’s decisions. We must demand more conservative solutions to our problems and hold them accountable when they ignore the taxpayer’s concerns and interests.

Right here in Simi Valley, we have $70 million in un-funded pension liabilities, higher fees are being implemented and our city continues to seek other revenues to maintain the “Status Quo” of an ever-growing City Government. Our School District is preparing to place another multi-million dollar School Bond Measure on the ballot.

The County of Ventura is faced with a “Billion Dollars” in un-funded pension liabilities. Where do you think they are going to go to pay these pensions? Right – the “Taxpayers in Ventura County”. They are currently supporting a sales-tax increase.  Surprise…Surprise. Never a word about shrinking government – just protect the “Status Quo”. Check out the website “Transparent California” for the actual government salaries and benefits in your city. Make sure that you are sitting down before you see the reports.

The City of Oxnard is facing millions of dollars in cuts and they are firing cops and other city employees. Most cities across the county are facing the same financial issues. As the State of California makes it more difficult for businesses to start and operate in CA, businesses are fleeing the state for a more business-friendly environment. Our state is one of the highest taxed and regulated state in the country.

Remember, citizens are really busy just trying to care for their own family and jobs. Apathy is wide-spread and we need to get people involved in “local” issues that affect their families and livelihoods. We need your help to reach out to the “People” and get them involved. We cannot wait until next year to start organizing our effort.

We must promote “Conservative Solutions” amongst our elected officials. We need our local economy to grow and we must encourage our elected officials to reduce taxes and regulations to encourage investment, in order to fill the many vacant retail and commercial properties across our fine city. “Start-up Simi Valley” has been presented to our City Council without any response.  Are they more concerned about the city employees than they are about the folks that pay the taxes?

The recently approved 2015-16 Budget includes more spending, higher fees and a larger and larger portion of our budget going directly to salaries and pensions. Little to no cuts were made to reduce the size of government………just like Washington. Our potential street repairs over the next few years will cost tens of millions of dollars without any plan to fund those repairs. Sewer fees and some service fees have been raised and get ready for water fee increases. Maybe they think that Jerry Brown will send them some money………..sorry…..…he has a Bullet Train that needs funding. The entire state is out of control, as liberal Sacramento politicians promote more benefits for illegals.

I know you care about your community and our country. Now is the time to be part of the solution. If not now – When?

If you are unable to attend, send me an email, with city reference, so I can forward it to your local group now forming or to folks now trying to form a local group.

Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday.



Don Otto



[email protected],


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