Conserving Conservatism



By Mike Smith

America’s leftists have fully arrived where their beliefs have gotten them. So the toughest work of conservatives is already done. But the goal of conservatives is not to convert leftists to the Right; the goal is to restore our identity before it disappears forever. The days of bleeding-heart conservatism must end. For those progressives dissatisfied with liberalism, there is no home other than the leftist community. And hating those who hold opposing views is the price of admission. Many leftists seek to entrap good Samaritans in failed dialogues, libel all with whom they disagree, and silence free speech by judicial dictate (and those are the “nice” ones). Thus there’s no helping a true leftist. This should be the plainest truth of the last eight years.

Barack Obama’s greatest achievement as president is that he removed every last excuse an American could have for not differentiating leftism from liberalism. This is the only moral focal point in which today’s Democrat party can be well understood. If one buys the idea that leftism and liberalism are synonymous, it’s because he or she first fell for leftist propaganda. To say that the liberal John F. Kennedy and the leftist Barack Obama are of equal character is to believe a lie hiding in plain sight. Of course this is what animates leftism: its followers believe their own lies.

President Trump’s greatest achievement thus far is that he’s given a safe haven for persecuted liberals and conservatives alike. Millions of Kennedy liberals pushed into leftism’s “basket of deplorables” by other democrats voted for Trump enroute to a shelter that didn’t yet exist. Most believed it never would, and on both sides. But now that it’s here, a bigger imperative than voting exists. The biggest need in conserving American conservatism is firmly uniting the Trump-voting Reagan conservatives with their Trump-voting Kennedy liberal neighbors. It is these two groups —not the up-and-coming Trumpian populists— who hold the staying (or going) power in society’s new paradigm. This is demonstrable: the Reagan and Kennedy voting blocs comprise those old enough to remember American life before the Left hijacked the Democratic Party and popularized Marxist Leninism. The populists of both parties (the majority of whom are under age 40) have no such memory and need the guidance of those who have it. Once again, the weight of preserving America from within is heaviest on the shoulders of older Americans.

If Reagan conservatives and Kennedy liberals do not unite behind President Trump, they will likely do to the young populists what most of their parents did to them: spoil them with all the niceties denied by a recent economic depression. This was the travesty in which the then-new Left of the 1960’s poisoned an entire generation with false promises and the idea that they could be “realized”. By the time the false promises got uncovered, decades had passed and America had already undergone eight years of leftist radicalism. If Reagan conservatives and Kennedy liberals finally settle their differences and unite behind President Trump, the Democrat party and leftism will both die on the vine, and Millenials may see conservatism be great again.

Mike Smith is a writer, Millenial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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Ronald L. Lyons
3 years ago

Obama and his cronies having been caught red handed in the process of exposing Donald Trump’s private and election communications.
Citizens of United States need to demand a US Congressional level subcommittee that rivals Watergate.

We need an investigation of this caliber to show the leftist liberal’s and RINO’s complicity in trying to bring America down.

Actually putting President Obama on the witness stand disregarding his claim to executive privilege, in a congressional investigation will reveal, once and for all, the collusion and henious malfeasance of government that was used by the Obama administration and his entrenched leftist-liberal bureaucrats.