Constituent reports on Congressman’s Steve Knight’s Town Hall

By Joe Panzarello


I thought I would send you an email with a short “report” on the town hall meeting in Simi Valley with Steve Knight.  You probably had someone there anyway, but here is my take for what it’s worth. 

The room was definitely packed with at least 300 attendees and media was there along with many members of the Simi Valley PD and security for Knight.  There were “pro-Planned Parenthood” people there giving out pink hats, t-shirts, and buttons.  Much to my disappointment, most of the attendees were obviously left-wing, entitlement-loving, pro-abortion, obamacare-loving, liberal Democrats.  The atmosphere was very anti-Republican and anti-Trump. 

Any person who said anything remotely resembling favoritism for the Right, was responded to with overwhelming Booo’s from the crowd.  There were several questions and comments mainly focused on healthcare-related topics, planned parenthood, and making Trump release his tax records.  There was next-to-nothing of substance and importance, and there were so many people who were competing in shouting matches. People shouting “we want single-payer!”   It was not the environment that solved any problems or resolved any issues between the People and the congressman.  To me, it was downright SCARY to actually see all those crazy liberals in person. They love to talk the language of “peace and tolerance”, but in reality there is no “coexisting” with these people. 

As far as our communication is concerned with Knight (or any of our elected reps), it is much better to establish a good relationship with their staff members in their offices and call them and write to them on a regular basis to make our positions known.  See you soon.

You Tube:

Screen Capture – Youtbue Facebook Steve Knight

Joe Panzarello resides in Steve Knight’s congressional district

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